August 28, 2008

Feeling Ugly?????

Gosh, lately……if it wasnt for irritability, grouchiness and mono-syllabic grunts, I would have no personality at all. Lack of sleep is making me one unhappy camper! It even makes you feel ugly! Che faccia brutta!

Sometimes, wouldnt you just like to close your eyes wave that magic wand and say “Abracadabra.” Now open your eyes and all your dreams come true! I guess I have been doing a lot of day dreaming lately. Certainly not night time dreaming! I don’t sleep long enough to dream.

I just seem to be bored with everything lately. Tired of the bar scenes, tired of the online dating sites… know the ones….. SWM looking for lovable, affectionate, fun-loving companion, who enjoys long walks on the beach and evenings curled up by the fire. (what? No five star restaurants??) LOL

And, my response would probably be………..MeetFido”.

TV is getting so boring…all the repeats, campaign crap, and all those damn info-mercials are driving me crazy! What happened to those great sitcoms…the good old days….when TV was considered entertainment.

South Florida………….during the summer TV is filled with so much hype over every tropical storm and potential hurricanes which you really cannot ignore because I’ve been through many of them and they were all terrible disasters! I miss New England and the different seasons (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) not just hot and hotter like down here! Yep, the weatherman is now tracking Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Hanna. Here we go again!

Who doesnt love and miss I Love Lucy! LOL Those were the days when TV was entertainment.

Its getting dark out….time to pour myself a glass of wine. I have no clue what I’m going to have for dinner because I forgot to defrost something.

Wine doesnt go too well with Cheerios does it? LOL

Well, usually buying a new pair of shoes makes me happy......maybe I'll search for a sale tomorrow and get out of this mood and go out dancing for a change!


  1. Not sure if you have cable or satellite, but TVLand has reruns of I Love Lucy.  Also, we have bought some of the season DVD's to pop in when we need a laugh or a cheer-up :o)

  2. I like my cheerios with a banana sometimes.  I'm good at having breakfast for dinner.  Hope the shoes help!  'On Ya' - ma

  3. hang in there  friday's   i have cheerios for dinner too sometimes   maybe a walk on the beach by yourself would be best?   take care   hugz~kbear

  4. I am saving my allowance for all of the seasons of I Love Lucy. She is helps to get me out of the "Uglies"

  5. If you drink enough wine, you won't care that your eating Cherrios! LOL
    Have a good night.

  6. Hi Rose,

    Hope you feel more upbeat tomorrow.   A new pair of shoes always helps.  Palma

  7. I have been a little slow myself lately. Maybe tomorrow will be the cure, Scarlett. I prefer a nice California Zifandel with my Cherrios.


  8. Sounds like your t.v. is as bad as ours has got.  Used to be spoiled for choice, now the t.v. goes off most nights at 8 p.m. after we have watched the soaps.

  9. Hi Rose thankyou for your comment on my journal,yes buying shoes always cheers me up too Jan xx

  10. You are like a breath of fresh air..  I love your journal.  It is just great.  May I put you on my alerts??  This one was a very poor entry Ihad written.  Lucille 4365

  11. It could be  I think  that might work.   Lucy

  12.     All my best wishes to you, Hanna and Gustav. Get the heck out of town if you have to. As much as I hate Chicago winters, I'd probably miss the changes to. Very entertaining entry.
    P.S.: In my journal you mentioned how you love to cook and how you don't use box and cans when making your sauces. I will use what I have to when I'm in a hurry. I say this though. There is nothing like your own sauce though. Nothing compares. And I love a good bolongenese (sp?) sauce. I lost the recipe I had. Didn't make it often enough to memorize it. When I did, it was well worth the time it took. I tried to make pasta, too. Now that wasn't worth the time. I couldn't taste enough of a difference to cancel out time with my kids.

  13. Hello Rose :o)
    Thank you for stopping by my journal and leaving a comment.   Sorry to see that you are feeling 'cranky' today, get out there and buy them dancing shoes - go girl !!
    Big Luv,
    Jaynee X

  14. I found uou again.  I knew I would.  That great colorful Journal.  I think it is dsummer doldrums.  I tAKE IT YOU LIVE IN Florida.  Hope Gustav skirts your area.  I know very well  about the lack of sleep.  It is none of my business but why did you leave England?  Feel free not to answer any questiions I might ask.  I am a nosey old lady but not easily offended.  Lucille 4364  Better known as Lucy

  15. Ho Rose, Thank you for visiting my journal. I am glad that you enjoyed it..please visit again.  I have put you on my alerts as I would like to become another of your many j friends...Love all your graphics you sure must be clever.  Love Sybil x

  16. Hi Rose,

    Here is how I add pictures  hope it helps.

    on your journal where it says Add Album click on a page will come up  You got pictures..should contain all your pictures  select the ones you want by ticking the small box by each one   in top corner it says select all or deselect all (depending how many you want)  I usually just want odd ones so tick by each bottom right of this page you will see  Add pictures   click...that should take you back to your journal and the photographs should come through !!  I like to click Classic as that is how I think they look better.  Once you have managed all that it is fairly easy to edit them  ie put names etc.  but will leave that for another time.    Good Luck...Keep in touch.   Love  Sybil xx ( I tried sending this e mail but for some reason couldn't get it to go !!!)

  17. that  WOULD  be a nice rose  wine???  red  too strong a bouquet  for  the  subtle  taste of cherrios.     lol         tv??   as  most  of  british  tv   comes  from  the US  anyway,            i know  what  you  mean   lol            take  care  love  mort.      n  ty  for  nice comments  xxx

  18. Maybe abracdabra is the wrong word.  Did you check that out?

    Have one for me, I can't afford the wine these days.  And if you have enough you won't mind the Cheerios.                   D