May 30, 2010

Sex and the City 2

This is a Movie for entertaining and if you think you aren't going to be, then don't go see it. The movie critics get paid to recommend a selection of films for the Movies section of your Newspaper. The recommendations are based solely on that critic's personal opinion of the film.

Trust me, your opinion is the only opinion that counts!  I never went to see a movie based on the opinion of a critic.  And, they were sooooooooooooo wrong on this one!  This movie was fabulous!

With that said, I absolutely loved, loved this movie……….the actors,  the clothes, the shoes, the laughter……….Oh and MR. BIG!  He had me drooling as always!  LOL

The movie started off with the Gay Wedding which was out of this world and the end of the movie was my favorite part!  I also, loved everything in between!

It is a must see!  And, don’t forget your Cosmopolitan!

May 16, 2010

My Experience going Vegan!

Well, since my last lab work at the doctor's office for a regular routine exam with a new Primary doctor, my results were totally off the charts! I was quite disturbed by this. He took me off my statins and all vitamins and suggested the Vegan Diet for six weeks, as a process of elimination to find the culprit of why my numbers on my blood work are out of whack!

Sigh, the first week without any meat was o.k. But no dairy definitely added more frustration, as I can't start my day off without cream in my coffee in the morning, so I began to read about antibiotics in poultry and other diseases of fish, cow's milk, etc. Oh my.......what is there left to eat? That soy stuff doesn't do it for me. Forget about Tofu.....not my favorite thing. (it just won't go down)

I read that a Vegan is a very strict vegetarian who does not choose to eat or use any animal products at all, from dairy and eggs to leather, wool and honey. While this is a major transition from my eating habits and forget about the leather, wool and you think I would actually give up my Gucci, Prada, and Coach????? I wear wool when up north for warmth........I love honey in my tea when I don't feel good. Who started this Vegan stuff???? I can understand a Vegetarian more than I can understand a Vegan.

The doctor suggested I purchase the book "Eat to Live" and use it as guidance and understanding eating off the land.

Grocery shopping is a challenge and exhausting reading labels. I take a list of all animal ingredients to avoid, and look for them on the label. There are hidden animal products in an amazing variety of foods, so this was depressing and time consuming for me.

I started to look at my natural foods I used to eat and the ingredients were short and understandable, I didn't have to figure anything out whether the product came from an animal or not.

I was getting so frustrated trying to modify my own recipes. Most non-vegan recipes can be made vegan by substituting some of the products using what they call simple tricks like replacing eggs with cornstarch and water in baked goods. Most introductory to Vegan sites online explain these tricks. Those tricks don't make your own recipes taste the same and, therefore, I'm not enjoying my food!

The cravings for normal food is overwhelming. Eating a salad twice a day is so boring...............tons of fruit daily, I'm really have a hard time with and you cannot substitute it with juice as your fruit. I tried to explore a variety of vegan food that is available in "WholeFoods", the pricey organic store.

FridgeI hate to tell you the amount of  money I wasted on food that tasted like cardboard and ended up throwing away or down the disposal. I love vegetables but having it for your main course is so different than having it as a side on your plate!

Did I forget to mention the doctor said no alcohol........that means no wine with my dinner! He dare say that to an Italian?

Well, two weeks have gone by and I spent a great deal of money at Wholefoods and I have lost 12 pounds.......that part is great but I'm miserable. I want a pizza, I want a veal cutlet, I want to smell my Sunday gravy simmering on the stove with meatballs and sausages!

 I want my wine and a visit from Johnny Walker or Mr. Dewars  now and then would be lovely.

Did I forget to mention the gas that is associated with being a Vegan? LOL  My next lab work is Tuesday and I'm praying for a major improvement in the test results!

May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

M - O - T - H - E - R

Author: Howard Johnson

"M" is for the million things she gave me,

"O" means only that she's growing old,

"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,

"H" is for her heart of purest gold;

"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,

"R" means right, and right she'll always be,

Put them all together, they spell


A word that means the world to me

May 1, 2010

If all my wishes came true!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

We all dream and wish for things that we may never have……….some of us have achieved greatness and attained the good life by good old hard work and some by born with a silver spoon.

But if all my wishes came true, would my life be perfect?

Taking into account of all the people I have met throughout the years, and viewing the celebrities on TV…..people who have what they want are all over rehab centers, divorce courts and jails! Hmmmmmmmmmm! Now they call cheating on their spouse a sickness and there is a special rehab for that. It’s like a new app for your fancy IPhone. Bull crap on that theory!

I believe being blessed with good fortune has side effects just like medications you see advertised on TV. Scary to hear that the medication you selected and/or advised to take by your doctor can kill you! Basically, any external thing we eat and/or breath in, we depend on to make us feel good has the power to make us feel bad. It’s all about making good choices. Some are not easy but for the most part, we all know right from wrong so no excuses! A lot comes from maturity and wisdom.  It is your duty to research and take good care of yourself.

Ever notice when you stop depending on tangible rewards, they often materialize somehow. I guess it is the Law of Attraction. Ever pay attention to when your body tenses or relaxes, it is telling you something………it is telling you to consider choices you have to make whether a simple choice or a major decision. Listen! Instead of weighing pros and cons, notice your physical reaction to each option. You will then make the right choice.

Many of us have dreamed of winning the lottery or fantasized about how happy we would be if only we had great wealth.

Compared to the large bulk of the world, we are already enormously wealthy. We have possessions that most people only dream of, and access to opportunities that many women can hardly even fathom. I have food in the fridge, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. Most of us have the wealth that others only dream about.  I'm trying real hard to stay healthy.  I've had a few medical concerns and with the help from my doctor, I'm working on it.  Gosh, it is hard to tell an Italian cook to turn into a Vegan!

I can’t help but feel blessed when I look at life through my window of gratitude!