January 25, 2014

Today's youth is one of the rudest!

Gosh, watching the News lately..............so much sadness going on.  So much violence night after night.  It makes you wonder what kind of upbringing these people had.  It makes me change the channel, as it is too depressing to watch.

Today’s youth is one of the rudest and most sadistic generations. Teens are developing cruel attitudes towards violence and crimes. Teens are unaware of life values and morals. Teens use inappropriate language and etiquette. And teens display large amounts of disrespect towards authority and being the big "Bully" in school among their own classmates.

Even worse, these teens turn into mean, disrespectful adults and always taking the wrong road through life's journey.  It is sad because in my heart, I know most parents taught their children to respect others.

I remember when my children were young and in school.....whenever it was report card time, I always naturally carefully viewed their grades but the other side of the report card displayed their behavior in class and how they treated others.  That part, a parent teaches a child good manners. We all hope and pray that they practice good manners when they grow up and on their own.

When you encounter a person displaying disrespect to you, I’m sure you are feeling unworthy.  But, it also can leave you with a thickened up skin and it will open your eyes to see when certain people bring nothing but drama to the table, you know it's time to let them eat by themselves.

This goes for celebs too…………Oh my……….Bieber and Miley….such train wrecks.

People need to be kind to one another.  Life is too short.

January 17, 2014

Curling up with a good book!

Unfortunately, our inner quiet is unusual for most of us. Even when alone, we all talk to ourselves right? We hear the sounds of our own thoughts, remember musical melodies, and so on. We become easily distracted by random memories, noises and other intrusions.  During these times, I turn to reading a good book especially when TV has nothing of interest to offer.

Reading a good book is like taking a mini-vacation.  For me, it naturally gives me a moment to relax and forget. It takes me away to another land where my imagination has no limits.

Think of a book that you have been meaning to read and pick it up today. It may be a beloved classic, an old favorite, a biography or something from the bestseller list. Next, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea, (or coffee) head to your comfortable couch, curl up and let it take you away.

Downloading books to my Kindle from the Library is great!  Saving tons of money from buying books and/or taking books out from the library loaded with bacteria from previous readers!

Sometimes, I do miss cracking open a new book and turning the pages but the light in the Kindle and arranging the font for my comfort is very accommodating.  I love it!

January 10, 2014

Christmas in Boston/My Birthday/Flight Cancellations!!!!

Michelle's first Xmas tree in her new home.
Love the snowflake on the top of the tree!

I love being with my children for Christmas!  I also wanted to see the snow again but I didn’t ask for 18 inches of snow and freezing temps in the single digits and some days even below zero!  Yikes!  It is hard to adjust after living in Florida for the past 24 years.

Close up of Jimmy's tree zooming in on the red wagon!

I enjoyed seeing my girlfriends from Revere.  They are my Besties! It was a late lunch after 2:30, as I was at the beauty shop.

Left, front to back:  Linda, Joanne, Priscilla, Liana
Right, front to back:  Meri, Rose, Diane, Paula

I was also happy to see a dear friend, Sandra that I have not seen in 8 long years!  It was wonderful to reminisce wonderful past memories together.

Rose and Sandra

My children took me to all my favorite Restaurants.  Saw three great movies and I attended a New Year’s party at Rhonda’s house.  BBQ and Bon Fire in the frigid  temps!  All good times!

Son-in-law, Bill and me

Son, Jimmy and Me

Me.........Brrrrrrrrrrr!  18 inches of snow!

My daughter baked a creamcycle birthday cake for me that was delish!

My daughter is always the one taking the pictures so I never end up having pictures of her!  

When it was time for me to return home, I never received an alert from JetBlue that my flight was canceled.  Thank goodness, Michelle and I checked online before leaving the house at 4:00 in the morning to head out to the airport.  In red bold print the word “Canceled” was there.  I was due home on January 5th but was unable to get back until January 8th.  
JetBlue Airways resumed full operations at Logan International Airport and three New York-area airports on Tuesday after a 17-hour shutdown forced the cancellation of more than 500 departures from the four facilities.

The highly unusual reduction in service followed a spell of bad weather and airport closures over the weekend, complicated by new federal regulations that require longer rest periods for pilots between flights. Those rules helped turn delays into more cancellations after pilots maxed out their hours.

JetBlue experienced more problems than most carriers, in part because most of its operations go through Boston and New York which were hit hard by snow and ice causing a ripple effect of delays, diversions, and cancellations throughout the system.

Upon my arrival at home, the Alerts from JetBlue were on my home recorder!  Duh.  My request was clearly to alert me via my cell phone or email address.  

Of course, I called JetBlue to request Customer Compensation and they gave me 5,000 extra points towards a future flight.  You don't ask, you don't get!

Came home to rain but the temp was 69 degrees which is not bad.  No sun today either!  My delay actually was a delightful trade-off, as it gave me more time with my children!

Today, 15 inches of rain and flash floods on the East Coast of Florida!  Yikes!

P.S.  Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes!