April 30, 2008

WWW = 15

Birthday cakeThe World Wide Web as we know it celebrates its 15th birthday today. It has changed our way of life beyond recognition. What changed when the Internet came into your life?
I received this assignment from Magic Smoke this morning and thought the topic is certainly one I would want to participate in.
The WWW allows me to reach all the destinations of life with a click of the mouse whether for work or play. Oh my, let me count the ways of how the Internet personally changed my life:
1. Research is an information highway!
2. Sending a greeting card to a friend no longer requires running to the local card shop.
3. Paying bills online and saving on stamps!
4. I'm learning more about graphics and animations to entertain my family and friends and myself as well. My WWW faceless friends taught me how to do this. Thank you to all of them.
5. Creating photo albums online and sharing with people that mean a lot to me.
6. You can even get a education and a degree online and job search! Now, that's amazing!
7. Cyberspace is also a hot and happening place for online dating.
8. I cherish my good morning emails from my daughter every morning.
9. I cherish my weekly emails from my son.
10. I even found a long lost childhood friend after 45 years online. That was a very special moment for me after years of searching for her. I found my dear friend on the WWW. We now chat online everyday! We were totally shocked that we both have been living in the State of Florida for the past 20 years but on different Coasts! We are both originally from New England. We also had the opportunity to visit with one another and will be seeing each other again soon. It doesn't get much better than that!
11. I even renew my prescriptions online as I hate any telephone automated system.
12. Online shopping is always a convenience and a savings on the high price of gas these days!
I can go on and on how the Internet changed my life but I would be here all day long because my list would be never ending!

I was reluctant to create a Journal online but now I find it entertaining and informational and also enlightening. But the best part of an online Journal is that you have a bunch of all new faceless online friends and would not be able to do this if we didn't have the WWW. It allows others to look at your thoughts and follow your topics and then add comments and perspectives on what you've written about.

I did get one negative response from an acquaintance as recently as last night. I received an IM and the individual asked me "why are you doing this blogging thing...what is wrong with a simple email?" She also said it was too much reading for her. Well, my response to that is "You don't have to read my blogs" simple as that! It's not mandatory for anyone to read it if they choose not to.

Sometimes, I send reminders to my family and friends if I made a new entry and I must have clicked on this person's email address who is normally not on my regular list but I will keep a mental note not to include her email address for "Reminders". Everyone is entitled to their opinions and there is always the "Delete" button!

The Internet is fascinating to say the least! I find many ways and reasons to contact someone across the miles in a special way:



  1. it truly is fascinating! this was great to read about how the web has changed your life; I saw the "assignment" over at Magic Smoke and thought it was a great one to participate it; it is amazing what we can now do; how did we live without it for so long?


  2. What a great list, and so true!


  3. Great post :)

  4. Yes, isn't the WWW fascinating!  And you can connect with so many people.  When I first started out, I wondered, do I really want to do this blog thing?  I was really shy, LOL.  My Dad STILL asks me, you are so SHY, why do you do this, Krissy?  I say, I don't know, I guess I just love all the people and want to stay in touch with them.  I care about them and their lives and they care about me.  They ARE my real friends.  Many of them are.  I hate when people say I have my "real friends" and my "online friends" as if online friends weren't real, LOL.  What are they, then?  Anyway, I love you all, you are great, and I am so glad to get to know you and your way of life.  That is why I blog and read blogs.  That is one of my fave things about the internet.  So is research.  :)

    Krissy :)

  5. I'm delighted you discovered online journals through the www, for it gives me the delight of having found your friendship. Wonderful entry dear friend, and a wonderful listing of reasons to celebrate 15 years of WWW. (Hugs) Indigo