January 27, 2009

Walk At Home!

I was enjoying my “Dancing with the Stars” Cardio DVD, as I was a ballroom dancer so the Paso Doble, Cha-Cha, Samba, Jive are all familiar steps to me. Plus, having the handsome Maksim as one of the instructors provided some eye candy!

Perhaps, I was getting bored with the same routine and while I was out last week, I purchased Leslie Sansone “Walk at Home”. I didn’t go out intentionally to buy this DVD, I just happened to stumble across it while out shopping. I really enjoy this DVD.

If you want to walk off weight, this is the workout for you. I found this four mile walking workout challenging. It took my walking to a whole new other level. Walking around my complex was not doing the trick for me. Yeah, I was moving my bones but here in Florida, the heat, humidity causing discomfort for me. So, the privacy of my own home with the a/c jacked to my comfort level is great.

Some people need to go to the gym and out of their house, some for socializing issues and others for serious workouts and using the machines, and some like the company that others are suffering with you. LOL

For me, I get my motivation that pops on my screen and it keeps me walking at the perfect speed to burn calories. It also includes a Firm Band while walking to fire up the intensity of your fat burning and hopefully help me slim back into shape. What a powerful combination!
SmokerI’m proud of myself that I stopped smoking two years ago and that was tough but along with that challenge came the weight gain! Perhaps, that was the reason I kept putting off stopping because I knew I would gain weight. Well, I did the right thing. I don’t like the added pounds so I plan on doing something about it.

So far, I’m not bored with the tape and it is my second week. I like that it allows you to choose a 1, 2, 3, or 4 mile invigorating walk that I do anytime of the day. Lately, my internal clock has reversed itself for some reason. I had insomnia for sooooooo many years and was so frustrating. Now, I’m up at 4:30 AM walking with my DVD…well I don’t jump out of bed and pop in the DVD………I need that cup of java first so my eyes will be open so that I’m not groggy from sleep. I used to fall asleep at 4:30 AM….now that is the time I’m waking up so it is a good thing. I am going to bed so much earlier. My only gripe is that I’m missing some of my favorite programs “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers & Sisters”. I haven’t watched the Late Night Show in a couple of weeks now so I assume this walking program has something to do with the sudden change.

Whatever caused the change I’m grateful. I suppose if I choose to complain about something else, I’d prefer to wake up around 6 or 7:00 AM instead of 4:30 AM!

What is your favorite style of working out?

Don't step on it

January 19, 2009

The Big Puzzle!

I just got through reading a blogger friend’s entry whereas, she mentioned “Sometimes you need all the pieces of the puzzle to get the full picture. Withholding any one piece leaves you depleted, without depth...incomplete.” (Indigo) Kudos to Indigo! She is an amazing author with so much talent.

That one sentence rented space in my head for days and it is so true, we are all like a piece to a big puzzle. My blogger friend was relating this word to her childhood and personal issues but the word “puzzle” would not leave my mind for some reason.

I later found myself searching for graphics relating to “puzzles”, so I knew the word was not going to leave my brain anytime soon.

We all are in such an anxious world now. There is no question that uncertainty seems to have increased dramatically in the last few years. It certainly has left me a basket case! I’ve always been a worry wart when I was younger raising my children on my own being both mother and father to my children and trying so hard to make all the right decisions. Now so much more to worry about, terrorism, war, people losing jobs, people hating the jobs they are in, the stock market crashing daily. We worry about the dangers confronting our children and future generation. It just goes on and on and on.

Sometimes, it is so hard to cut off negativity in my mind. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. I try to control what I can and it is so hard to let go of what I can’t. I was taught to take action and control to stay empowered. Now, doctors advise to let go of what you can’t control in order to reduce the stress that drains you because it raises your blood pressure. Yeah, and my blood pressure was surely on the rise!

Has anyone tried meditating? It is not all that easy to do. I have mastered it a few times and it does have a calming effect. Journaling helps me focus on major things and also small things. I guess I can’t sit still long enough to meditate. A dear friend of mine gave me a CD to listen to….it had no words…just sounds of bells, chimes and I tried so hard to listen and close my eyes and wait for a calming feeling in order to go to sleep, as my insomnia has plagued me for years but no such luck.

Well, just listening to the News is enough to make anyone a wreck with all the big name stores closing and more massive layoffs……scary. Even our President Elect states that this will take a long time to correct all these very serious issues our nation is facing.

