July 29, 2009

What do you make time for?

I decided I needed to make a list of activities for myself and tape it to my bathroom mirror to make sure I keep the promises to myself. Some I do faithfully and some I slack up on…….sigh!

I currently enjoy my bi-weekly trips to my local library. My new local library is quite inspirational. I try to take time to read away from my home. Those cell phone people are forced to mind their manners at a Library! Thank goodness, as I enjoy the quietness and calming tranquility there. The place is simply beautiful.

Checking the local papers (online of course) for daily events and activities that are open to the public like art, music and fairs allows me to find something new and possibly challenging and of course, enjoyable. I have a gal friend and her name is Deby, she has created an Event Calendar Online for Singles over 40 which is fabulous. I have also shared some of my graphics with her for her site called: http://www.steppingoutflorida.com/.

Occasionally, I attend seminars without making a commitment. I just like to collect investment information to gain more personal knowledge. I have even attended some seminars at some pretty expensive restaurants…….hey, free great dinners! Not bad!

Why is it that exercising is such an effort? I don’t know a single person that actually loves to exercise do you? We all make a super effort to exercise daily for health purposes. I do my workout routines with DVDs. Some days I get into a slump. I think I’m going to purchase some hand weights. Nothing heavy…probably start off with 3lbs weights and work myself up to 5lbs. Don’t laugh…I’m a considered a Senior Citizen! I have to take it slow and easy. LOL

It is an absolute must that I set aside time each week for my personal bookkeeping and errands and of course, the never ending housework! I know most Boca women here in South Florida have cleaning ladies but NOT this Italian Boca Babe! Even if I could afford it, I don’t know if I would want someone in my home touching my personal possessions. I guess it is my Italian upbringing! LOL Yeah, I have a rug cleaning guy I try to call in once a year and the same with my outside windows…Trying to keep windows clean in a condo is nearly impossible to do it by yourself.

Of course, all single women need a “Handyman”! I, fortunately found a great guy but he lives so far away so I try to accumulate a list of repairs before calling him. Oh my, I recall the days when living up in New England, all I had to do was call one of my brothers, brother-in-laws or nephews and the job would be done and for FREE! My handyman’s prices are fair and reasonable and he does great work so he is a “keeper”.

I’m a member of a weekly widow’s group. And, I don’t join them for dinner every week but I like to see them at least once a month or so.

I’ve been trying to force myself to get out more and mingle with people with a purpose and that does not mean meeting the opposite sex all the time. I mean like going to a park or going to a specialty store or a Wine Tasting or Coffee Tasting. I remember when I used to enjoy taking a nice long walk along the beach by myself and feeling the breeze on my face and stopping at one of the benches and just people watching…now that is always fun….people are hilarious and sometimes do such stupid things that it cracks me up! I used to love to People Watch especially in Boston at Faneuil Hall….oh my….just too funny! I loved spending my lunch hours outdoors unless it was payday then was in Filene’s basement hunting for the designer clothes at bargain prices!

I think it is a good idea to have lunch at least once a week with a good friend or do a Happy Hour.

I devote many hours to my two blogs: Roses Are Read and The Lantern. I am a member to several graphic sites, so I can enhance my blogs with cute animated graphics. I consider my blogs the “Cutest Blogs” on the block! I love reading other Blogger’s Blogs. Some have become very special Internet Friends which is nice. I’m also a member of Facebook, Twitter and gosh hope there isn’t anymore new ones coming out anytime soon. I just don’t have the time! LOL

I love to cook but cooking for one is not always impressive but sometimes I treat myself like company and put out a place setting in the dining room just for me…..candles and all….even music! I sometimes have Sully serenading me with some of his own singing that he sends to me via the computer! I’m referring to Jimmy Sullivan, a great Blogger Friend.

I try to swim every day in my condo pool weather permitting! It is Hurricane Season right now and the daily thunderstorms are preventing me from enjoying my pool. Exercising in the pool hurts less and is more enjoyable than sweating it out at a gym or power walking on a hard pavement. Power walking in place in the pool is wonderful.

I guess I have included just about everything on my list that I make time for. Perhaps I should add a few more activities. Dancing was always at the top of my list years ago but I have not found the right dancing places here in South Florida. Bummer! Dancing several nights a week also kept my figure quite svelte in days gone by! I never had to go to a gym then. LOL


July 15, 2009

Absolutely Nothing is Forever!

Falling LeavesEveryone has this beautiful family tree and then all of a sudden one falling leaf forever alters the tree. With families, each relationship has changed us individually and it always has a rippling effect somehow.

PhotobucketThose falling leaves first start most times with our grandparents, then our parents, then our spouses and so on. Then we all become more vulnerable, more sensitive, more confused, angrier and definitely more frightened.

Nothing is forever, no one knows that better than the Widow, because suddenly nothing is the same. The drastic change comes with a jolt and a crash………..sort of like an earthquake…….never quite settles back to its original place. Time to make changes in your life even though X amount of years have gone by, it still feels like it was just yesterday.

I’ve always been a very independent person but for some reason getting older takes on a different twist on trying to be that brave person again. I have no clue what happens. All of a sudden children behave like parents and parents behave like children! Ever notice?

Sometimes I start to feel out of balance with the world. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I suppose because I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago and things change. Accepting change is the challenge. I also notice the change in my widowed friends……..they are not the same person they used to be, as widowhood alters your life.

Trying to make a new life…….oh my, now that is a super challenge! I don’t know if I want to let someone in my life again, yet I do miss being a couple.

My body is not the same anymore…this really bothers me because I’m uncomfortable with my weight gain. I packed on a few before I stopped smoking but the additional pounds after I stopped smoking……..Oh my….can’t seem to knock those lbs off…….so frustrating! Like I said………Nothing is Forever! But, I’m now challenged to make the change both with my body and mind!

Don't Step on it..It makes you cry!