July 28, 2008

Looking for love in bars; lonely under the influence!

Everyone loves a good “how we met” story.


You know, the kind that makes movies like “Must Love Dogsor “27 Dresses”, it’s all……...you know……..cute ”how we met” stories!  I love it when I hear my friends tell theirs, it’s like icing on the wedding cake.

Many people have colorful tales of how they met either the loves of their lives or the reasons why they currently have to take out court orders of protection!  Who hasn’t heard the mundane stories of couples meeting in local places? 

One friend said she met her husband at a Laundromat….Yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever been in one have you?

O.K. maybe I have “How We Met Stories” envy because I never had such neatly wrapped tales of how I met someone.  Well, not unusual movie style stories anyway.  Oh sure, I’ve recently eyeballed a distinguished guy at the bookstore and we shared a “moment” before moving on with our lives.  No, I never went back to the same store at the same time the following day or week to see if he’d be there.  There may be such a thing as Fate, but no one said that it was a matchmaker!

computerYeah, I’ve tried the “Online Dating” thing several years ago.  It was flattering for a while when your computer is loaded with tons of emails from men saying all the right words until the truth be revealed...........I just got bored with all the liars and false photos posted that are 10 years old!

So, I occasionally go into some nice night spots with my girlfriends and I have other friends that feel that looking for love in bars is being lonely under the influence!  I actually should go out more often than I do.  No one is going to meet anyone by staying home with the clicker in your hands.

Well, now at my age, Im not looking to get married again but what is wrong with wanting company with the opposite sex?  Oh my, so how have I’ve fared with finding my Prince Charming in bars????  Remember the old saying about having to kiss a lot of toads?  Well, I’ve had my share of “ribbits” as the next woman.

I’ve also met some cool people to hang out with.  I’ve been on a few nice dates that havent gone anywhere as well as actually having had a relationship from a bar meeting or an online dating meeting.  These days, I like popping by certain night spots and while I don’t quite have that “Norm” status from the TV show “Cheers”, I do enjoy seeing the familiar faces.  I'm originally a Boston gal and yeah, it's nice walking into Cheers where everyone knows your name!  Is there a “Prince Charming” in the horizon?  Well, there is always a charming gentleman somewhere, that devilish man who piques my interest or that one particular fantastic dancer that glided me across the dance floor...…so, let’s just say that my Apple Martini days aren’t over yet!  I really drink scotch but an Apple Martini sounded like a nice girly drink!  LOL

Do you have a great “how we met” story you would like to share with me?

 Sitting at the Bar

July 27, 2008

Just had to copy and paste!

I was chosen for Guest Editor in Magic Smoke on July 25, 2008.  Below is the entry I submitted for those of you who did not see it.

I just had to copy and paste what I posted as Guest Editor last Friday.  It was an honor and so much fun as well.

It was not on my AOL Journal, therefore, I just had to save it below even though you are only able to view the "Comments" on Magic Smoke where the entry was staged and created!


Hugs, Rose

Guest Editor (ME)

Friday, July 25, 2008
1:56:00 PM EDT
Guest Editor Picks - 7/25

Internet Friends

I love to write and I love to read. I realized that the development of both is alluring to a variety of audiences. As an avid reader, I never thought that creating a Journal/Blog online would be myTea cup of tea because total strangers would be reading it from all over the world! I guess I always felt it best to stick to a favorite genre of writing, my weekly Newsletters to my family and friends, because of the assumption that no other format will deliver the same satisfaction for me personally.

Writing for me is a form of escapism. Of course, everyone enjoys a really good escapist read so I thought I should write what I feel. Writing takes you out of yourself, it passes the time if you're bored, and it relaxes you if you're stressed. It is also a great form of therapy. Some authors are so good they are able to bring you into another world for a short time. I enjoy reading things that are entertaining, funny, challenging or even disturbing. You will certainly find all of the above on AOL Journals from various authors.

I just learned how to “Hyperlink” so when you see that blue underlined lettering, you can just click on it and it will take you to my picks as I have the honor of being your Guest Editor this week! (Gosh, I hope it works) LOL

The Authors of all the AOL Journals I have read have been a pleasure and sometimes a very complicated concept. For example, I love reading Jimmy's Journal. Jimmy leaves me on the floor laughing daily. I find myself looking at the clock because I know that he usually posts an entry every week day around suppertime. I'm glad I found him via a referral on an Editor's Pick one day. His entries have become like a “Fix” I need everyday!

Then I turn to Indigo and read about her serious issues in life. This can very often be quite a bumpy ride. I found Indigo when she left a comment left on my Journal when I was new at this. She is a very talented writer and has experienced many obstacles that life has challenged her with but she is a strong woman and I’m very proud of her.