But, I am an optimist, like most Americans and I believe we will get on from this crisis to a better America. My parents and their generation came through the Great Depression and we too, will come through this economic turmoil. I believe that our new President and his carefully selected cabinet will do what it takes to get the country back on track because we, the American people will not accept anything less. We also know that it can’t happen overnight even though we would love it to happen quickly. We are strong Americans!

Big Inauguration Day tomorrow! I know I will be glued to the T.V.!

January 7, 2009

Still sick and miserable....Ugh!

Yeah, cabin fever gave me time to give my blog a new facelift again. The Christmas theme is over and it doesn't snow here in Florida, so I thought I'd remove the snowflakes as well. And, Garnett ( a blogger friend) wanted to shoot my cute bouncing snowman! LOL
I was going to add some butterflies flying around.....maybe later. LOL

Celebrating my birthday was put on hold, as I’ve been sick as a dog since December 28th. This sinus/cold thing is lingering on and frustrating me. So, days later of not getting well an antibiotic is required.

What did help a great deal was a Neti Pot and I suggest that all of you purchase one and have it on hand in your medicine cabinet. There are close to 24 different style Neti Pots. This one my son told me was the best. I first heard of a Neti Pot via Dr. Oz when he was on the Oprah show. I love that doctor...he explains everything and discusses everything you are embarrassed to ask your doctor.

I went to the Pharmacy to get my antibiotics; the store was filled with Valentine Displays and all those red hearts to remind us. I don’t need it to remind me, as Valentine’s Day was also my Wedding Anniversary.

Why do we eat those nasty insipid heart candies with messages on them? We certainly do not like the taste....maybe we eat them for inspiration! We send Valentine cards to family and friends that all say "Be Mine Valentine" with hugs and kisses.

Oh, and we can't forget the heart shaped boxes of chocolates...which we all can do without these days!

The florists will all be busy delivering those long stem roses and the restaurants will be packed with all the lovers celebrating the holiday.

Verizon Wireless continues to call me to remind me that my contract is up and I can upgrade my cell phone now. Their “Blackberry Storm” Cell phone certainly has many desired features. But I love my old phone and I’m not ready to turn it in yet. I already have nifty features on it....I really liked the one called EZ Tip calculator....and my GPS system…..Cool Beans! I downloaded the song "And, all that Jazz" (the theme from Chicago) as my ringtone. Everyone cracks up when my cell phone goes off...it's unique and different. I think Verizon’s new phone is amazing but I don’t need a computer on my phone. Heck, I spend hours on my computer as it is, I don’t need it to follow me around while I’m driving or shopping too! I’m into modern technology but sometimes, they just go way overboard with this stuff! Some things should remain simple and useful.

I'm very concerned about the kids today using these features while driving. I personally think they should ban using a cell phone while driving. It has proven to be a safety hazard. I'm guilty of answering my phone while driving but I immediately state I will call the person back so I can pay attention to the road. I don't need to learn how to text....my long nails would get in the way. I do understand how that feature is beneficial in certain circumstances when you do not want someone to hear your conversation on your cell phone.

P.S. I really wish the amazing talented graphic people would not use a white background as they don't look so good with a colored wallpaper. I prefer the transparent backgrounds and I tried like heck to remove the white. But, I was exhausted trying. Look how nice the graphics look without the white backdrops.

In an email, they look fine because the background is white therefore making it invisable.

January 3, 2009

Yep, today is my birthday!

Yep, today is my birthday! The old adage that “life is not a dress rehearsal” is so true and yet we all act to the contrary by putting off what is truly important or focusing on things that are not.

I really have to exercise more. I was on a roll for a while and doing well but then I came down with a bad sinus infection and couldn’t get my head off the pillow! A week later, just starting to feel better.

As soon as I’m a 100% better, I plan on reshuffling my priorities and exercise first before going on the computer for hours at a time!

I found that the older I get, the more I stay home at night. I don’t have to worry about the alarm clock anymore so actually, I should go out more than being alone in front of the TV or the computer. I think I better stop focusing on my age and get out and about more. Heck, I live in Florida….I no longer have the excuse of the cold New England winters keeping me indoors!

I think somehow becoming a Widow puts you into a rut. I think it’s time for me to get out of my boring routine and start dancing!