February 22, 2012

Ladies, does buying a new pair of shoes make you happy?

They make me so happy! Most of us have an interest in pretty things. Don’t you? Whether it be adorning yourself with a pair of sparkling earrings or a new tube of lipstick or being pampered with a manicure or a pedicure and trying that new nail polish with unusual names like “Jag-U-Are” or “I’m Really Not a Waitress”…..love my shades of red, especially “Valentine Red” which they recently discontinued but “Jag-U-Are” looks just like it!

My first impression with people is I notice their smile and pretty teeth and if their hair is well groomed………then I glance down at their shoes……..man or woman! A man can be wearing an Amani suit and looking handsome as ever but then when you look down at his shoes; they are all scuffed and/or should be black and not brown depending on the color of the suit…he just blew it! LOL

But, in Florida………..men only wear shorts and sandals and they look terrible. Come on men, not on a Saturday night in an upscale lounge or restaurant. Save the shorts and sandals for the beach. That was the first thing I noticed when I moved to Florida from Boston! Every place is air conditioned so no excuses that it is too hot to put on a sports jacket. You can tell I’m a “City Girl”. LOL

I remember years ago in my late twenties, I was sitting in the “Continental” lounge on Rte. 1, Saugus, MA and a gentleman sat beside me and bought me a drink and he said: “I always notice when a woman takes the time to look good is when her long nails are neatly manicured and polished”. Then he took my hand to examine my nails……….yah, o.k. he was hitting on me but he was right, my nails did look fabulous! hehehehhehehehhe

You have to admit, pretty things have therapeutic properties for everyone. Tools can be pretty things to a man and a new pair of shoes with a matching handbag does it for me! My husband used to be a sharp dresser and I was always proud to be standing beside him. He would always ask me what color I was going to wear on a Saturday night out for dinner and dancing so he would not clash with my outfit…….he always managed to find a shirt color to compliment what I was wearing should someone snap our photo!

But, today’s style with a 6 inch pencil heel and platform is getting ridiculous and causing such damage to the feet and not to mention falls. I recall the days I wore the stilettos but even in my hay day the highest heel was 4 inches. I don’t mind the platform part as it makes me look taller and thinner but 6 inch heels is plain stupid!

The Podiatrists will be making a fortune when these young girls of today become seniors or well before that and suffering with surgeries and all sorts of medical issues. What are the designers thinking? Some styles are so gorgeous that I would buy every pair if only they went down to at least a 3” heel. A smart shoe designer should make these gorgeous shoes with three different size heels………..that designer would make a lot of money. The shoes would go flying off the shelves, as it attracts women of all ages.

I recall years back, that it used to be hemlines that tied fashion to finance, stilettos appear to be the new economic indicators. I’ve already spotted in my own neighborhood ladies skipping around in ballet flats. But, I’ve heard doctors say, that complete flat shoes do not give enough arch support. I think that between 2” and 3” heels should be the maximum for happy feet!

It is my understanding that “Jimmy Choo” does customize the size heel for you but who can afford “Jimmy Choo”. I am a proud owner of one pair only because it was given to me as a gift! Thanks, Thommy! The best part is when you slip off that one shoe to try on shoes while out shopping, others notice that “Jimmy Choo” label and wonder why the hell are you shopping in DSW???? hehehehhehehe

These young girls don’t even know how to walk in these shoes. You have to learn how to properly walk in high heels. Stumbling down the street is not a pretty sight and these beautiful and young models falling down on the runways…………not pretty! And, Ouch…..the future pain will follow.

February 16, 2012

Re-think Courtship!

I was watching the "Real Time with Bill Maher" weekly HBO talk show yesterday afternoon. He cracks me up! One of his guests mentioned the man-gagement ring for men! Bill is a comedian and political satirist! His show includes an opening monologue, then he has a panel of three well educated celebrities, two guests live or via satellite and my favorite at the end of the program is “New Rules”!

I guess this new trend is bringing view to a very old tradition -- the ol' going down to one knee in an Italian restaurant and asking somebody to marry you isn't just for guys anymore!

The rings are inexpensive, masculine and increasing in popularity. The Jewelers are loving this big time like they did a few years back when single women were buying their own rings! I think they called them the AH Ring...A is for available and H is for happy.

Women are now earning more and marrying later, so they have more disposable income to spend on themselves.

Getting back to the man-gagement ring; Men wearing a ring on his left hand, most would assume he's married, but just letting the other gals know that your man is off the market!

Yup, you read it correctly, "man-gagement ring." Nope, it's not a company ring he was given for his promotion to the management by climbing the ladder to success; it's a ring he was given by his girlfriend. It's actually an engagement ring for guys!

Whoa! What the hell? Is this some gimmick by the jewelry industry to get you to spend more money? Is it something for insecure women who weren't satisfied he changed his Facebook status to "engaged" and want to alert the entire world their man is taken?

I say, let people do as they please. If it pleases women to have an AH ring then go for it. If it pleases women to buy their man a man-gagement ring………hell, go for it too! Life is too short. Make the jewelers rich in a poor economy! LOL

Bill Maher also touched the subject on New Rules (that part of his show, I love the best) He said that people roll their eyes when they bring up the state of Massachusetts and call it Taxachusetts but he added that Massachusetts Number 1 in Education, Number 1 in health care, Number 1 for the best hospitals, the best history and as a matter of fact, history began in Massachusetts!

I’m proud to say that I was born and raised in Massachusetts!

February 11, 2012

A Gift of Love to a Friend On Valentine's Day!

I've nothing else to offer,
So, to you, it's love I'll send
it's nothing that I borrowed,
And it's nothing that I'd lend.

It has no dollar value,
And it can't be overused;
It isn't fragile, so it can't break,
Though, often it's abused.

I've given it to others
But each time it's unique,
Its meaning's always different;
It depends on what you seek.

It's something you can store away
To feel when you're in need
But never is it on display;
Its beauty can't be seen.

I'm giving it "no strings attached,"
No costly warranty;
This love that I am sending
Has a lifetime guarantee.

~Author Unknown~
Internet Friends

February 5, 2012

I feel pressured by Life!

There are times when I feel pressured by life and I’m sure we all do, well, I know we all do. But more so now that I’m getting older and quite afraid I might add. Losing another Sibling is so difficult to deal with.

Bills and deadlines are looming, household appliances suddenly break, I’m constantly sleep deprived and sometimes people put unexpected pressures on me. I feel temporarily overwhelmed. I think the loneliness sets in and the oneness is a battle to confront daily. The “To Do” list gets so long and it was much easier to handle when you have a partner in life.

It’s time for a mental break! Most times, my mind is racing, or close to tears with tiredness and frustration and that is when I reach for my meditation DVD to calm me down. I love Deepak Chopra!

I have to learn to leave the housework behind, walk away from the computer and its huge list of emails and go outdoors and go for a brisk walk or do some water aerobics in the pool. It is a must for me to leave my inner chaos behind and experience the magic of nature.

Ever notice that it's easy to view other people's problems and difficulties as their issue. It has nothing to do with us and we would never be in their situation. Who can really tell? No human being can ever know what the future has in store. Scary, isn't it? It is possible that you will never be in the same situation as this person.

I’ve learned a great deal since I became a Widow 11 years ago; I pay attention to my challenges, while keeping in mind that those challenges do not have to consume me. There is always plenty of goodness flowing. I just need to grab a hold of it. Not always an easy thing to do.

I realized that today was a beautiful day, most all days in Florida are beautiful days filled with value and possibilities. I should have taken the opportunity to build upon life’s goodness but it ran away from me as I didn’t grab it fast enough but I learned from it.

I have learned to find peace in simple things, because those are the ones that will always be there. I’ve been thinking back and remembering the good times and try real hard to forget the sorrow and pain, for the good times reminds me of how special life is.

My spirit was lifted by my beautiful daughter who is making it possible for me to spend Mother's Day with her this year and in the city I love.  Looking forward to seeing my large family and other siblings that are failing in health. 

Life is good again!