April 22, 2010

What's New on TV!------ What's New with Me!

What’s New on TV?

TV has been boring the hell out of me. I love “Dancing with the Stars” because I’m a ballroom dancer but when the season ends……I’m searching for something of interest to keep me company. Insomniacs need something to do during the wee hours of the morning when the entire world is sleeping and that includes a lot of channel surfing and finding a good book to read!

Here are my favorite pics so far on Dancing with the Stars:

“The Marriage Ref” which premiered on NBC in March is quite entertaining. It is a sort of stand-up/reality TV show that features clips of real couples in real verbal struggles. Plus, it has a panel of celebrity “experts” and Tom Papa, who is the referee and who ultimately declares the husband or wife in each standoff the winner.

If you’ve seen the show, you already know that the petty stupid issues of other people’s lives provide its share of chuckles. For example, the husband that insists his Harley requires a place in the living room instead of being parked outside! Or, the husband that loves his dog so much but the dog hates and bites the wife!

Some of these people have a screw loose for sure! The celebrities are a hoot with their comments.

Seinfield said the idea for this show started when he had a spat with his wife and thought a ref would be good to see it through another person’s perspective to solve marital disputes.

I think Jerry Seinfield has another winner here! I do like shows that make me laugh. You need some chuckles after seeing the depressing News every night.

Well, what's new with me?.........
not much. I'm still enjoying my Silver Sneakers classes at the gym. Actually, I truly enjoy it very much. I'm motivated and I can now bend down and pick something up without being stuck to the floor! LOL

The weather has improved so I also incorporate my acqua aerobics in my pool which is refreshing and back in the house in time to watch Dr. Oz! He is the man! My favorite doctor!

I have a nurse friend that worked with Dr. Oz in New York when he was just known as Mehmet! That was many years ago when she first graduated Nursing School. Who, knew he would be such an amazing doctor and have his own TV show today.

My social life needs to be upgraded! I hardly ever go out much in the evenings anymore. I really need to push myself and enjoy more.

My new Primary Care doctor saw some things in my blood work that requires some serious attention! Ugh! This has been going on for several months now. Tough getting older. I'm trying real hard to eat right, exercise and be healthy. Thank goodness I stopped smoking 3 years and three months ago! So, if any of you out there are still smoking...........please stop! Stop eating unhealthy foods, sugar and fatty foods. My doctor now wants me to eat living off the land. Being a Vegan is not easy, as I like meat and dairy. Hey, take notice.....I have the map of Italy on my face!  I like good Italian food so this is going to be a challenge for me.  I'm hating it already!

Give yourself the gift of life.