October 16, 2011

Ballroom Dancing!

I normally look forward to watching Dancing With The Stars on TV but I'm really getting uninterested, as it is no longer a dance competition but rather a popularity contest which upsets me.

I was a ballroom dancer all of my younger life and entered several competitions and did very well.  It is a lot of hard work and won ribbons and trophies for dancing the ballroom dances perfectly by judges.

I was exhilarating to glide across the that beautiful dance floor with the mirrored ball on the ceiling!  I loved every minute of it.  It was a wonderful time of my life.

Dancing With The Stars has eliminated superb dancers and kept individuals that cannot dance at all.  I don't consider climbing a flight of stairs dancing!  I suppose if your mother is "Cher".... you will get millions of votes.  This individual can't walk let alone dance!

I have nothing against transgender individuals but if you can't dance you should be eliminated!  Dancing with the Stars started out to be only with Dance Instructors and Celebrities........so if you are a child of a celebrity........how does that make you a celebrity? 

All these shows that allow people to vote is not fair.  You should not be selected the best dancer just because your friends are voting for you and/or your mother is a major star!  This competition should be graded by talent and hard work by judges only.

I have been voting every week for who is the best dancer in my personal opinion because I know what the dance steps involves to all the various ballroom dances.  I'm not going to bother anymore!  The show is getting ridiculous!



  1. My sister Shirl watches without fail. She would have been a good ball room dancer, and did dance some. I don't doubt for a minute, You were very good gliding across that floor. I do love to watch a dance where the dancers seem to float or work together like a clock.

    I agree with your view. Talent is talent, not popularity. In any field, if a person is good they know it. And when they are honest, they can see when someone is better than they. There are some semi-talented persons who cannot see that, but the truly talented know when they have done THE BEST,just shot the moon and rolled a 300. Then to see someone with less ability chosen above you has got to knock the wind out of your sails. But then sometime the truly talented can smile and go on, knowing it was not talent that won!

    The entry was good and as I have said, your entries seem to be about real life.

    Love ya,
    Sherry & Jack at the North end of the Turnpike.

  2. Have never watched the show, but I agree with you that it should be about talent. We watch a few reality shows, and they need to keep a few controversial contestants to keep some drama for ratings and the "tune-in" effect.

  3. I stopped watching the show two or three seasons ago for the same reasons.


  4. Hi Rose,
    I agree with you about the Ballroom dancing....
    also, I love that photo of you taken in June--you look slimmer, chic and smashing!!!

  5. I guess I am alone in my thinking.
    I have no issue with people who cannot dance as long as they improve. The dancers have no control over who votes for them nor do they control who does not vote for them. This is not "dancers" competition , it is all in fun. I happen to enjoy it, mis-steps, bad dancers , good dancers and great dancers and all....the prize in not money, not job opportunity, not anything but
    a trophy....I don't think there is anyway to control the way that people vote. This is not a pure dance competition it is just for fun....

  6. I agree with you completely. As a former Arthur Murray dancer and teacher (60s - Detroit area) I feel quite qualified, as you are, to have a valid opinion about the DWTS outcomes. I rarely know who the "stars" are, or what they do to be "stars", therefore I am unbiased by their "fame".

    I do see the teachers trick of back leading, or overdancing themselves to help make the student look good with most of the stars. Those that seem to dance on their own, I cheer on, especially as I see improvement from week to week.

    I usually can call the scores before the judges show their paddles. When they are in disagreement with me, I wonder if the show producers are trying inflate or deflate certain stars to influence the voting.

    I also think the judges sort of know ahead of time what they are going to say, and how they are going to score by watching the rehearsals. It is hard for me to believe that even the most witty person could come up with such poetic descriptions on a moments notice without much forethought.

    Last weeks show I was quite disappointed in Chyna Philips. The first 15-20 seconds of her routine was fantastic, and I thought, until she stopped dancing, that she could go for the gold. But, alas, not to be.

    By the way, I read down your page about your CD player. If you have a DVD player, most of them will also play your CDs thru your TV. Try it.

  7. Not sure I agree. I think the premise of the show has never been about the most talented dancer. The contestants don't start out as equally talented so how can it be based on talent? Kristi Yamaguchi who won a few seasons ago, had an obvious "edge". As did one of the Pussycat dolls, Nicole. I agree with Dora, that someone who improves week after week and who has a much longer way to go has to work their butt off 10 times harder than others. And in defense of Cher, I love her and admire the classy way she held off going to see Chaz dance, saying that she didn't want to take any attention from him.

  8. I definitely agree. I thought this was suippossed to be a dance competition not a popularity contest. The soldier has received all of my votes.

    Unfortunately he doesn't have all of Hollywood voting for him.

  9. Good stuff, i only saw the program once or twice. I hate the dancing. get ready to Dance. Peter

  10. I have also soured on DWTS. I appreciate the fact that each celebrity has their own level of competence and some have an unfair advantage based on previous experience. Ultimately DWTS should be about who learns and progresses the most each week. Without natural talent, the weaker dancers should fall out. Unfortunately, it has become a popularity contest like you said. And bad dancers are sticking around much longer than they should. For ABC it's a ratings game and I can't help but think they manipulate the voting numbers to keep who they feel will draw the most viewers. It's disheartening, at best.

  11. Dancing With The Stars is a joke. It's defintely based on popularity and not on talent or agility. Then again, it's the "American Idol" mentality that elected Obama.

    As for Bono, "it" has no talent whatsoever and is an embarrassment. I've watched ballroom dancing on PBS and there's no comparison. The hours and hours of practice must be draining.

  12. Rose, thanks for coming to get your hug... I was getting lonely =)

    I have stopped watching any and all reality shows for the reason you stated... the voting is based solely on popularity. Sometimes viewers want the worst person to stay on even... and it is a joke on the performer. How sad. I was a big American Idol and Dancing with the Stars watcher years back. Not anymore. I do enjoy turning it on to view for a few minutes, but I just can't "get into it". It makes me upset and angry.

    I hope you are having a good weekend, honey!!

  13. Ahh, this is why voting should be fair. People should look at the dancing skills of the contestants and not just their impact. Well, they wouldn't have caught the support of the audience if it wasn't for their dancing skills, right?