August 7, 2008

My Girlfriend Glossary!

"I need to talk"
CODE FOR....drop everything and come over immediately.  If you must speak over the phone (clearly a second best choice).  Make sure I can't hear you opening your e-mail or washing dishes during my dilemma.
"I have nothing to wear"
CODE FOR.....I'm stressed and cannot tolerate standing under fluorescent lights to try anything on.  What I want is for you to lend me a perfect outfit with matching shoes!
"Do I have food in my teeth?"
CODE FOR.....You are so close to me, you can actually tell me the truth about that little piece of spinach caught in the gap between my front teeth.  This code also applies to your honest opinion about my wearing anything luminescent and pink.  The colors may be in style, but you have permission to tell me I look like a psychedelic ice cream cone.
"Don't tell a soul"
CODE FOR.....includes your husband or boyfriend.  No exceptions!
Men must have their special codes too.  Do you have any?


  1. Girls just wanna have fun!

  2. A gentleman does not kiss and tell. I do not gossip, although I don't mind listening to it.

    By the way, my bar sign, ran yesterday regarding free drinks for women with no shirts, has to be re-worded as you found a loophole in my plan.


  3. The girlfriend glossary is so true! LOL

  4. hi
    you came to see me so I came to see you
    I'm Marti
    Nice to meet you.
    My friends and I say we are going "out for sushi" to mean "don't bring the husbands or the kids"

  5. In my town there are two man codes which are almost identical.  
    "How's it going?" means I have nothing to say to you.  And "how you doin?" means keep walking, I have nothing to say to you.

  6. Oh, so true Rose!


  7. Thanks Rose for stopping by my journal   just finally having time to drop in on yours   i'm keeping you on my alerts   love your entries and thoughts and artistic flair   until laterz.....karen (kbear's heart)

  8. That was very cute..Thank you for sharing...hugs, Christine

  9. Those were excellent and quite true, too; which added to their humor!  Loved this entry.  Merry

  10. Great comments Rose - enjoyed reaeding them.
    Janice S.

  11. Thanks for taking part in my poll.  I am adding you to alerts.  My husband's code - I'll do it later - which means - never