My next pick is Garnett109 who leaves me on the floor again with his off the wall humor! I'm sure he and Jimmy must hang out at the same place “Area 51”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will notice on my sidebar that I’m an honorary member and have their logo posted.

Foremost, I remember my very first comment from Dan when I was a newbie and he featured me as one of his picks when he was Guest Editor, I was shocked and honored. I enjoy reading his journals and viewing the adorable photos of his children and seeing life through a Dad's eyes. I also enjoy his serious side as a commentator of movies and book reviews.

You also have to stop by and see Russ and view his amazing sketches, he is quite the talented artist!

Last,but by no means least, is Val who introduced me to another world of graphics which I love to include in my Journals. I'm sure you have noticed all my animations and graphics in my Journals. I love using animations to help me express myself. I amuse myself as well when I find that perfect animation to help tell my story!

I love animated graphics but I was limited to what I could do with them at the time. Now, I'm hooked! I belong to a site with an amazing group of gals that are so talented, kind, helpful and just wonderful to chat with daily online. Again.......more wonderful Faceless Internet friends, I recently decided to take on a project for the creator of that site and since we are a smaller group than AOL Journals, I created an Album so we can match the face with that email address! I’m proud to say, it turned out lovely. LOL

AOL Journals focuses on the potential and excitement of reading, of sharing our lives with each other every day and shows how we all fit it into each other’s lives even though many of us have nothing in common. All these Faceless Internet People that have become our second family.

I have to thank my lovely daughter for encouraging me to create my online Journal in the first place. I get so much enjoyment from this new-found hobby.

When my friends found my Journal entertaining and enlightening, they asked if I would create another one for our forever friends and old classmates of 1962. So, now I have two (2) Journals up and running. My first of course, is “Roses Are Read” and the one for my classmates is “The Lantern”.

Thank you for allowing me to be today's Guest Editor. I hope you enjoy my picks.

July 12, 2008



We all have a best friend but sometimes one best friend is not enough. And, now with new modern technology, we have our Online Friends. Just as we need more than one lipstick, so do we need our "BROAD SQUAD" to help us survive a tribulations of work, marriage, and family .... not to mention fashion emergencies! Of course, you may have one great friend who can handle all your problems on her own. Lucky you! But others have different specialists on call for each life challenge, including but not limited to how to wreak revenge on an evil boss and how to sniff out whether your boyfriend or husband is telling the truth about things....

THE OLD FRIEND: The person who convinced you that you looked beautiful, even with braces, on prom night...and the one you still yap with on the phone for hours. There's a song: "Make a new friend, but keep the old; one is silver, and the other's gold." We all need that one friend who goes for the gold. She's the one that we bonded with while drooling over glossy photos of some teen idol on a Saturday night sleep over and that we called three times a day, convinced we were in the middle of a life-altering drama. Our oldest friend is a walking, memory book, the one who reminds us of the embarrassing nicknames and hairstyles of our past. She's our hope chest, the girlfriend who thinks of us as her good china and crystal. She still sees our unique beauty, even as our body surrenders to gravity.

THE SECRET KEEPER: The friend in whom you confide your online dating disasters. The secret keeper is there for you in good times and bad. She moves with the speed of a freight train to make sure that everything in your life is in operational order after a divorce, death, major trauma issues. Someone you want to share everything with whether engaging in retail therapy or inhaling macaroni and cheese in your kitchen.

THE PERSONAL COACH: She's our glass half-full friend who may drive us crazy with her cheery optimism but never lets us shortchange ourselves. She encourages us to dream the impossible dream yet remain fully awake and solvent. Her positive outlook is not only infectious.....it's inspiring. Makes you want to strut in your high heels and classic suit....leaving negativity behind.

THE PARTY PAL: She always makes you feel as if you were the guest of honor. Her enthusiasm is unconditional. When we're determined to be depressed, she shows up at your door, ordering us to ditch our big bag of potato chips (and our bathrobe) for a night of embarrassing karaoke. Every girl gang needs one member who gets you up and running and keeps you in a festive, feel-good frame of mind. This party gal is always insisting that you wiggle yourself into last year's jeans, and encourages you to paint your face with lots of goop and set your eyes with three layers of thick black mascara. Before you know it, you are dancing in the aisles, arms flung heaven-ward, underarm flab be damned!

THE FRIEND ON SPEED DIAL: Everyone has that special friend that will be there for you no matter what.

FAMILY FRIENDS: Many of us are lucky to have family members as best friends.