October 22, 2011

Are you taking generic drugs? If so, listen up!

I’m sure many of you out there are on some prescription drugs to lower your cholesterol or your blood pressure, etc. I’m very upset and annoyed with the pharmacists and doctors who believe that a generic drug is identical to the brand name!

Many, including myself have experienced adverse reactions and nothing is being done about it. It just becomes a trial and error situation whereas; the doctors just prescribe another generic and see how your body deals with it. Duh!

I have had severe leg pain, tingling feelings on the bottom of my feet and my left hand, twitching of my left eye and discomfort in my left ear!  I stopped taking the generic cholesterol medication and the symptoms are now starting to subside after a little more than a week.  The doctor's answer to this is just put me yet on another generic statin drug!  It is dangerous to be on it and dangerous to be off of it!

I requested blood work to detect if any muscle damage has occured.

If a patient is offered a brand name drug for $200. And, then what they claim to be an identical drug but is a generic for $10.00! Shouldn’t that alone raise an eyebrow!

Most pharmacists routinely tell patients that generic drugs are identical to brand name medications. That is bull. This is what pharmacy students are told during their education process. It is also what the FDA states on its website:

"A generic drug is identical--or bioequivalent--to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. Although generic drugs are chemically identical to their branded counterparts, they are typically sold at substantial discounts from the branded price."

Now, I don't know about you, but when I see the word identical, I assume that means exactly the same as.

Here is how Dictionary.com defines the word identical:

1. Similar or alike in every way
2. Being the very same
3. Agreeing exactly

Related Words for: identical
Indistinguishable, one and the same, selfsame

Medical Dictionary
1. Exactly equal and alike
2. Of or relating to a twin or twins developed from the same fertilized ovum and having the same genetic makeup and closely similar appearance; monozygotic."

The use of the word identical, when describing generic drugs, is misleading. First, the inactive ingredients (colors, binders, fillers, etc.) do not have to be "alike in every way" to the brand name product. In fact, they are often quite different. These so-called inactive ingredients or "excipients" may influence how the product affects patients. For example, a patient who is allergic to a particular color may develop a rash when switched to a generic product. The formulation may also differ dramatically from the brand name.

Plus, according to the FDA, 80 percent of the active and inactive ingredients in our pharmaceuticals come from abroad. It is estimated that 40 percent of the finished pills come from abroad including countries such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico.

When patients experience problems with certain generic formulations, doctors and pharmacists should offer a sympathetic ear and report the problems directly to the FDA's website (MedWatch). Perhaps if pharmacists insisted that the FDA do a better job both approving and monitoring generic drugs, patients would have more confidence in these money-saving pills.

What troubles me even more is that there are many patients out there with ailments and complaints of aches and pains and have no clue that their medication is responsible for it.  My question is “why the pharmacists and doctors not reporting all the complaints received from the patients regarding the generic drugs”?

You have to be your own medical advocate otherwise you are royally playing Russian roulette with your health and life!  Don't ignore those aches and pains and think it is just caused by aging.

I'm livid!

October 16, 2011

Ballroom Dancing!

I normally look forward to watching Dancing With The Stars on TV but I'm really getting uninterested, as it is no longer a dance competition but rather a popularity contest which upsets me.

I was a ballroom dancer all of my younger life and entered several competitions and did very well.  It is a lot of hard work and won ribbons and trophies for dancing the ballroom dances perfectly by judges.

I was exhilarating to glide across the that beautiful dance floor with the mirrored ball on the ceiling!  I loved every minute of it.  It was a wonderful time of my life.

Dancing With The Stars has eliminated superb dancers and kept individuals that cannot dance at all.  I don't consider climbing a flight of stairs dancing!  I suppose if your mother is "Cher".... you will get millions of votes.  This individual can't walk let alone dance!

I have nothing against transgender individuals but if you can't dance you should be eliminated!  Dancing with the Stars started out to be only with Dance Instructors and Celebrities........so if you are a child of a celebrity........how does that make you a celebrity? 

All these shows that allow people to vote is not fair.  You should not be selected the best dancer just because your friends are voting for you and/or your mother is a major star!  This competition should be graded by talent and hard work by judges only.

I have been voting every week for who is the best dancer in my personal opinion because I know what the dance steps involves to all the various ballroom dances.  I'm not going to bother anymore!  The show is getting ridiculous!


October 4, 2011

This is already a wonderful Day!

This is already a wonderful day!. Expect it to get even better!

I received two telephone calls and one email today from close friends that just started some new adventures in their life and some are experiencing different life changes.

Even though some of you are facing new challenges with new jobs or changing careers or letting go of a relationship, we all know how overwhelming and stressful it can get.

There are many interesting and useful things you already know. Expect to learn even more.

You all have successfully navigated through every past challenge. Expect to reap even greater success from the challenges you now face. However, do not let others take advantage of the new kid on the block. Some issues need to be nipped at the bud before it progresses.

There is already great value in your life and in your world. Expect to create even more.

As good as life is, you can make it even richer and more fulfilling. Expect to move forward today and you’ll find a way, no matter what, to make real progress.

If you knew without a doubt that you would get what you expect, what would you expect? Truly expect the best of today and you’ll find those expectations leading you steadily forward.

Best of luck to all of you! I’m praying that you will experience the best of today, tomorrow and the following days thereafter!

When you assert yourself, you make your own Choices. You make room for your confidence to Explode. Practice confident assertion by saying, "Yes" to the things you want to do and, "No" to the things you don't.

Don't be afraid or feel guilty for asserting yourself. You have nothing to lose. You will only become Stronger and more self sufficient, and in turn your Self respect and self worth will shine!

I’m praying for all three of you my special dear ones!  I want to see all of you SHINE!