November 6, 2013

Life's Circumstances!

When you are suffering from severe chronic pain, you have to learn to walk your path one step at a time because you have no choice.  Life's circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be.

I was recently diagnosed with severe arthritis along with neuropathy.  Ouch!

Beyond any understanding, I’ve been led in many different directions with trial and error with my doctor.  I was told there was nothing I can do about it.  No magic pill to take the pain away.  I kept asking for a referral to a Specialist to get to the bottom of all my new ailments but he kept refusing me.  I was livid!

It all started with swelling in my feet and hands and the tingling and burning sensation is extremely uncomfortable. 

Then to add to the existing pain, I developed pain in my upper arms and could barely get dressed in the morning.  I thought I pulled a muscle at the gym.  Well, xray tests proved it to be severe arthritis.  Ugh.

Sometimes, your current medication can cause havoc with your body.  So, I’m off my statin drug that I take for high cholesterol and the only difference I am experiencing is less pain in my feet only.  I will have to see what else may change after 30 days off the meds.

I was concerned and wondering and questioning the direction my life has taken and confused that my only solution is to exercise in the pool for low impact exercises. 

New medical studies have shown that over the counter meds for pain are now very dangerous to take if taken more than two days per week.  So, I guess that leaves me with five days of great discomfort and two days of a tad bit relief.  I saw this on the nightly News!  My doctor confirmed this new study as well.  So be careful taking OTC meds.

Well, the fact that my new path is before me now. I have researched for some alternative medicines and creams and any forms of Holistic healings available.  

I came up with B-Complex and Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplements and Australian Dream cream to massage in the painful areas.  I noticed a big difference in the cream within two days.  So, if any of you out there are suffering with arthritis or neuropathy issues, try the above mentioned and see if it gives you some much needed comfort.

My pool has turned out to be my best friend these days.  I have put my Silver Sneakers classes on hold, as I cannot do the routine like before as it hurts too much.  However, I do the same exercises in the pool.  It is a plus that I live in Florida and have my pool to aid me with my current issues.

The future is yet to be realized. Today is here and I just have to help myself the best I can.