October 31, 2014

Here we go changing the clocks again! Stupid!

Here we go again, on Sunday, November 2, it will be the end of Daylight Saving Time.  Many of us will be grunting to ourselves as we wander from room to room resetting all of our clocks: you know all the ones we have on the clock radio, stove, microwave, thermostat, wrist watches, etc.  And, every year I forget to change the clock in my car!  I prefer daylight savings time.

Yes, you will get an extra hour of sleep by turning back the clock by an hour in the fall. But if you have a regular day job, you'll be commuting home in the dark instead of in daylight. Why do we do this every fall?  I always felt it was a stupid thing to do.  I'm retired now but I'm still concerned about my family and friends that still work.

Turning the clocks back and waking up in the predawn darkness is simply bad for your health, especially if you are elderly or have a heart condition, researchers have noted in their medical studies.  Going to bed in the dark and waking up in the dark is simply stupid in my opinion.

Isn't it more important to save lives and save electricity? Why can't we convince the government to leave our clocks alone and set and Daylight Savings Time?  I'm sure the farmers would appreciate it as well. And, the children have more play time outdoors after dinner.  Of course, today the kids play with their electronics more than riding their bikes or playing on a swing set in the backyard.  Those were the good old days!

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that do not change their clocks.  So how can we convince all of our local governments to take on this initiative?  Complaining by myself does not help.  You need everyone to complain to get somewhere.

October 16, 2014

My trip to Boston!

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Jimmy and Danny

My son, Jimmy and I

The foliage in New England was beautiful!  It was chilly but not freezing cold.

My daughter always hides from the camera so again, no photos of her from this past trip.

I had a wonderful time visiting my children, family and special friends.  The first two days, the temps were in the 80s and then the remainder of my trip, the temps dropped into the 50s and that is when I felt my rheumatoid arthritis flare up a tad more.

Oh my, we ate in so many different restaurants during my stay.  I surely gained weight upon my return home.  I was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.  When in Boston, it is a must for me to have Pizza, Clams, Clam Chowder, Chinese Food, Haddock, Italian food and Italian bread.  As, you cannot get these great foods prepared in any restaurant in Florida.  New England has the best seafood.

I created two albums, one for my children and family and the other for my classmates and both were posted on my blogs.

My classmates had a brunch in my honor at the lovely Marina at the Wharf restaurant in Revere.  So good to see everyone again.  My Forever Friends are very special to me.

Also had a late lunch with Diane Whiles and Peter Zaccone in Lynnfield at Legal Seafood Restaurant.  That new Mall is fabulous!

It was so good to see my good friend, Sandra and her sister, Carol at Polcari's on Rte One.

Enjoyed having lunch and dinner at Nina's house in Groveland along with Marie, Cathy, Donna and AnnMarie.

Michelle and Bill had BBQ's at their home and Jimmy did also in Maine.

Rhonda also had us over for dinner in her usual style which was great!  It was also nice to see Rhonda's mother Sharon too.
Rhonda and Rose

Sharon and Rose

I was not prepared for the weird experience flying back home to Florida from Boston when the alarm went off while swabbing my hands at Logan Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration begin swabbing passengers' hands at checkpoints.  I was not aware of this procedure that they were testing for explosives.

They also swabbed my carry-on luggage and told me to turn on my camera and my Kindle and other objects as they searched for the needle in the security haystack -- I learned much later after I googled this online that the TSA were searching for components of terrorist bombs in an endless stream of luggage.

I have never seen this swabbing machine before during my travels.  I kept asking what was going on but no one would give me an answer.

The TSA man pushed aside the JetBlue worker and grabbed my license and boarding pass out of my hands and grabbed my collar of my jacket and said "follow me".  I asked what was going on and I was told to "shut up".  I was livid!

I'm all for security, as we will all agree but when that jerk grabbed my collar I had to control myself to keep quiet so not to make matters worse.  I was taken into a back room with two women and was padded down all over and I mean all over!

The only thing that could have been on my hands were a trace of Fried Clams from Kelly's.  Michelle and I shared a plate of fried claims on our way to the airport.