October 28, 2008


Getting older is not much fun, Oh my! I've noticed a decline after each birthday arrives each year. I've lost a bit of that snap-crackle-pop speed but after reading some medical articles, the mental powers I have gained is supposed to be a bargain. Yeah....right! I'm making myself sound ancient but I'm no longer "middle aged"! And, yes that AARP magazine is in my mailbox!

I guess, in the old days they called it wisdom....what the heck is wisdom but a dense and rich network of a lifetime of experiences. You can't buy that richness, you can't get it from a pill. You have to earn it....by putting your gray matter to the test time and time again and that gray matter is also in my hair! Thank goodness for hair color!

There is a reason we don't have 20 year olds running Fortune 500 companies. Well, we do have some very young self-made millionaires in the technology industry these days and they got their ideas from playing "pack man"!

So, I guess we older folks are better at solving problems, more flexible in our strategies, and better able to keep our cool during a crisis than younger people. I think we bounce back from a bad mood more quickly too. I'll keep that in mind the next time I find myself wandering through the Mall parking lot looking for my car and cursing (futta, futta) because I can't remember where I parked it! hehehehehe

I certainly wouldn't mind looking younger, I would actually be thrilled but I wouldn't want to look like plastic. I earned some of those laugh lines from happiness. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the frown lines from sad times. Did I forget to mention the weight gain after I stopped smoking almost 2 years ago? Oh my...depressing! Kudos that I'm no longer smoking but I miss my single digit size clothes.......Ugh.
MakeupOh the miracle and magic of make-up! LOL

gold makeup

October 23, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

Talking bookWe even have talking books!

I have been spending a lot of hours in my brand new Library which absolutely fascinates me…the place is so beautiful! I started to search for something interesting to read whether fiction, non fiction and then I found myself in the “Self Help” isle…….so I took out a couple of books to read in that category as well, everyone can use some help, I know I can use some for sure!
The weather here in South Florida has been perfect………temperatures have dropped to 80 degrees and less humidity and that awful sticky heat is gone. So, sitting outdoors in the terrace section of the library with the spectacular view overlooking the lake…sipping on a cup of coffee……..perfect setting for reading!

After reading one of the self help books, I came to the conclusion that the information you get from the best self-help books are very good. Writers have mapped out the roads to in great detail, but the map is not the territory. Everyone’s road is unique and different from any other!

A self-help book can only give you general guidelines. It cannot act on your behalf. You are the one who must take the words and turn them into action and your way of taking action will always be personal. The writer’s map is his or hers, not yours! These books are not written for you personally. To make a book work, you must rewrite it to fit you!

By the way, that fella that winked at me the last time I was there….was there again and he noticed me walking out into the terrace. He brought me over a cup of coffee! He just put the coffee down on the table, winked at me again and just walked away before I could say thank you. Hmmmm! He was no where in sight when I left. This can get interesting! Hey, Jimmy Sullivan….what to you make of this? LOL

At first, I thought perhaps this gentleman works there but I asked the lady behind the café counter about the man who bought me a cup of coffee and she said no he does not work there but he comes there a lot to read and have coffee. Well, you know I certainly walked out of the Library with an extra skip to my step! LOL


October 19, 2008

New Library in Boca!

Wow.....my town's new library has 50,000 square feet on two full floors. I felt like I was in a huge Palace!

The Library couldn't be more beautiful or convenient for me. It has an entry way that leads to a circular drive with a covered drop-off and a drive-up book drop! The rear is an amazing focal point of the building, with the back of the building facing the existing lake.

In addition, there is a café for coffee, a bagel, or lunch which I liked very much. A rear terrace facing the lake provides space to eat outside. A beautiful rooftop terrace allows library users a space to sit, read, and relax. This place is spectacular! I love the terrace and the atmosphere.

Looks like this will be a new hangout for me! I enjoyed breakfast there yesterday and I plan on having a quiet lunch there today after selecting a good book to read.

Yesterday, a charming gentleman nodded his head as I walked by and winked at me! LOL Well, that made my day! That doesn't happen too often to people my age! LOL

I had a very enjoyable day!

Blue Eyes

October 15, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of the year again!

As you open this email, don't you feel a tingling in your fingers, an inexplicable coldness, a strange vibration? Slowly, you carefully click your mouse to open it.

BOO! SCREEEEEEEECH! GOTCHA! Kind of anticlimactic, but I had you going there for a minute, didn't I? Happy Halloween! LOL

If you plan to trick or treat in my neighborhood this year....be warned....I didn't buy any Halloween candy!

Well, Halloween is my least favorite occasion for some reason but I thought I would acknowledge the date where most of you enjoy dressing up in costumes and having a fun party. So you go ghoul................I said dress up as an inmate.......not become one! LOL
Stay safe while Trick or Treating!

Hugs, Rose
P.S. Is everyone else having the same problems I am having trying to insert a picture, graphic and place it in a certain location of the text and it just won't go there? Then sometimes it looks good and you click on save and when you view it again........the picture is not where you put it! Ugh!

Also, I have just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why there was such a long gap at the end of my entry to the bottom where the "Comments" are located???? So, I thougt I'd try and fill up the huge gap by adding to it. LOL

I do have to admit....AOL Journals were alot easier to dance around and create your Journal to look exactly the way you want it. NO CAN DO in this site. LOL

October 10, 2008

Happy Hour

I felt the need to meet a girlfriend for Happy Hour yesterday, as I was so tired and beat after all the copying and pasting of the old AOL Journals, etc. I'm thrilled that the migration went over fairly smoothly. Of course, it still meant I had to add my sidebar graphics. I'm still not sure if I like the template that I selected because some of my graphics have a white background and my wallpaper is pink..........Oh......the graphics with the transparent backgrounds look better.

Getting back to the Happy Hour! I was thrilled to be outdoors as I was getting cabin fever being stuck in front of my computer for days.

So, hey to Jimmy Sullivan.....I found my own Area 51 at Pranzo's in Mizner Park (Ladies drink free between 5:00 and 7:00).

As I waited for my girlfriend at the bar, this slimy looking guy, who clearly had one beer too many, looked me up and down. I did my best to ignore him but he wouldn't go away. He later tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I have a water bed and could show you the motion of the ocean!"

Oh this creep! I replied "Sorry, Captain, but I'm already seasick"

Where are all the nice guys? I haven't been out in a long time but lately all the men I meet seem to have a screw loose!

Sitting at the Bar