January 30, 2011

Practice Mindfulness!

I recently fell in my house! I was on my way out the door and went back inside to make sure I turned off my curling iron.

It is always off but for some reason, I have to double check every time. Well, I slipped and fell and took a Dixie on my shiny, hard, tiled floors in the hallway and came down real hard on my right knee! Ouch! 
I was in a hurry to get o my Pedicure Appointment that I have been looking forward to since I received a gift certificate for my birthday at the beginning of the month from a dear friend for this Pedi at Susanne’s, so I was anxious to be on time. I’m always on time no matter where I go so there was no reason to be in a hurry in the first place.

Well, it hurt lifting my foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal while driving to my destination. When I got there, I went in the back room to pull down my jeans to see the damage….Ugh. Nasty, swollen, red, skin peeling……….Ouch!

Suzanne only has a small tiny fridge and only had cans of “Coke” to apply to my knee. Thank goodness only all girls were there as I sat in my bloomers with a towel wrapped around me from the waist down! Not a pretty sight!  Jeans are too tight to roll up above the knee so they had to come off so I could feel the cold from the cans of Coke.  Oh my.........LOL

My toenails sure look pretty but I was in great discomfort. The two glasses of wine helped! I couldn’t wait to get home and apply ice to my knee.

LG, I’ll remember that you declined to buy a bag of frozen peas for my injury because it was a $1.69 for such a small bag! Hehehhehe

I called my doctor the following morning and she reminded me that I have to practice mindfulness, as many trips and falls happen when we’re in a hurry or not thinking about what we’re doing.

She told me to practice focusing all of my attention on what I’m doing when walking and watch where I place my feet and to pay attention to the journey and avoid thinking about the destination…..even if you are only walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Same applies when outside, watch for tree roots, uneven pavement, garbage, slippery leaves, fallen branches, etc.

Yikes, I got the talk! The talk given to most older seniors!...Sigh!

January 16, 2011

Government Monopoly!

Our Society continues to get worse!

I have learned throughout the years to never talk about politics, religion, etc. because it only opens up an venue for a heated argument with others, as we all have different views and opinions but lately, even if I try to avoid the News on TV, it is boldly hitting me on my Welcome screen on my computer the first thing in the morning.

I know now why my insomnia continues to get worse; it is because I stay awake to watch the 11:00 PM News filled with senseless tragedies like the most recent shootings in Arizona. It leaves my mind filled with horror and rents space in my head for days because of all the updates that follow on our daily News.

So, they lock up the crazy 22 year old and the taxpayers have to pay some 20 odd years for him to be in prison. I find something wrong with this theory.

What a waste of money for all these prisoners that are eating free, a roof over their heads free, free water, free gyms, free education, free representation. Makes me sick especially to the ones that killed innocent people.

Then we have to hear all about the local politicians who point fingers of disdain at corrupt public officials yet the people continue to elect them over and over again.

We need to become a civilized society again. We have to have the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.

We are an intelligent bunch, I’m sure the politicians can meet on common ground. We don’t have any other options, yet we have these stubborn idiots that get paid well, fly on private jets, have the best healthcare and even get free expensive haircuts on our dime! Hmmmmmmmm! Sounds like they get special treatment like the prisoners!  Why do we treat prisoners and politicians like royalty?


January 8, 2011


I learned to recognize that things are what they are, regardless of perceptions. I have to accept things as they are and not as I want them to be but I’m stubborn and I find it hard to accept certain things “just the way they are”. Strange, sometimes we welcome change and other times change takes us out of our comfort zone.

I try to check-in with myself now and then to see if these perspectives are working for me. I recently checked in my own radar system and said to myself…. I will never be alone on Christmas ever again. As I get older, I have to learn to gain greater inner control and smooth out the rocky road of life!

We have all heard Financial Planners on TV such as Suzie Orman say: Pay yourself first. Well, I think this theory applies to other things such as: Be good to yourself, trust yourself, know what you want and need. Put yourself first! I need to let my feelings be known. My feelings are important.

My girlfriend and I were discussing “feeling important” not that long ago.

Every time I need something, I talk myself out of it. Even if I can’t have it, it’s ok to need. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  We both agreed that we have to transform frustration into an achievement.

Then I learned to get some perspective and step back and look objectively at the reasons why I get frustrated. I zeroed in and focused seriously on this matter and came to the conclusion that I don’t feel important.

Perhaps the distance between me and my family due to living in different states is the cause…….you know “out of sight, out of mind”. I was dwelling on the closeness I had for years yet now seems to be vanishing away and it scares me the older I get.

I know my frustrations were telling me something. I just had to find it and bring it to life and express my feelings. My mind was all over the map jumping from one issue to another. Gosh, I was a total mess over Christmas all because I was alone. It is terrible to be alone for Christmas. I come from a very large family and I was never alone. 

So, with nothing to do that day, as all my friends were jetsetting to visit their family, it only made me dwell on my “To Do” List and that most things on that list I don’t know how to do!  Sometimes, things just become overwhelming for an older women to do things around the house and handle repairs and make decisions and then try to figure out how the hell am I going to pay for this????

I was a little upset with myself because when I was younger, I was able to handle these matters that pop up but the older I get, I get the crazies trying to methodically find the right contractor, or can just a handyman take care of these freaking issues.

I remember when I was able to paint, wallpaper and dance around a 6’ ladder with ease. Well, I fell off of that freaking ladder not once but twice so NO MORE ladders for me so hence, no can do repairs nor do I want to do them either! Enough of this, when does it ever end?

They say: Life is what you make it. No one is responsible for your happiness, sadness or success. No one but you. Yes, you! We all have to take complete responsibility for ourselves and our choices we make are the ones that the allows us all to take that journey toward personal fulfillment.

I am well aware that accepting responsibility without excuses, frees your power to achieve. I know I'm responsible for my own wellbeing footprint!  But no one told me it all becomes more difficult to do all this stuff when you are alone and older!
OK….that venting felt good for a while! Oh the stress!  This rocky road has so many obstacles to climb.

Oh, and I won’t even discuss the new computer issues and troubleshooting, reading and more reading. Researching and more researching. I’m exhausted….where is that bottle of wine?

Whereas, Windows 7 has some nice features but I really liked my XP, it also seemed faster.