July 28, 2008

Looking for love in bars; lonely under the influence!

Everyone loves a good “how we met” story.


You know, the kind that makes movies like “Must Love Dogsor “27 Dresses”, it’s all……...you know……..cute ”how we met” stories!  I love it when I hear my friends tell theirs, it’s like icing on the wedding cake.

Many people have colorful tales of how they met either the loves of their lives or the reasons why they currently have to take out court orders of protection!  Who hasn’t heard the mundane stories of couples meeting in local places? 

One friend said she met her husband at a Laundromat….Yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever been in one have you?

O.K. maybe I have “How We Met Stories” envy because I never had such neatly wrapped tales of how I met someone.  Well, not unusual movie style stories anyway.  Oh sure, I’ve recently eyeballed a distinguished guy at the bookstore and we shared a “moment” before moving on with our lives.  No, I never went back to the same store at the same time the following day or week to see if he’d be there.  There may be such a thing as Fate, but no one said that it was a matchmaker!

computerYeah, I’ve tried the “Online Dating” thing several years ago.  It was flattering for a while when your computer is loaded with tons of emails from men saying all the right words until the truth be revealed...........I just got bored with all the liars and false photos posted that are 10 years old!

So, I occasionally go into some nice night spots with my girlfriends and I have other friends that feel that looking for love in bars is being lonely under the influence!  I actually should go out more often than I do.  No one is going to meet anyone by staying home with the clicker in your hands.

Well, now at my age, Im not looking to get married again but what is wrong with wanting company with the opposite sex?  Oh my, so how have I’ve fared with finding my Prince Charming in bars????  Remember the old saying about having to kiss a lot of toads?  Well, I’ve had my share of “ribbits” as the next woman.

I’ve also met some cool people to hang out with.  I’ve been on a few nice dates that havent gone anywhere as well as actually having had a relationship from a bar meeting or an online dating meeting.  These days, I like popping by certain night spots and while I don’t quite have that “Norm” status from the TV show “Cheers”, I do enjoy seeing the familiar faces.  I'm originally a Boston gal and yeah, it's nice walking into Cheers where everyone knows your name!  Is there a “Prince Charming” in the horizon?  Well, there is always a charming gentleman somewhere, that devilish man who piques my interest or that one particular fantastic dancer that glided me across the dance floor...…so, let’s just say that my Apple Martini days aren’t over yet!  I really drink scotch but an Apple Martini sounded like a nice girly drink!  LOL

Do you have a great “how we met” story you would like to share with me?

 Sitting at the Bar


  1. I am 10 years older than my fiance. We met in Miami when I was 18. I had just walked out of a "mom and pop" store and she pointed to my friend and I (I'm a Marine) and her Mom waved my friend and I over so that my fiance could see a Marine in person. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Well, years later in a different city and state, we ran into each other again. I was a medic at a hospital and she was a patient. Then when she was 19 we dated for almost a year and separated. Finally we met again earlier this year and are now planning on getting married. I honestly think that either "fate" or God put us together (leaning more toward that being an act of God than fate).

  2. I met my hubby at work...and thats how I met all my boyfriends prior too.  I dont know if I was on the market I think I would just job hop until I met the right guy, LOL!!!

  3. Love your take on entering the world again after our losses. Well, you know my story & I can say my life has come full circle. Only wish the same for you my friend. BTW, thoroughly enjoyed your guest editor writings & will now have to look up your online bloggers. Thank you!

    Love alli.  

  4. i met mine from an online dating site...dated 2 years and have now been married for 4.  he isn't perfect, but comes close.  :)

  5. Mark and I tell our story in the journal, "http://journals.aol.com/mereel2005/we-made-our-own-huppah/"
    It includes how we met, our courtship and the planning of our wedding.

  6. Hi Rose,

    Sorry no good "how me met" stories to add.  Palma

  7. My wife and I are both now on our second marriages.  We met on-line, talked for the first time April 1, met April 2, I proposed in July, and we were married in November.  That was almost seven years ago, and we still have never had a fight or argument :o)

  8. Though solitary now I was married twice.  I met both of my wives in exactly the same place, sitting in exactly the same chair on the other side of a ticket window 4 years apart.

  9. I've been married twice, so I have some "how we met" and some "how we parted and what she took" stories. Needless to say, I'm single and I like it that way. Nowadays, I fall in love two and three times a day.


  10. Hi Rose...I was rummaging around and found your blog in the Guest Editor section.  We have some of the same friends.  Love your graphics.  I'm all about the tropical / beach tags and all...I would love to run away to a tropical paradise and set up "shop"!  I have one of those "how we met" stories...I met my dead x hubby in a dark alley.....bowling alley at midnight madness.  Yes, thank GOD he's out of my life!!
    Anyway, glad to meet you...stop by my place anytime!

  11. Rosie,
             My sister Marie said to try Wildflower,a  fancy bar in Boca. She was there in 1987. So I don't even know if it s still around. She did meet someone nice there, but it wasn't a lasting relationship. She said it is an upscale place near the water. I enjoy all your blogs. Thanks for taking the time to write and add all your delightful graphics too. Have a wonderful week end and summer.

                                                                                                  Joanne N.

  12. I was in college, hanging out on the hill behind the dorms.
    I saw Tom there drawing a picture. I had always admired him from afar but he was quiet adn "artsy" and I ran with the wild bunch. Everyone dated me to go talk to him, so I asked"Can I see your picture?" It was a drawing of me!
    We have been married 29 years