November 23, 2009

How did I allow this to happen?

How did I allow this to happen? My computer dominates my life!

Like everyone else, my life is being dominated by my computer. I wake up and brew my coffee, turn on the puter to check my email then read my local Newspaper online, check the weather, check Facebook, ignore Twitter and then read some blogs or create a new entry for my own blogs, one for my old classmate friends and one for my personal life. Before you know it 4 hours have passed!

While I’m defragging my puter, I’ll go do a load of laundry or make the bed and then back on the computer into my graphic sites. I started out with one site and now I’m a member to several. I’m partial to my first site I started with to learn how to make animations and graphics to enhance my blogs and make them more interesting to the reader and myself.

I was in my closet looking for something and down below was my old Singer Sewing Machine that I had converted into a portable years ago when I scaled down to a condo which has no room and storage space for anything. Well, this old gal of a Singer is made of cast iron and quite heavy to lift. It brought back many memories of when that machine was never on the floor of a closet but in a room and opened everyday and housed in a beautiful piece of mahogany furniture. I've had this machine since I was 16 years old.

Wow, it dawned on me that the pleasure of sewing and creating a beautiful garment reminded me that not everything is made up of click of a mouse and pixels! My life years ago was boxes filled with fabric, zippers and patterns that I used to love to change the sleeves to one pattern and add a different collar to another. I was quite good at it. My clothes did not look homemade. The savings was amazing, then the cost of fabric went up just like everything else and all your hard work and time was not worth the effort. A lot easier to pick a cute outfit off of a rack in an adorable boutique and unique department store like Filene's Basement in Boston!  But being only 5'2", alterations were always necessary whenever I purchased from the stores.

I’m thinking of browsing threw a fabric store for an interesting pattern and perhaps try and create something nice for myself. Wow, do I even remember how to thread the thing? LOL While I was in high school, I made a new outfit every week. Yes, I did get an “A” in Sewing. My Italian mother was proud. When you come from a very large family……..hand me downs are awful……….being a good seamstress made me look like I came from a rich family! LOL  All my girlfriends and I made our own clothes so it was also fun to sew together too and mingle ideas for a new creation.

I have such a bad back that I fear trying to lift this heavy cast iron sewing machine from the closet floor. I don’t want to pull my back out. I wish I had the space I used to have, I would just walk over to the machine whenever any mending needed to be done or alterations to a newly purchased outfit. Then when that Singer was converted to a portable, I became one of those women that paid a tailor to hem a pair of slacks! I don’t like the idea of having the machine sitting on top of my dining room table………..heaven forbid my house should look untidy and things out of place! LOL

November 11, 2009

November 6, 2009

Too much communication or not enough!

computer girlDo you realize that most of us spend a good portion of our days chatting in either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Online Dating Sites or Blogging for the most part and on certain sites with people we have never met before? People have to realize that you should not leave too much personal information about yourself on these sites and make sure you go to your "Settings" first and adjust that first. I just experienced a nasty person that left an unpleasant semi nude photo in the "Comment" section. What a sleeze! We have too many sickos in this world. I was embarrassed for my followers that saw it. I deleted it ASAP. I also went back into my settings and selected more protection. There should be ONE State for all the Sickos to live in so they can torment each other and leave the sane people alone!

A friend of mine enjoys LinkedIn for networking and found it very helpful with finding jobs and increasing the growth of their current companies.

It sure can be exhilarating, at least at first to connect with long lost friends on Facebook which is the upside but the downside is the weak ties and realizing the distinction between true long time friends and acquaintances is becoming a connection we never knew before. We care about these people in a different way. And who are these people anyway? All our electronic relationships sometimes are quite refreshing and entertaining yet some or most are still strangers.

I read an article in a magazine recently that with all this new computer socializing, we are all heading for a massive Friender-Bender! Ya think? Will we need insurance for this “Friender-Bender”? LOL Well, in my opinion, it certainly has kept me company on many lonely evenings that I could not sleep. I think all these Scientists just find topics to study and analyze and criticize and what do they know anyway??????? They are human just like we are….the computer world certainly helped them in their field…so why can’t we have our field for a playground providing it is a healthy playground with no ill intent and definitely no cyber-bulling which can be frightening and deadly for the younger kids on computers. Some people just take it a step too far and forget about personal responsibility for their actions.

Ladies talkingWhat happened to the old fashion way of communicating with others over a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop or walking down the street and stopping to chat with a neighbor or the local shopkeeper? I guess we are all in a hurry these days……driving here and there, multi-tasking, rushing doing errands…not taking the time to stop and smell the roses! We have all inflicted way too much stress on ourselves. The simpler life of years ago was better in so many ways. Your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers were truly sincere. Now, just turn on the News to get depressed with the horrifying stories and sometime all you have to do is look around your own office to notice the backstabber............sad..........real sad.

I’d like to find something nice to say everyday about any topic. And, today…I’d like to say I hope people find happiness and do what they love doing best in their work field…heck, you are there 8 hours per day or longer…….it certainly helps if you love your job! So, love the job more than loving the bigger paycheck! And, only believe half of what people tell you. The old days of a handshake to seal a deal is over!

Enjoy your weekend!