February 20, 2009

Life's Good

I've been patiently waiting for the sales on TVs during the President's Day Sales. I can't believe I have been squinting my eyes trying to watch a 13" screen TV in my bedroom for 30 years! Well, these eyes of mine couldn't handle it anymore so I took the plunge.

Wow, I'm impressed with the slick and simple design which is a pleasure to say goodbye to the bulk old TVs. It's hard to imagine there is still more room for improvement with today's picture quality. The resolution is unbelievable. I'm extremely pleased with my decision to purchase an LG.........Life's Good!

My TV is actually a gift from my children. I received monetary gifts from them at Christmas time, as they knew I wanted a new TV. We live in different states and they wanted me to select my preference in a TV. Someone told me to wait until after the Superbowl game and another said to wait until President's Day for an even better sale. It was well worth the wait.

I got a 32" inch with a built in DVD player and I'm thrilled with it. I'm sure the Marilyn Monroe's of today are not pleased with the new technology because it shows every flaw, pimple, blackhead, vein on a person's face..........Yikes.........talk about clarity and great resolution! Unbelievable! I got free S&H and a good $100. off the original price.

I did pull my back out taking the TV out of the double reinforced box it was shipped in within two (2) days! I did have to attach the TV to the swivel stand it came with which is a nice added feature. Not easy trying to put something together all by yourself when the size is big and awkward for one person to handle! It was worth watching HSN that day! I missed the crowds in the store, I didn't have to lug and carry this huge box home and I didn't have to pay for delivery.

Well, I felt like I was at the Movies tonight watching a big screen. The only thing missing was the popcorn!

A special thank you to my wonderful children for such a lovely gift.

The only thing that spoiled my excitement of my new TV was that I thought I'd give my old small TV to the maintenance man here in my condo. He can barely speak English and he was so delighted to be able to take this TV home. It made me happy to make someone else happy.

Well, we have a Bullie here as the President of our Association, you know those "Condo Commandos"....Oh and by the way, he is a snowbird too. He screamed and hollered at the meek poor guy in his late fifties I'd say, that he took the time to walk up my stairs and take the TV and put it in his car. The guy later knocked on my door and said the Bullie fired him. I was livid! The Bullie said he should have waited until 4:00 PM when he was off work to put the TV in his car. Oh, dear Lord, it took him less than five minutes to do this. What was the big deal.

I wrote to the Board Members, the management company, personally spoke to the subcontractor that this poor guy works for, also wrote to the Tallahassee Condo Associations of Regulations.........you name it, I wrote to them........next was going to be a letter to Channel5 and even Oprah! This big buffoon needs a "Cousin Vinnie" to pay him a visit! You know what I mean? This moron yells and swears at everyone even the ladies. I've experienced his razor tongue last year. I'm not afraid of him, he just makes my blood pressure rise and he is not worth getting sick over. I don't want a heart attack over an idiot.

I did vomit from nerves because I was so upset over this poor man Juan that lost his job! I'm a unit owner, therefore this maintenance man, legally works for me as well.....we all pay for his paycheck, so who is this Bullie to fire him because he took all of 5 minutes to put a tiny TV in his car that I gave to him..........It took the pleasure out of watching my brand new TV tonight because I couldn't get this incident out of my head. It will rent space in my head until I can help this poor man get his job back.

The Bullie said that he should have taken the TV after he was through working at 4:00 PM. Poor Juan told me that he asked the Bullie for permission first beforehand............so go figure...........Why do people spend precious hours of their life making others miserable? All that energy can go to good instead of evil.

Mind you, this Bullie is in his late 60s and about 6 ft 4" tall. There were always Bullies in school when we were young but as adults???...........this is ridiculous!
I believe in Karma and I hope what comes around goes around for him.

My husband used to be President of this Association before he passed away and he was a kind, wonderful, perfect, gentleman. So, for all the Bullies out in this world, I hope there is a "Cousin Vinnie" around to knock your teeth out!

February 6, 2009

Boston is such an amazing city!

Boston is such an amazing city.....I was always enchanted with it even as a young girl growing up in the North End. With the elderly Italian ladies yelling from the window to another neighbor in their Italian language....and the grocery shopping with my mother purchasing the freshest of fruits and vegetables sold from the wooden carts in the middle of the street.....all the coffee cafes with their own unique character....a place to read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a cannoli.

Wow, the flashbacks of some fond memories. The little old storekeeper across the street...Charlie was his name....I would buy those huge sour pickles from the wooden barrels.

Playing marbles on the sidewalk or hop scotch....the streets were so narrow....didn't have to worry about someone speeding, as most of the kids played in the street or a nearby park.

As a child, I never realized that I lived in such a historic area of Boston. I could view the steeple of the Old North Church where two lanterns were hung, prompting Paul Revere’s famous ride and the start of the Revolution. The Old State House where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston. I was an adult when I actually took the tour of Paul Revere's house. Never took the Freedom Trail walk.

Boston and adjorning towns serves up slices of history and culture at every turn, it's America's mother city with all the amazing Museums...The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Science....Oh and the Italian Feasts in the middle of the Streets of the North End....Those were the days!

Can you tell I'm missing home? I miss strolling through the Boston Common and Public Garden, watching the Swan Boats. Follow Beacon Street to Charles Street for antique and boutique shopping, and wander through the maze of narrow streets on Beacon Hill. Lunch on Cambridge Street, then take the Red Line into Cambridge to explore Harvard Square. In the evening, take in a show in the Theater District or dance the night away on Lansdowne Street in Kenmore Square.

Filene's Basement in downtown Boston....where I accumulated all my designer clothes for a fraction of the cost. It was worth the hussel and bussel shopping in the Basement!

You can take the T to the Back Bay, where you can browse in designer shops, as well as consignment stores. If your feet get tired, take a break at an outdoor café. End your day with a traditional Boston seafood dinner or an ethnic meal on Boylston or Newbury Street, then catch a concert at nearby Symphony Hall. Or, if the Red Sox are in town, head to Fenway Park for an old-time ballpark experience and a dinner of Fenway Franks.

What in the world made me think I would love the sun and sand in Florida?....and the frightening hurricane seasons! Look at all that I'm missing in beautiful Boston! And, most importantly my children and family and dearest friends.

How many of you still live in the towns that you grew up in or even the same state for that matter? And, has anyone visited Boston? I’d move back in a heartbeat!

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Hugs, Rose
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