August 28, 2008

Feeling Ugly?????

Gosh, lately……if it wasnt for irritability, grouchiness and mono-syllabic grunts, I would have no personality at all. Lack of sleep is making me one unhappy camper! It even makes you feel ugly! Che faccia brutta!

Sometimes, wouldnt you just like to close your eyes wave that magic wand and say “Abracadabra.” Now open your eyes and all your dreams come true! I guess I have been doing a lot of day dreaming lately. Certainly not night time dreaming! I don’t sleep long enough to dream.

I just seem to be bored with everything lately. Tired of the bar scenes, tired of the online dating sites… know the ones….. SWM looking for lovable, affectionate, fun-loving companion, who enjoys long walks on the beach and evenings curled up by the fire. (what? No five star restaurants??) LOL

And, my response would probably be………..MeetFido”.

TV is getting so boring…all the repeats, campaign crap, and all those damn info-mercials are driving me crazy! What happened to those great sitcoms…the good old days….when TV was considered entertainment.

South Florida………….during the summer TV is filled with so much hype over every tropical storm and potential hurricanes which you really cannot ignore because I’ve been through many of them and they were all terrible disasters! I miss New England and the different seasons (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) not just hot and hotter like down here! Yep, the weatherman is now tracking Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Hanna. Here we go again!

Who doesnt love and miss I Love Lucy! LOL Those were the days when TV was entertainment.

Its getting dark out….time to pour myself a glass of wine. I have no clue what I’m going to have for dinner because I forgot to defrost something.

Wine doesnt go too well with Cheerios does it? LOL

Well, usually buying a new pair of shoes makes me happy......maybe I'll search for a sale tomorrow and get out of this mood and go out dancing for a change!

August 23, 2008

Internet Friends

Life is a song and dance as long as there are my Faceless Internet Friends as dear as you with whom to share it.  Thank you for being mine!  You know how sometimes you feel like someone is thinking really hard about you?  Well, you should all be getting that feeling. (I was trying to insert some male pictures above but was unsuccessful) so you guys know you are included too!


I guess my only complaint this week is that the stubborn Tropical Storm Fay just won't go away.   Although the storm never became a hurricane, it has killed 10 people and dumped rain all across the state of Florida.  Cabin fever is setting in having to stay indoors for such a long time but I'm grateful that I never lost electricity.   In southern Florida, signs that the floodwaters were receding is music to my ears.

wwwOh the tangled web we weave here on the World Wide Web!  How wonderful it is to have my Internet Friends to listen when I’m worried, cheer me up when I’m down, encourage me when I’m scared and console me when I’m defeated.


Some people would charge for that.  Thank you for being my friend.


Nutrition Facts of  AOL Journals:  Serving Size: 1 Entry;  Amount per serving; Calories 0, Total Fat 0, Minimum daily requirements:  Amusement 25%, Good Cheer 25%, Smiles 25%, Friendship 25%


Total Enjoyment 100%


And you all know how we love to read theComments you leave on each entry!



ty panda bear

coffee cup

August 17, 2008


Is it just me or is everyone else also getting so freaking annoyed with outsourcing jobs?  I was so angry trying to resolve a disputed bill....first there is the very annoying automated system, press one for this, press 2 for that, press 3 (that's when your nerves are shot)...then finally a live speaking person on the line....but then you immediately detect the thick accent and know that you are talking to someone overseas which infuriates me knowing that people in our country are denied jobs because of this.  Plus, you can't understand these foreigners and they can't understand you which becomes a frustrating ordeal and the outcome is usually unresolved and you have to demand to speak to a Supervisor from the U.S.


Shifting jobs to lower-wage countries--a form of what is known as offshore outsourcing--is an increasingly popular practice among U.S. businesses seeking to cut operating costs. Outsourcing has also become political shorthand for presidential candidates to describe what is perceived as unfair international trade and its costs for U.S. workers.


While some jobs may get sent overseas or be automated by machines, certain tasks will most likely always be handled by by human beings. 

There will always be a need for Teachers because there will always be a need for education; therefore, we need people to do the educating. Scientists are needed to dedicate their lives to the cause and effects of our actions and our environments to deal with changes. 


Gone are the heydays of horse and buggy and wheelwrights (the maker of wheels), but an element of those jobs live on in one form or another.  With advanced technology and science, so come changes in jobs.  But, as I walked out of my doctor’s office one day to chat with the Nurses at their station and pay the bill, I realized that there are certainly a lot of occupations that will stand the test of time and have staying power and will never disappear.


