May 30, 2012

Thow Shalt Not Commit Nincompoopery!

What do you really need? What if some of the things you think you need, you do not need at all?

I was in a store the other day and was putting some items in my cart and before I reached the line at the register, I looked at all the items in my cart and realized, I don’t need any of these items and why am I getting them? I was proud of myself that I decided not make those purchases.

Later in the day, as I was jotting words down for my next post, I was wondering about the word “need”.

I have been taking notice of not only myself but others and what we all think we need.

Do we really need the approval of others? Do we really need to be offended by things that don’t even affect us?

Do we really need that order of fries or that fourth cocktail?

And, as I driving home and sat at a set of lights today watching other drivers………come on…….. Do people really need to speed through the light that has already turned yellow? Then I saw a man switch lanes and go through a red light. What is wrong with people? They are endangering the lives of others including themselves. I wish there was a cop around to see and catch that individual.

Can you imagine being burden free of so much self-imposed and useless need? All these nagging little needs……………………..

I’ve been making it a habit lately to stop and ask myself…… this really a need, or just a comfortable way to hide from my best possibilities.

Most people lack a great deal of patience. Slow down everyone!


  1. Wow! Mark and I were just talking about this a few hours ago. I can't wait to read this to Mark.

  2. As always, life's information. For some reason everything in this part of the century is flip, flash and fly. Since losing my hearing I never watch TV, but waiting in the Dr's office, I watched commercials. How do you concentrate on them. It is a sign of the times. YEP, we need to Slow DOWN. I like the word:'Nincompoopery', it fits!!!
    Love from the NC mountains,
    jack & Sherry
    PS: Miss May sure looks nice!!!

  3. I so agree that people really need to slow down. I see it all the time with my own family. When I think about what little we had when I was there age, there is no comparison. The needs have grown greatly too. I still get along with little compared to most. I also move at a slower pace and take time to smell the roses. Life is to short to let it all whiz by.

  4. Great food for thought in this post. What I like the least about life today is the hurrying everybody does. Everybody seems to be running even when they are walking. It's no wonder I don't fit in well at times. I'm a snail trying to live in a roadrunners world.
    Have an awesome day. I really enjoyed this post.

  5. something to think about for sure. take care.

  6. Needs vs. wants is a great way to live.

  7. Good advice! A good reminder for all of us.