February 16, 2012

Re-think Courtship!

I was watching the "Real Time with Bill Maher" weekly HBO talk show yesterday afternoon. He cracks me up! One of his guests mentioned the man-gagement ring for men! Bill is a comedian and political satirist! His show includes an opening monologue, then he has a panel of three well educated celebrities, two guests live or via satellite and my favorite at the end of the program is “New Rules”!

I guess this new trend is bringing view to a very old tradition -- the ol' going down to one knee in an Italian restaurant and asking somebody to marry you isn't just for guys anymore!

The rings are inexpensive, masculine and increasing in popularity. The Jewelers are loving this big time like they did a few years back when single women were buying their own rings! I think they called them the AH Ring...A is for available and H is for happy.

Women are now earning more and marrying later, so they have more disposable income to spend on themselves.

Getting back to the man-gagement ring; Men wearing a ring on his left hand, most would assume he's married, but just letting the other gals know that your man is off the market!

Yup, you read it correctly, "man-gagement ring." Nope, it's not a company ring he was given for his promotion to the management by climbing the ladder to success; it's a ring he was given by his girlfriend. It's actually an engagement ring for guys!

Whoa! What the hell? Is this some gimmick by the jewelry industry to get you to spend more money? Is it something for insecure women who weren't satisfied he changed his Facebook status to "engaged" and want to alert the entire world their man is taken?

I say, let people do as they please. If it pleases women to have an AH ring then go for it. If it pleases women to buy their man a man-gagement ring………hell, go for it too! Life is too short. Make the jewelers rich in a poor economy! LOL

Bill Maher also touched the subject on New Rules (that part of his show, I love the best) He said that people roll their eyes when they bring up the state of Massachusetts and call it Taxachusetts but he added that Massachusetts Number 1 in Education, Number 1 in health care, Number 1 for the best hospitals, the best history and as a matter of fact, history began in Massachusetts!

I’m proud to say that I was born and raised in Massachusetts!


  1. That ring thing reminds me of when we used to exchange ID bracelets when we were going steady with someone in high school. It was also popular for kids to exchange their High School rings. Girls would wrap the boys rings so they could wear them and the guys would often wear his girls ring on his little finger. Thankfully at this stage in my life, I don't think I'll have to ever worry about giving anyone an engagement ring. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Rain is in our forecast and that should take care of the snow we have on the ground for this round anyway.

  2. I cannot keep up with the newer ideas, but I always say, we are individuals, LIVE YOUR LIFE, no one else can live it for you.
    Besides it is too important to put in someone else's hands.

    Always like coming here, gives me something to think about.

    We have moved to Rainbow Springs. (AGAIN) lovely place.
    Sending Love down your way!!!

  3. I too remember the ID bracelets, and ring swap in High School...it also reminds me of the split heart exchange too....That was when it was all so simple..Back then it was Hallmark Cards that introduced new memories and "Hallmark Moments". I will say that the cost of a card is much easier..But if it feels good to give that ring then go for it...All of this brings back the old formula, " go steady for 3 yrs, engaged for 2 years, first house within 5 yrs. (first child kind of fit in there somewhere)..Things have changed as they must with the times...

  4. I first read man-gagement ring as manage ring. As if to say women needed to manage their men's affairs. I was laughing so hard.

    I think the man-gagement ring makes sense. More and more women are stepping out of traditional roles. Although, I would rather the guy asked, letting me know HE was ready. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. What a cool new trend. Girls intiating the commitment and then sealing the deal with a ring for the man. Like MA said, back in the day we exchanged ID bracelets or school rings. My boyfriend wore mine on his pinkie finger. I filled the underneath ring side of his with wax and then wrapped the band with pretty angora, that fluffed all around the stone. Those were the days, thought they would never end. LOL Take care.