April 12, 2011

May Your Cup Runneth Over!

Now that I am older and celebrated another birthday at the beginning of the year, time seems so quickly to pass, but each day is a gift to enjoy as long as it lasts. Seems only a short time ago that we celebrated Christmas day, then New Year’s Day and now Easter is almost here and I hardly know what to say! I would like to write something profound, but where do I begin?

I recently attended an all-Women’s “Tea and Testimonies” at a Community Church which a member of my gym invited me to. It was lovely and each table was decorated in fine china and each table had a different theme going on. All the ladies wore dresses and wearing hats (the one thing they forgot to tell me about) the hats! LOL

At the entrance stood a lovely young lady dressed in an all white paper dress. I thought it was a statue at first until she moved!

I’ve been spending less time at the pool lately…for one thing, it is too damn hot out there and the other, I’m waiting for all the snowbirds to go home so I can enjoy the pool all to myself again!

I also received an Invitation to a Champagne and Truffles Mixer for this week! Looking forward to that. This should be interesting.

Since I’m retired now, I have more time on my hands to think more………well, with my insomnia; my head is always twirling and thinking. I think that I spend a lot of time every day to recognize what I’m grateful for and it helps me keep things in perspective. Gratitude carries me through the tough times, and gives me the strength to surpass the stress of challenges. Well, that seems to work for me.

I surely would sleep better if I would let my mind rest a bit.

My thoughts reflect on my family and friends and where I’m currently living so far away from them. I receive great satisfaction that my children give me with just a simple phone call or email. I’m blessed with many phone calls from friends and many laughs I share with my children.

I find myself focusing more on my health lately as it seems after my recent fall and then a weird allergy reaction while at the gym, I find myself concerned about my health and mental or physical attributes. I’m guessing I’m not the only senior citizen that thinks about these things now. Well, I know these thoughts never entered my mind before that Medicare Card arrived in my mailbox! LOL

Looking back at small and large moments – the affection of family, and what I consider my success in the garden of a growing gratitude. These are all things that nourish my gratitude. And, gratitude makes life worth living!

Life is good!