May 30, 2012

Thow Shalt Not Commit Nincompoopery!

What do you really need? What if some of the things you think you need, you do not need at all?

I was in a store the other day and was putting some items in my cart and before I reached the line at the register, I looked at all the items in my cart and realized, I don’t need any of these items and why am I getting them? I was proud of myself that I decided not make those purchases.

Later in the day, as I was jotting words down for my next post, I was wondering about the word “need”.

I have been taking notice of not only myself but others and what we all think we need.

Do we really need the approval of others? Do we really need to be offended by things that don’t even affect us?

Do we really need that order of fries or that fourth cocktail?

And, as I driving home and sat at a set of lights today watching other drivers………come on…….. Do people really need to speed through the light that has already turned yellow? Then I saw a man switch lanes and go through a red light. What is wrong with people? They are endangering the lives of others including themselves. I wish there was a cop around to see and catch that individual.

Can you imagine being burden free of so much self-imposed and useless need? All these nagging little needs……………………..

I’ve been making it a habit lately to stop and ask myself…… this really a need, or just a comfortable way to hide from my best possibilities.

Most people lack a great deal of patience. Slow down everyone!

May 19, 2012

So good, So good, So good

So good, So good, So good

I’m home!  My calendar was filled for my two week trip to Boston. This trip became an investment in my emotional health and wellness.

I truly enjoyed this trip without guilt, no ifs, ands or buts.  I gave this time back to myself.

My daughter relieved my mind that was filled with worries, she reminded me to let go of the worries and let in an awareness of the positive possibilities. It was then that I was able to enjoy my wonderful two weeks in Boston with her, my family and dear friends.

Her heart is always open as well as her mind. I learned through her to let in the beauty, let in the joy, let in the richness of life. I guess I did something right raising this beautiful woman!

And what a wonderful Mother's Day trip it was!

• A lovely day in Cape Cod

• A wonderful luncheon with my classmates at DeMaino's and again with my Everett friends.

• Enjoying lunch with Linda and Diane at Linda's home

• Visiting family members, Teresa, Angelo, Maryann, Susie,  Mike, Susan, Adele and their spouses, Dolly and Cindy

• Enjoying dinner with friends at Caputo’s

• Going to my daughter’s intense “Kickboxing” class with her at her gym located in Boston (I only watched due to my knee injury and bad back) I was impressed with the instructor, Julie

• A surprise day at a Red Sox game at Fenway! WOW

• I loved “Eastern Standard” restaurant in Boston and “Umberto’s” in the North End.........Oh those panzerottis were soooooooooooooo good.  I have to try and duplicate that recipe for sure.

• My daughter made every day so special! She even made her first gravy and meatballs under my supervision. It was a fun day of cooking.  We also duplicated the Crudite that we enjoyed so much from the Eastern Standard Restaurant.  That needs to marinate for two weeks before eating.  Hope it came out good.

• My daughter bought me lovely gifts for Mother’s Day but the gift of herself was the most treasured. I know she spent a fortune on me and would not allow me to take my wallet out.

I tried real hard to visit all of my family members but some plans fell through unexpectedly to visit with Margaret and Tina. Hope to see the ones I missed during this trip on my next journey back as my 50th Class Reunion is coming up soon.

We walked all over Boston, the city I was born in and love so much. My legs were giving in to pain but I was able to endure it with the aid of popping some Advils. Boston still amazes me and always will.

So many times we live our lives doing what others want us to do or what we think is expected of us. This may be practical at work, where you need to fulfill your job duties, but your personal life is different.

As a mother raising young children, cleaning the house, paying the bills, preparing all the meals, purchasing adorable clothes for the children to wear to school, rushing to school meetings, shopping for my elderly mother on the weekends and doing her errands, and did I add, holding down two jobs! All not easy when you are a single parent. Always taking care of the needs of others, you end up neglecting your own interests, needs and desires. Over time, your spirit withers and you feel caught in an undertow of survival.

Being retired now, I look back at my past and admit to myself that I tried to do my very best. I love my children and family.

It takes a long time to stop holding on to the disappointments of the past. I learned to let the moment be, and let life in.

The time to act is when you have the intention. The time to act is as soon as you feel the urge to make a difference.

If you hesitate, you’ll begin to talk yourself out of it. When you give in to doubt, doubt will seize the momentum.

Life is good!