July 27, 2008

Guest Editor (ME)

Friday, July 25, 2008
1:56:00 PM EDT
Guest Editor Picks - 7/25

Internet Friends

I love to write and I love to read. I realized that the development of both is alluring to a variety of audiences. As an avid reader, I never thought that creating a Journal/Blog online would be myTea cup of tea because total strangers would be reading it from all over the world! I guess I always felt it best to stick to a favorite genre of writing, my weekly Newsletters to my family and friends, because of the assumption that no other format will deliver the same satisfaction for me personally.

Writing for me is a form of escapism. Of course, everyone enjoys a really good escapist read so I thought I should write what I feel. Writing takes you out of yourself, it passes the time if you're bored, and it relaxes you if you're stressed. It is also a great form of therapy. Some authors are so good they are able to bring you into another world for a short time. I enjoy reading things that are entertaining, funny, challenging or even disturbing. You will certainly find all of the above on AOL Journals from various authors.

I just learned how to “Hyperlink” so when you see that blue underlined lettering, you can just click on it and it will take you to my picks as I have the honor of being your Guest Editor this week! (Gosh, I hope it works) LOL

The Authors of all the AOL Journals I have read have been a pleasure and sometimes a very complicated concept. For example, I love reading Jimmy's Journal. Jimmy leaves me on the floor laughing daily. I find myself looking at the clock because I know that he usually posts an entry every week day around suppertime. I'm glad I found him via a referral on an Editor's Pick one day. His entries have become like a “Fix” I need everyday!

Then I turn to Indigo and read about her serious issues in life. This can very often be quite a bumpy ride. I found Indigo when she left a comment left on my Journal when I was new at this. She is a very talented writer and has experienced many obstacles that life has challenged her with but she is a strong woman and I’m very proud of her.

My next pick is Garnett109 who leaves me on the floor again with his off the wall humor! I'm sure he and Jimmy must hang out at the same place “Area 51”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will notice on my sidebar that I’m an honorary member and have their logo posted.

Foremost, I remember my very first comment from Dan when I was a newbie and he featured me as one of his picks when he was Guest Editor, I was shocked and honored. I enjoy reading his journals and viewing the adorable photos of his children and seeing life through a Dad's eyes. I also enjoy his serious side as a commentator of movies and book reviews.

You also have to stop by and see Russ and view his amazing sketches, he is quite the talented artist!

Last,but by no means least, is Val who introduced me to another world of graphics which I love to include in my Journals. I'm sure you have noticed all my animations and graphics in my Journals. I love using animations to help me express myself. I amuse myself as well when I find that perfect animation to help tell my story!

I love animated graphics but I was limited to what I could do with them at the time. Now, I'm hooked! I belong to a site with an amazing group of gals that are so talented, kind, helpful and just wonderful to chat with daily online. Again.......more wonderful Faceless Internet friends, I recently decided to take on a project for the creator of that site and since we are a smaller group than AOL Journals, I created an Album so we can match the face with that email address! I’m proud to say, it turned out lovely. LOL

AOL Journals focuses on the potential and excitement of reading, of sharing our lives with each other every day and shows how we all fit it into each other’s lives even though many of us have nothing in common. All these Faceless Internet People that have become our second family.

I have to thank my lovely daughter for encouraging me to create my online Journal in the first place. I get so much enjoyment from this new-found hobby.

When my friends found my Journal entertaining and enlightening, they asked if I would create another one for our forever friends and old classmates of 1962. So, now I have two (2) Journals up and running. My first of course, is “Roses Are Read” and the one for my classmates is “The Lantern”.

Thank you for allowing me to be today's Guest Editor. I hope you enjoy my picks.


  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Once again thank you dear friend for making me one of your choices. You did a wonderful job in writing as a Guest Editor and choosing individual journals. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Thanks for leading to some great sites--I love the humor site.

    Enjoyed looking at your site and will be back often--good stuff.

    Read my humor journals, and I hope you enjoy:




  4. Mazol Tov on being chosen :)

  5. This was posted last Friday on Magic Smoke, however, I thought I'd copy and past it for my own Journal as well.  

    Unfortunately, I was unable to copy the 14 Comments left when it was posted on the Magic Smoke site!

    Thank you all for stopping by.

    Hugs, Rose

  6. Good choices, Rose.

  7. Congratulations on being guest editor. I was a fine post. I am simple amazed at your excellent taste in the journal selections and your uncanny judge of charcter.


    (the check's in the mail)

  8. Hi, Rose. I am Winivere, author of The Woman in The Glass Box. I foun* your journal thru Sybil's journal. I love love love your journal.