March 22, 2013

Substance and Abundance!

I was watching TV last night and channel surfing when I came across a young man speaking on the topic of "Living with Less" to be happy. He was expressing that you don't have to have the biggest house, the best car and the abundance of it all to enjoy your life.

I found this very young man a delight to listen to. His audience was young adults who are in debt with college loans and no financial future in site.  

He said he lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment and his appliances were small and he has a good job with a decent paycheck. And, he never went to college.

His theory is that he is enjoying his life with his paycheck by traveling and enjoying the things he wants to do without having the mansion home with the big mortgage, the expensive membership to the Country Club, and having the most expensive car to drive.

I think he was trying to say to his audience is that some of the world’s most miserable people have the most impressive bank balances. Despite their monetary net worth, they lack the riches of love and the gifts of joy that others gain from simple pleasures.

Never under estimate the value of all that you have. Recognize the priceless worth of the love and respect you receive from family and friends – and treasure it.

Make a mental note of the wealth of self-esteem you acquire from the work you do or the talents you are blessed with and preserve it. 

You are the substance and abundance!  

March 10, 2013

Untie the Ribbons!

No matter what you want in life, you must give up something to get it.  It is a universal law and works something like this:

The greater the value of what you want, the greater the sacrifice you will have to make. The truth is, that it is hard, constant dedication and commitment that bring results.  

You have to understand that there are no short cuts, easy streets, deviations or roundabouts.

Expect to pay a price if you want to make your life better.  But more importantly, also be prepared to pay a price for just leaving things as they are. 

So, untie those ribbons and go fly your kite and get what you want.  Be happy!

March 2, 2013

Oh the Possibilities!

Are you aware of the abundant possibilities your life holds for you?  Most likely you are and you truly want to take advantage of the possibilities, but something is holding you back. I know the feeling.

When opportunities arise, it’s common to decide not to rock the boat and hold on to stability and security.

Decide right now that you will take the risks that push you beyond your comfort zone into a area where you have refused to go until now. Open your arms to new experiences and find out what is truly possible for you.

You have to believe in yourself and set your standards high.  Next time you’re tempted to settle for something less than ideal – a job, a friend’s behavior… perhaps even a pair of shoes – stop!   You have many talents and inner strengths. You deserve and are worthy of far more than second best. So, why accept less?

Life throws us all curves that challenge us but God will always be there to help you thru the tough times.

Keep yourself healthy by eating right (mostly organic) and exercise and stay close to family and life will always be good!