In the doctor’s office, I observed the doctors caring for their patients and couldn't help but notice how much they are needed  to investigate and treat our medical conditions since we still have a mortality rate, and we still get bumped, bruised and diseased along the their professions are everlasting.


Then driving home, I observed a police car that was behind me through my rear view mirror and again realized another profession that is everlasting and that is the Law Enforcement Officer.  If we are dependent upon a system that governs, we will also be dependant upon people to enforce the rules of that system.


Then I thought of the 30 plus years I worked in the legal field....yes...we need Lawyers.  The legal system affects nearly every aspect of our society, from buying a home to crossing the street.  Lawyers form the backbone of this vital system, linking it to society in numerous ways.  For that reason they hold positions of great responsibility and are obligated to adhere to strict code of ethics. 


And, Lawyers cannot function without their Legal Secretaries that perform highly specialized work requiring knowledge of technical terminology and procedures.  Oh my, all those Summonses, Complaints, Motions, Responses and Subpoenas!  You can’t do that from India or China!


Then I got comfortable in front of my TV to watch the News.....the subject of Soldiers came on.....Even if world peace were in reality, there would still be a fear of future wars based on history.....a very important everlasting profession.


Barbers and Hairdressers.....why are these professions everlasting?  Just ask any for men...they just want to look neatly groomed with a good haircut....women on the other hand require more than just grooming....we need to look beautiful with highlights, lowlights, perms, precision cuts, hair color etc.  Again, a definite everlasting profession, right ladies?


Then I was channel surfing with my clicker and on came some Religious Leader......again my mind wandered and thought of the people that continue to ponder the meaning of their own existence, a majority find a need for people to assist them with a form of spiritual guidance.


Wow, I couldn't stop my mind from thinking about all the everlasting professions that still require a human to perform and not an automated system or machine and a profession that can't be outsourced.....No wonder I can't sleep at night...I can't turn my mind off and relax!


What profession do feel is everlasting and cannot be replaced by being outsourced?  Did outsourcing affect your job?

August 7, 2008

My Girlfriend Glossary!

"I need to talk"
CODE FOR....drop everything and come over immediately.  If you must speak over the phone (clearly a second best choice).  Make sure I can't hear you opening your e-mail or washing dishes during my dilemma.
"I have nothing to wear"
CODE FOR.....I'm stressed and cannot tolerate standing under fluorescent lights to try anything on.  What I want is for you to lend me a perfect outfit with matching shoes!
"Do I have food in my teeth?"
CODE FOR.....You are so close to me, you can actually tell me the truth about that little piece of spinach caught in the gap between my front teeth.  This code also applies to your honest opinion about my wearing anything luminescent and pink.  The colors may be in style, but you have permission to tell me I look like a psychedelic ice cream cone.
"Don't tell a soul"
CODE FOR.....includes your husband or boyfriend.  No exceptions!
Men must have their special codes too.  Do you have any?

August 3, 2008


Jeans"Choices".  Gosh, we have too many choices from cookies to cell phones, dog food to discount drug cards......Do you remember going back about 10 years ago when you went to the Gap to buy a pair of only had one so many choices....slim fit, easy fit, relaxed fit, baggy or extra baggy!  Stone-washed, acid-washed or distressed.....button-fly or zipper-fly...faded or regular....No such thing as regular jeans anymore!


By creating all these options, the industry undoubtedly had done a favor for customers with varied tastes and body types.  However, it had also created a new problem.  In the past, a buyer like myself might have had to settle for an imperfect fit, but at least purchasing jeans was a five-minute affair.  Now such a complex decision and forced to invest time, energy and no small amount of self-doubt, anxiety and dread over the ordeal and what about the outrageous prices!


It's not just types of crackers, over two hundred types of cookies, eighty types of pain relievers....thousands of mutual funds....hundreds of cell phones, calling plans....paper or plastic......I can go on and on.....wherever I turn, I face mind-boggling choices.  Amazing...the more choices we have....the more we seem to regret the decisions we make....confusing isn't it?  It's hard to know which road to take....


Gosh, remember when we only had three choices of TV channels?....4, 5 and we have over 100 channels to choose things have changed throughout the years!  Decisions....decisions....just going grocery shopping each week becomes a chore....making decisions!


SmokerI made a smart decision to stop smoking over one and a half years ago.  Restaurants, lounges, all stopped allowing smoking....I now go out with my friends and since when did they allow smoking again in certain places?

lighterBreathing in second hand smoke is just as bad as lighting up!  Ugh!

Constant choices, decisions, options, everything forever changing like the color of your lipstick and so disappointing when your favorite product is discontinued forcing you to select another shade of pink!!!!!!