February 5, 2012

I feel pressured by Life!

There are times when I feel pressured by life and I’m sure we all do, well, I know we all do. But more so now that I’m getting older and quite afraid I might add. Losing another Sibling is so difficult to deal with.

Bills and deadlines are looming, household appliances suddenly break, I’m constantly sleep deprived and sometimes people put unexpected pressures on me. I feel temporarily overwhelmed. I think the loneliness sets in and the oneness is a battle to confront daily. The “To Do” list gets so long and it was much easier to handle when you have a partner in life.

It’s time for a mental break! Most times, my mind is racing, or close to tears with tiredness and frustration and that is when I reach for my meditation DVD to calm me down. I love Deepak Chopra!

I have to learn to leave the housework behind, walk away from the computer and its huge list of emails and go outdoors and go for a brisk walk or do some water aerobics in the pool. It is a must for me to leave my inner chaos behind and experience the magic of nature.

Ever notice that it's easy to view other people's problems and difficulties as their issue. It has nothing to do with us and we would never be in their situation. Who can really tell? No human being can ever know what the future has in store. Scary, isn't it? It is possible that you will never be in the same situation as this person.

I’ve learned a great deal since I became a Widow 11 years ago; I pay attention to my challenges, while keeping in mind that those challenges do not have to consume me. There is always plenty of goodness flowing. I just need to grab a hold of it. Not always an easy thing to do.

I realized that today was a beautiful day, most all days in Florida are beautiful days filled with value and possibilities. I should have taken the opportunity to build upon life’s goodness but it ran away from me as I didn’t grab it fast enough but I learned from it.

I have learned to find peace in simple things, because those are the ones that will always be there. I’ve been thinking back and remembering the good times and try real hard to forget the sorrow and pain, for the good times reminds me of how special life is.

My spirit was lifted by my beautiful daughter who is making it possible for me to spend Mother's Day with her this year and in the city I love.  Looking forward to seeing my large family and other siblings that are failing in health. 

Life is good again!


  1. Love the new top picture, must be the Valentine YOU!
    Yep, Life will consume you, no question. It seems that you can and are coping as well as anyone, it is good to know about walks, and water aerobics. Most folks forget to look at the simpler answers.
    Great! I know you will enjoy the trip and visit. That is WONDERFUL Therapy!!
    Love from up here.
    Sherry & Jack

  2. Life is full of little joys if we take the time to look for them. Glad you have a great trip to look forward to.

  3. Life will eat away at you if you let it. Losing spouses, siblings and family is a tough burden. I am so glad you are learning to let certain things go and just be one with yourself and nature. Learning to just breathe and meditate has helped me enormously. Finding joy in simple pleasures changes your perspective. My husband has spent most of our married life working out of state, so I've had to be on my own, more often than not, solving every problem that comes along here at the house, with the car, etc. It isn't easy, I know. This Mother's Day trip sounds wonderful. Being with your family will BOLSTER your spirits. You take care.

  4. How nice your daughter is having you come for a visit. Mother's Day is perfect timing too. Having a large family that I don't get to see very often I can appreciate how much it will mean to you. Unlike you though I'm where I was born and raised and it was the kids that moved away. Thankfully I do have 2 still living here that I get to see a little more often so that helps. But really they are busy most times with there own lives so seeing them isn't really very often. I've learned to take it one day at a time and enjoy all those simple things in life. One day at a time is good.

  5. Beautiful post. Mark and I have also felt tha same pressure these past several months. We too have look for those joyful moments.

  6. I never knew you lost your husband 11 years ago. I'm sorry. I wish the weather here allowed for walks anytime to clear my mind. The trip for Mother's Day will be beautiful. I'm excited for you.