February 6, 2009

Boston is such an amazing city!

Boston is such an amazing city.....I was always enchanted with it even as a young girl growing up in the North End. With the elderly Italian ladies yelling from the window to another neighbor in their Italian language....and the grocery shopping with my mother purchasing the freshest of fruits and vegetables sold from the wooden carts in the middle of the street.....all the coffee cafes with their own unique character....a place to read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a cannoli.

Wow, the flashbacks of some fond memories. The little old storekeeper across the street...Charlie was his name....I would buy those huge sour pickles from the wooden barrels.

Playing marbles on the sidewalk or hop scotch....the streets were so narrow....didn't have to worry about someone speeding, as most of the kids played in the street or a nearby park.

As a child, I never realized that I lived in such a historic area of Boston. I could view the steeple of the Old North Church where two lanterns were hung, prompting Paul Revere’s famous ride and the start of the Revolution. The Old State House where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston. I was an adult when I actually took the tour of Paul Revere's house. Never took the Freedom Trail walk.

Boston and adjorning towns serves up slices of history and culture at every turn, it's America's mother city with all the amazing Museums...The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Science....Oh and the Italian Feasts in the middle of the Streets of the North End....Those were the days!

Can you tell I'm missing home? I miss strolling through the Boston Common and Public Garden, watching the Swan Boats. Follow Beacon Street to Charles Street for antique and boutique shopping, and wander through the maze of narrow streets on Beacon Hill. Lunch on Cambridge Street, then take the Red Line into Cambridge to explore Harvard Square. In the evening, take in a show in the Theater District or dance the night away on Lansdowne Street in Kenmore Square.

Filene's Basement in downtown Boston....where I accumulated all my designer clothes for a fraction of the cost. It was worth the hussel and bussel shopping in the Basement!

You can take the T to the Back Bay, where you can browse in designer shops, as well as consignment stores. If your feet get tired, take a break at an outdoor café. End your day with a traditional Boston seafood dinner or an ethnic meal on Boylston or Newbury Street, then catch a concert at nearby Symphony Hall. Or, if the Red Sox are in town, head to Fenway Park for an old-time ballpark experience and a dinner of Fenway Franks.

What in the world made me think I would love the sun and sand in Florida?....and the frightening hurricane seasons! Look at all that I'm missing in beautiful Boston! And, most importantly my children and family and dearest friends.

How many of you still live in the towns that you grew up in or even the same state for that matter? And, has anyone visited Boston? I’d move back in a heartbeat!


  1. I was born, raised, and stayed in my hometown here in Northern Ohio. I know one thing is good about your move...you haven't had to endure the bad winter we;ve had. Sometimes I wish I lived away from here, but everything I've ever known is here and so I stay. My children are so scattered it really doesn't make a difference to them, but it would be too much work to relocate. I have my little retreat for the summertime and that's enough for me. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. I no longer live in my home town...but I do go back and visit from time to time just to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. I have never been to Boston but after reading this entry think I'd like to go.

  3. home is where the heart is rose.sounds like you left yours behind you in boston.i look back to where i was born,only a short drive away,but it is still home.its changed though.and mayb boston has too.you take care,love mort xx

  4. Stayed in wilkes-barre all my life

  5. I knew you were from the East coast originally, Rose, but I didn't know you lived right in Boston!

    I have not been there, but it is a place we've talked about going, considering how much we both love history. Now I know that when I plan our trip (eventually), I've got a great resource!

    Hugs, Beth

  6. I have moved all my life, but did manage to remain seven years Once, before the bill collectors caught up. Sherry had lived in Belmont, NC all her life until I married her and moved her away at (18)and she finally got back, and then I moved her again to the road.
    We love the new England area. We will pay attention to Boston more, after your entry. The poet said you can't go home, but some can.
    Jack (good entry Rose)

  7. Home is where the heart is, and it seems like some you yours is still in Boston. A historic town, I look forward to returning there again.

  8. Just stopped by to check on the blog. Hope you are well.

  9. Sounds wonderful! since i became a Red Sox fan a few years back, i'd like to go visit sometime. i made it to the airport once, but that's as far as i got. maybe one day.~kbear

  10. Hi Rose, Just had to come over to say thanks for the concerna nd comment on the ShipsLog. I was never so scared in my life. I can't imagine what you guys who have actually lost a partner have went through. Anyway thanks and you are sweet.

  11. Rose, I love Florida with the warmer weather but this entry is
    definitely making me a little home
    sick. I may have to go there and
    stay in the city for a few days to
    get my Boston fix.