July 12, 2008



We all have a best friend but sometimes one best friend is not enough. And, now with new modern technology, we have our Online Friends. Just as we need more than one lipstick, so do we need our "BROAD SQUAD" to help us survive a tribulations of work, marriage, and family .... not to mention fashion emergencies! Of course, you may have one great friend who can handle all your problems on her own. Lucky you! But others have different specialists on call for each life challenge, including but not limited to how to wreak revenge on an evil boss and how to sniff out whether your boyfriend or husband is telling the truth about things....

THE OLD FRIEND: The person who convinced you that you looked beautiful, even with braces, on prom night...and the one you still yap with on the phone for hours. There's a song: "Make a new friend, but keep the old; one is silver, and the other's gold." We all need that one friend who goes for the gold. She's the one that we bonded with while drooling over glossy photos of some teen idol on a Saturday night sleep over and that we called three times a day, convinced we were in the middle of a life-altering drama. Our oldest friend is a walking, memory book, the one who reminds us of the embarrassing nicknames and hairstyles of our past. She's our hope chest, the girlfriend who thinks of us as her good china and crystal. She still sees our unique beauty, even as our body surrenders to gravity.

THE SECRET KEEPER: The friend in whom you confide your online dating disasters. The secret keeper is there for you in good times and bad. She moves with the speed of a freight train to make sure that everything in your life is in operational order after a divorce, death, major trauma issues. Someone you want to share everything with whether engaging in retail therapy or inhaling macaroni and cheese in your kitchen.

THE PERSONAL COACH: She's our glass half-full friend who may drive us crazy with her cheery optimism but never lets us shortchange ourselves. She encourages us to dream the impossible dream yet remain fully awake and solvent. Her positive outlook is not only infectious.....it's inspiring. Makes you want to strut in your high heels and classic suit....leaving negativity behind.

THE PARTY PAL: She always makes you feel as if you were the guest of honor. Her enthusiasm is unconditional. When we're determined to be depressed, she shows up at your door, ordering us to ditch our big bag of potato chips (and our bathrobe) for a night of embarrassing karaoke. Every girl gang needs one member who gets you up and running and keeps you in a festive, feel-good frame of mind. This party gal is always insisting that you wiggle yourself into last year's jeans, and encourages you to paint your face with lots of goop and set your eyes with three layers of thick black mascara. Before you know it, you are dancing in the aisles, arms flung heaven-ward, underarm flab be damned!

THE FRIEND ON SPEED DIAL: Everyone has that special friend that will be there for you no matter what.

FAMILY FRIENDS: Many of us are lucky to have family members as best friends.


  1. I loved this entry!  Have a good weekend.

  2. Friends....probably one of the most important factors in my life. Excellent entry!


  3. Dear Rose,

    I love your journal; feel as if I am peeking into a part of your life. I too have a girlfriend such as the one you described today.

    Your blog had me reminiscing about some of the old days and smile.

    Thanks Rose,
    alli. ; )

  4. Wonderful post. I have several friends like the ones you list. It is a joy to read your post.

  5. Loved this entry rose.  Friends have always been important to me.

    Luckily I have several wonderful friends.
    Janice Scandone

  6. Yes, it seems that we girls have experienced many of  these types of friends over the years. They are all very unique and special and have made our lives what they are today. I have been truly blessed with sincere and lifelong friends as well. My mother was my best friend and my sister is now . Mom passed away in 2002.
    Some of my dearest friends I met while teaching. We all started at the same school and even though some of us left for other schools over the years we now as retirees get together once or twice a month for lunches or just for girl fun at each other's houses. Just recently I had a birthday party for my favorite actress, Susan Hayward, and my friends attended. We ate some munchies, cut a birthday cake, and then watched Susan's stirring performance in "With a Song in My Heart", the life story of courageous Jane Froman.

    In the end it isn't the amount of friends that we have made over the years, but  rather it is the ones that we can count on one hand that have been there for us no matter what. Thank you dear friends for all you've done and continue to do for me.

