January 16, 2011

Government Monopoly!

Our Society continues to get worse!

I have learned throughout the years to never talk about politics, religion, etc. because it only opens up an venue for a heated argument with others, as we all have different views and opinions but lately, even if I try to avoid the News on TV, it is boldly hitting me on my Welcome screen on my computer the first thing in the morning.

I know now why my insomnia continues to get worse; it is because I stay awake to watch the 11:00 PM News filled with senseless tragedies like the most recent shootings in Arizona. It leaves my mind filled with horror and rents space in my head for days because of all the updates that follow on our daily News.

So, they lock up the crazy 22 year old and the taxpayers have to pay some 20 odd years for him to be in prison. I find something wrong with this theory.

What a waste of money for all these prisoners that are eating free, a roof over their heads free, free water, free gyms, free education, free representation. Makes me sick especially to the ones that killed innocent people.

Then we have to hear all about the local politicians who point fingers of disdain at corrupt public officials yet the people continue to elect them over and over again.

We need to become a civilized society again. We have to have the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.

We are an intelligent bunch, I’m sure the politicians can meet on common ground. We don’t have any other options, yet we have these stubborn idiots that get paid well, fly on private jets, have the best healthcare and even get free expensive haircuts on our dime! Hmmmmmmmm! Sounds like they get special treatment like the prisoners!  Why do we treat prisoners and politicians like royalty?



  1. I prefer to go to bed with a good uplifting book rather than watch the late news. I always sleep well too.
    I sure wish they had a good news channel. There is plenty of it out there, we just don't hear about it.

  2. We are with you. I think You have voiced the opinion of MOST of the country, but if that is true, why doesn't it change?

    That in itself is confusing.

    They tell me freedom costs, yeah? but not that much! We could do a lot more and not effect our freedoms one bit.

    Oh well, I do think that said enough by enough people something has to change.

    But to a bright note, This system we use is slow, so new pages sometimes come on real slow, I took note of yours, I LOVE the BIG hello at the top. That was the first thing that popped up just now ans sat there for about 30 seconds. So Hello back!!!!!

    Love from up the road
    Sherry & Jack!!
    BTW: you were even cute as a little girl, huh?(FB)

  3. It is tiring to hear the angry discourse. Debate has turned to who yells and complains the loudest.

  4. it saddens me that the working poor have less access to services then the people in prison. you do the right thing and you ask for help and you get nothing....commit a felony and you are set for free dental, free medical, basic education, three meals a day and a warm place to sleep.

    yep, something is definitely wrong in our country.


  5. Hi Rose,
    I couldn't agree with you more---regarding awful prisoners and awful prisoners
    all getting free rides on our dime!!
    Miss you,

  6. I enjoyed your update! It is so sad, but true. This country is so twisted.


  7. There's an easy solution to the problem. Execute the S.O.B!

    What? He gets a free ride because he's mentally ill? Great, tell him you're taking him to Disney World and execute him. Problem resolved !


  8. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left...I didnt know anyone actually still read my journal...lol.

  9. Politicians and Prisoners. How come People got left out of that triangle.

  10. I can see your point. I don't like it either and this is why the death sentence is a necessary evil. However, the greatest lie is that the past was somehow better. Sorry, but this notion that we where somehow more civilized is nothing more that an illusion that every generation believes. History has recorded the truth, society has never been more prosperous,educated or civil than it is today.