August 19, 2010

Wow! We women hoard our makeup products!

Wow, I was cleaning out my makeup drawer and dollar signs appeared before my eyes realizing I spend a major fortune every year for a new eye shadow or a new shade of lipstick and some I hate and should have returned to the store but remains in my huge makeup drawer only to be thrown out a year later or so! Sound familiar?

We all know that mascara's shelf life is only three months or so as bacteria sets in every time we open it up and expose it to the air.

We women are all suckers for wanting to believe that a certain trade secret in some makeup product will make us look younger and remove the wrinkles and frown lines, etc. We are all afraid our eyes will betray our age and those dark circles under our eyes will go away if we buy their miracle product advertised all over the TV and Magazine Ads. If they worked, wouldn't we all look about 22 years old by now? LOL

Well, I'm a firm believer of keeping your face clean and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And, stay out of the sun! Why would you want your skin to look like your leather handbag? If you must bake in the sun, apply your sunscreen every hour.  I’m very fortunate that I have found a product that works well with my sensitive skin. And, that a dear practically family member keeps me supplied with this product as gifts. You know who you are darling!  I can't thank you enough and I always look forward to my next supply.  Fortunately, my daughter has inherited my genes and this same product works well for her too, yet is is costly.

We all have that half bottle of nail polish that turned into thick glue. The old trick of adding a little nail polish remover no longer works!

Wealth can by you a face lift, not sure I would want to go under the knife and have that pulled, plastic look. Stop smoking and stay out of the sun...............It is on the News almost daily but no one is listening! 

Wealth can by you Botox but who wants poison injected in your skin and freeze your face???? I also hate those big wide lips that look like the "Carol Chaning lips"..........Ugh!

Who doesn't want to look the best you possibly can look? No woman or man likes to lose their youth but it is out of our control. We can exercise, eat healthy and off the land and you will notice a difference in your complexion and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  And, moisturize some more!

We are all aware that makeup surely does its wonders and makes us look vibrant and sexy......I'm all for that even at my age! LOL  Time for a relaxing bubble bath.

August 15, 2010

A Picture Can Paint a Thousand Words!

Girl PaintingA picture can paint a thousand words, Girl writingbut a thousand words can't paint that picture quite the same! But do pictures reveal the truth? With our high technology where picture editing software are available, photos can be deceiving.

Everyone that joins the online dating sites and Facebook or other social networking sites post their pictures online, yet most often things are never what they seem. Have you noticed?

About 5 years ago when I ventured on a site to see what all the rage was all about, I recall a man posted a picture of his nephew instead of that was deceiving! Of course, he also lied about his age big time. Dah! Women do it too………why? Eventually, if both intend to meet, that photo will not match up to the real you!

Getting back to this guy, with a little investigating, his entire story was true about all his wealth, homes, cars, hobbies with the exception of his age and photo. The stupid dumb ass was obviously not computer savvy enough to realize that others can do some minor background checking with a click of a mouse! And, Viola, the real age pops up!

Girl with cameraSpruce up your pictures with PhotoShop, as it does some pretty amazing things and quite delightful for other purposes other than to deceive. You can animate photos, take out the red eye, brighten a photo, create a cartoon, etc. It is truly quite an amazing program but requires a lot of reading and practice I might add. And, did I mention patience?

Photo editing has never been so much fun!  My photographer, daughter does not need PhotoShop to edit, as all her photos are so perfect!  She is so talented!

August 12, 2010

On a Scale from 1 to 10!


On a Scale from 1 to 10!

What am I without a man? We Widows for some reason place ourselves on the negative side of the ledger if we are without a man. In my Widow’s Group, if someone is dating or getting married, the congratulations are glowing.

When we were young, we were taught to be wives and mothers, we were not taught or prepared to be Widows.

I think congratulations are equally in order when a Widow writes out her first check and makes her first major decision all by herself to buy a high ticket item. I recall how I felt the first time I went to the movies all by myself or ate in a restaurant alone. I realized that I can appreciate my own company and most importantly, I can realize the difference between loneliness and solitude. I won’t lie; there will be many boring long days and nights. But, think about it, you can have those feelings when there is someone in your life too sometimes!

I loved being married and being a couple. It was wonderful but then again marriage is not for everyone either. Being a couple is not necessarily better than living alone and without a man in your life.

A woman can be celibate without sacrificing her sexuality and sexual without compromising her independence. It is wonderful to have good friends in your life. Actually, it is very important to have family and good friends to share fun days with.

We are all survivors when we go from widowhood to selfhood. I didn’t say it was easy, as it came with a great deal of coping and overcoming. You may not even recognize yourself after you experienced the long hard journey filled with fears and tears. We all still have good days and bad days, however, no matter how many years have gone by; acceptance is the key in order to go forward with you life.

Sometimes, I feel because a woman is alone, others take advantage and challenge you and put you in uncomfortable situations on purpose or take advantage of your time and kindness because they must think you must have so much time on your hands. That recently happened to me this past week and I didn’t appreciate being used that way.

I’m grateful that I have a good friend that brought to my attention that it is o.k. not to feel guilty about such things and to stop others from taking advantage of my time. Thank you dear friend, you know who you are.

My comfort zone feels safe again and relaxing. It takes a great courage to do what is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Your self esteem rises along with your self confidence.

We all fear the new and find comfort in the stability in what we know is familiar. So, having to cope with all the unknowns, I think I’m doing o.k.

So, I think I am a 10 without a man!