August 23, 2008

Internet Friends

Life is a song and dance as long as there are my Faceless Internet Friends as dear as you with whom to share it.  Thank you for being mine!  You know how sometimes you feel like someone is thinking really hard about you?  Well, you should all be getting that feeling. (I was trying to insert some male pictures above but was unsuccessful) so you guys know you are included too!


I guess my only complaint this week is that the stubborn Tropical Storm Fay just won't go away.   Although the storm never became a hurricane, it has killed 10 people and dumped rain all across the state of Florida.  Cabin fever is setting in having to stay indoors for such a long time but I'm grateful that I never lost electricity.   In southern Florida, signs that the floodwaters were receding is music to my ears.

wwwOh the tangled web we weave here on the World Wide Web!  How wonderful it is to have my Internet Friends to listen when I’m worried, cheer me up when I’m down, encourage me when I’m scared and console me when I’m defeated.


Some people would charge for that.  Thank you for being my friend.


Nutrition Facts of  AOL Journals:  Serving Size: 1 Entry;  Amount per serving; Calories 0, Total Fat 0, Minimum daily requirements:  Amusement 25%, Good Cheer 25%, Smiles 25%, Friendship 25%


Total Enjoyment 100%


And you all know how we love to read theComments you leave on each entry!



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  1. Glad that Fay has finally left the state and that things can start to get back to normal :o)

  2. I can relate to your feelings about online friends. My son likes to tease me if I repeat a story about something.  He asks me, "Now, did this happen in the REAL world or one of your internet friends?" He just doesn't get it.


  3. Most of my truest friends I've met here in the internet!  Enjoy your weekend.

  4. here's hopin' sum sunshine comes your way soon   i'll send it your way from New Mexico  ...internet friends are great   you can always count on them:-)~kbear

  5. I've met many interesting people on the internet and it has been a pleasant experience for me. I alway enjoy stopping by to say hello to you, my sweet.


  6. And thank you for being mine. I could not hae made it through this deployment without my faith, my husband's love and my J-Land friends :

  7. Well put.  It IS so nice to have such close friends even though you don't get to see me without my makeup, or my hair just right or even on my best is good to know I can reach out and touch my keyboard and someone is there!
    Have a great week!!


  8. Hi Rose,

    Thanks for being my friend.  Palma

  9. Internet friends are very important.
    There ae many times when I feel closer to an Internet friend than I
    do with friends I see all the time.

  10. I am thankful that you are ok.  Hopefully you'll be out and about soon and no more cabin fevor.  Take care.  'On Ya' - ma

  11. You said it Rose.  Big hugs all around for Internet friends.   DB

  12. The only friends I have are J-land friends. That is the truth. I dont have one friend outside the computer except for my kids and pets of course. Hugs to all my J-land friends....hugs, Christine

  13. Hey there, I've finally figured out how to sign on and make some comments to your entries, although I'm sure with my pee brain I will totally forget my password and sign on name.  I still think you should somehow find a publisher for all of your past letters you have sent by "Snail Mail" and get a book published.  The ones I've read from years before are absolutely fantastic.  Remember the "date Letter"?  OMG that was so funny Michelle and I pee'd our pants reading it!  You could be famous!  Luv Ya Moose!

  14. You hit the nail on the head Rose! I am fortunate to have very dear friends. Yet, when my hubby passed away suddenly some five years ago (is it that long already?) it was my internet friends that were online with me all hours of the day & night. What a saving grace to have them to this day. My forever friends! Now we share happy times & not so happy times. Weddings, parties & grandchildren.
    Where would we be without our internet buds?

    Love alli.

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  16. What a delightful entry dear friend. I hope you know your in my thoughts as well. I'm so glad we were able to connect through j-land. Your one of those that make this experience so worthwhile. (Hugs)Indigo

  17.     Love the graphics!