October 16, 2014

My trip to Boston!

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Jimmy and Danny

My son, Jimmy and I

The foliage in New England was beautiful!  It was chilly but not freezing cold.

My daughter always hides from the camera so again, no photos of her from this past trip.

I had a wonderful time visiting my children, family and special friends.  The first two days, the temps were in the 80s and then the remainder of my trip, the temps dropped into the 50s and that is when I felt my rheumatoid arthritis flare up a tad more.

Oh my, we ate in so many different restaurants during my stay.  I surely gained weight upon my return home.  I was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.  When in Boston, it is a must for me to have Pizza, Clams, Clam Chowder, Chinese Food, Haddock, Italian food and Italian bread.  As, you cannot get these great foods prepared in any restaurant in Florida.  New England has the best seafood.

I created two albums, one for my children and family and the other for my classmates and both were posted on my blogs.

My classmates had a brunch in my honor at the lovely Marina at the Wharf restaurant in Revere.  So good to see everyone again.  My Forever Friends are very special to me.

Also had a late lunch with Diane Whiles and Peter Zaccone in Lynnfield at Legal Seafood Restaurant.  That new Mall is fabulous!

It was so good to see my good friend, Sandra and her sister, Carol at Polcari's on Rte One.

Enjoyed having lunch and dinner at Nina's house in Groveland along with Marie, Cathy, Donna and AnnMarie.

Michelle and Bill had BBQ's at their home and Jimmy did also in Maine.

Rhonda also had us over for dinner in her usual style which was great!  It was also nice to see Rhonda's mother Sharon too.
Rhonda and Rose

Sharon and Rose

I was not prepared for the weird experience flying back home to Florida from Boston when the alarm went off while swabbing my hands at Logan Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration begin swabbing passengers' hands at checkpoints.  I was not aware of this procedure that they were testing for explosives.

They also swabbed my carry-on luggage and told me to turn on my camera and my Kindle and other objects as they searched for the needle in the security haystack -- I learned much later after I googled this online that the TSA were searching for components of terrorist bombs in an endless stream of luggage.

I have never seen this swabbing machine before during my travels.  I kept asking what was going on but no one would give me an answer.

The TSA man pushed aside the JetBlue worker and grabbed my license and boarding pass out of my hands and grabbed my collar of my jacket and said "follow me".  I asked what was going on and I was told to "shut up".  I was livid!

I'm all for security, as we will all agree but when that jerk grabbed my collar I had to control myself to keep quiet so not to make matters worse.  I was taken into a back room with two women and was padded down all over and I mean all over!

The only thing that could have been on my hands were a trace of Fried Clams from Kelly's.  Michelle and I shared a plate of fried claims on our way to the airport.  


  1. What a beautiful entry. Great pictures of your time. such friends. There are times I wish I had been like you and my wife, having lifelong friends, but moving so much and never more than 2-3 yrs in a town.
    BUT THEN to mess with a VACATION. You would think there was some common sense, security doesn't mean losing ALL protocol and BRAINS.
    GRABBING anyone who had not shown a threatening attitude is not professional, and treats the traveling public as cattle. i hate to hear this. I used to love to fly, now I despise the thought.
    Glad you had a great trip otherwise though...

    Stupid, stupid... Equipment CANNOT malfunction right? STUPID.

  2. I'm all for being safe but I think security at airport gets carried away. Sounds like a terrible experience. Glad the rest of your trip was perfect.

  3. Glad you got to take the trip but sorry your coming home experience at the airport was so scary. I guess it's good to know that they keep tight security, but one wonders how or why they picked on you. I would love the seafood and always try to have some when I go out to eat, but that is a rare thing for me. Fried clams are a treat !

  4. Wow!! Fried clams can do that?? Sounds like you had a really wonderful trip and vacation except for that last part. He could have treated you a bit more respectfully -- firmly and seriously, without grabbing you by the collar or using the words, "shut up." Oh well. At least we now know for a certainty that you are NOT a terrorist. I love the pictures, too, and am glad you had a nice time with family and friends.

  5. There always seems to be one "rain drop" on a sunny day ;)

    Sound like a fun vacation, the foliage is beautiful!!

  6. Dear Rose, You must have been frightened. That was an awful experience. I am glad you are alright.
    Blessings, Catherine