August 3, 2008


Jeans"Choices".  Gosh, we have too many choices from cookies to cell phones, dog food to discount drug cards......Do you remember going back about 10 years ago when you went to the Gap to buy a pair of only had one so many choices....slim fit, easy fit, relaxed fit, baggy or extra baggy!  Stone-washed, acid-washed or distressed.....button-fly or zipper-fly...faded or regular....No such thing as regular jeans anymore!


By creating all these options, the industry undoubtedly had done a favor for customers with varied tastes and body types.  However, it had also created a new problem.  In the past, a buyer like myself might have had to settle for an imperfect fit, but at least purchasing jeans was a five-minute affair.  Now such a complex decision and forced to invest time, energy and no small amount of self-doubt, anxiety and dread over the ordeal and what about the outrageous prices!


It's not just types of crackers, over two hundred types of cookies, eighty types of pain relievers....thousands of mutual funds....hundreds of cell phones, calling plans....paper or plastic......I can go on and on.....wherever I turn, I face mind-boggling choices.  Amazing...the more choices we have....the more we seem to regret the decisions we make....confusing isn't it?  It's hard to know which road to take....


Gosh, remember when we only had three choices of TV channels?....4, 5 and we have over 100 channels to choose things have changed throughout the years!  Decisions....decisions....just going grocery shopping each week becomes a chore....making decisions!


SmokerI made a smart decision to stop smoking over one and a half years ago.  Restaurants, lounges, all stopped allowing smoking....I now go out with my friends and since when did they allow smoking again in certain places?

lighterBreathing in second hand smoke is just as bad as lighting up!  Ugh!

Constant choices, decisions, options, everything forever changing like the color of your lipstick and so disappointing when your favorite product is discontinued forcing you to select another shade of pink!!!!!!





  1. Hi Rose,

    You are correct, there are too many choices.  Palma

  2. Congratulations on the 1.5 years smoke free.  My wife and I quit 2 years ago.

  3. I want more choices in men!!!

  4. First of all congratulations on your choice of quitting smoking, way to go Rose! With five kids growing up in our household choices of jeans - argh! Made my head spin, funny thing how you chose that out of the bevy of choice we do have nowadays. Think we have come accustomed to dealing with this dilemma now.

    So many choices, places to go & things to see. Yet, that is another blog for another
    day. Great blog and I look forward to the next one my friend!

    Love alli.

  5. We do have too many choices now days.  

  6. Hi Rose  You are so right with too many choices when I go into department stores and there are too many choices I get confused and tired and end up with nothing  I buy allot from catalogs and on Tv where your choices are more limited and I know what   I like and the style that looks good on me so I find it easier to make my choice.  Jeanine

  7. Hi Jeanine,
    I have been a catalog shopper for years and I agree with you.  It is less confusing with less choices, however, did you notice that the designers have all changed their sizes and should be a national size....they are even doing it for shoes too.  I thought my feet were getting bigger but that can't be because my regular size 6 from my old shoes still fit and now some 6 1/2s are too tight!  

    Hugs, Rose

  8. Too many choices!
    Try going into a Starbucks or any other coffee place and order just
    a regular cup of coffee. The choice board above the counter looks
    like the New York Stock exchange. Its regular or decaf, flavored or
    combinations I cant even fathom what they taste like. Of course the
    clerk wants you to make a decision in one micro minute. When I order
    just a regular cup of decaf...they look at me as if I came from another

    Why cant a phone just be a phone?  I dont a camera or a movie
    or a GPS on my phone....or an opera or rock tune for a  ring...
    and God knows what else they have on them...too many things for
    this ancient mind to figure out.

    How about all those options on a car now?  Most of these options have to
    be found in the 80 page manual which needs a mechanics mind to
    figure out.  Most of which we dont use anyhow but of course we have
    paid for them. My car came with a GPS....with a lie...
    of 59 pages. I use about 1/10 of its capabilities...the rest needs an
    engineers mind to figure out. I still rely on my trusty road map in the car.
    I dont want a voice telling me I made a wrong turn or roads that arent
    in vision.  All I want to know is how many gallons of gas may car holds.
    Try finding that info in the manual!!
    Has the modern world passed us by?

    This could be a George Carlin routine.

  9. I just buy regular zip-up jeans. Buttons are for people who have time on their hands. As for options, the old addage k.i.s.s. always worked for me.