                                                                                              Joanne Nardone

  7. Thanks for stopping by my journal.  I put you on alerts and look forward to read about you.

  8. Hey Rose,

    You are one great BROAD.  I so look forward to your emails.  You make me think about what you write and I learn more abut you all the time.

    Take Care

  9. Rose  I was listening to one of my audiobooks and Joe said why don't you try writing one and I said are you crazy it is hard to write a story   I said the only person I can think of that could write a book is Rose.  I find your blog thought provoking and really interesting.  You should try your hand at a short story and then work your way up to a novel.  I think you have a wonderful talent that allot of us are not blessed with  Use it to the fullest.  Your friend Jeanine

  10. Hi, I belong to one of the same graphic groups you do. This was my first visit to your Journal.  But, I'll be back.  I loved you entry about girlfriends, it was a big diffferent than the other versions I've seen (I liked it better) & it not only was true but made me feel blessed to read it.  Thank God for our friends, right?  

    Your daughter sending you roses was awesome, too.  My son was a bachelor unitil he was 43, & he use to do that with me. At 43 he got engaged, got married, had a birthday (#44), had a baby AND started a new job. His life is so busy now and since we live in sepeerate towns, we don't talk as often as we should, especially since he became a Dad, but I always know I can count on him.  Our kids, if they turn out the way we hope, are pretty great--just like our friends!  Merry

  11. Great blogging.  My Mom and I love to read all the things that you wright.  You are a very, very talented and intelligent person!  Keep it up.    Elena and Mom

  12. Rosie!
    You are such a gifted writer! Your blogs are so interesting and they really jog my memory to fondly recall good times and good friends. We had such fun during those "good old school days"! Do you remember our 7th grade club which was the precursor to our sorority? We called ourselves "The Party Dolls" after the song of the same name. We would meet at someone's home, always with a parent present, play our 45's, dance with each other or alone, and just generally be silly! Ah, such is youth! We really were cool! At least we thought we were! Keep up the good work with your talented writing. I think Jeannine is correct. You should think about writing a book. You can do it!
    Joanne McC

  13. Hi Joanne,

    Wow, you just opened up a memory book from years gone by..........What a nice surprise!........thanks for stopping by my Journal and leaving a comment.

    Hugs, Rose

  14. This was great, Rose, and I love the animation on the top!

  15. Hi Rose,
    I know I am late in leaving my comment but life has been hectic lately for me.  I had a very, very best friend for 25 years who passed away a year ago.  She was the one person I could confide in and know that it always remained between the two of us.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and still miss her and our conversations on the phone etc.  Surely, I know she is in a wonderful place and there are times I speak out loud to tell her something and I know she is listening to me.

    Not sure about anyone else, but I am finding it so difficult to deal with the aging process that my Mom is going through.  Wow, sure is a good thing that I am not a drinker or I would be hitting a bottle on a daily basis.  Would like to hear comments from others about this situation as perhaps it would be helpful to me as well as to others.

    Rose, keep up the good work.  I enjoy reading your journal.
    Take Care,

  16. Just popping by to say well done on the Guest Editor's picks.  Some good choices there, some I know and some I do not.  Will have to check out the new ones to me.


  17. Congratulations on being Guest Editor Pick :o)

  18. Congrats on being Guest Editor, Rose... wasn't it fun doing the entry?  I did it way back at the beginning of the year.  I had a ball!  You will have some new visitors!!  Love, Val xox

  19. creative entry!:) refreshing

  20. Congratulations on being Guest Editor. Great job!


  21. When I think of my girlfriends, I can say that I have a couple who fit the bill on all the above accounts. They're there anytime, they keep secrets, they make me feel good, love to have parties, glasses half-full... I love my girlfriends. Even our husbands get along. I remember when I didn't have these kind of relationships, and life is so much better when one has a girlfriend or two or three to talk with, go out with, cry with, laugh with (in addition to her boyfriend or husband, of course). bea

  22. Hi Rose,

    We all need lots of women friends.  


  23. You are lucky to have such a range of women friends to lean on. It can be so hard to keep hold of friends in the busy lives people live now.