September 4, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

We have all looked in the mirror and pulled our skin up and wonder what it would be like to have your 20-year old face back. I'd settle for my 50 year old face back and body too for that matter. I wish our society would make us feel better about getting older instead of glamorizing youth, which is a very short period of life.

People are trying to look airbrushed in daily life and that is not healthy. So, I decided that I'm content to expose my wrinkles, creases and every freckle and age spots. I'm a bit fearful of needles because I don't want to walk around with weird puffy lips or a stiff forehead. Not to mention the cost of these procedures every 3-4 months....Yikes! I know Botox is poison. It is best to just stay clear of all of them.

Oh, and the thoughts of a surgeon with that knife!!!!! Egad!

I'm fortunate to be using a skin product that does wonders for my very sensitive skin thanks to TC. So many products out on the store shelves that promise to nourish, replenish or renew aging skin and hair. At least some newer ads today are using real older women in their 50s and 60s who happily expose every wrinkle in their recent ad campaigns. Thanks for acknowledging us old bitties!

And, don't be fooled....many men have the same concerns about aging skin and they too want to look younger. Fortunately, for men….their gray hair is sexy and their wrinkles look distinguished. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a woman! We would all be lying if we said we didn’t want to look younger. I for one.

I just had to write another entry to keep my mind off of the freaking three hurricanes out in the tropics heading towards Florida. One named, Ike is already a category four! Yikes! Time to sit down with Johnny Walker Red!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting at the Bar


  1. I so agree.  It is getting like that over here now, all the emphasis is on looking young.  I am lucky in that I do not have too many wrinkles and I would certainly like to look like I did at fifty again but I shall remain the same.  It is age and experience that have made us the way the look.  Experience, having lived, is something they can never bottle.

  2. I happen to think all women are beautiful. To those little sweetie pies who sometimes look aloofly at older women, they need to remember that life is like being on a baseball team. You start out young as a second stringer, you move up to starting position, next to the outfield and then to the bench.

    Enjoy each position (no pun intended). With luck, you'll get to play all of them.

    One of my younger lady friends to told me last weekend that she likes silver haired-men and that I look very "extinguished".


  3. I happen to think us women should celebrate every wrinkle we get, and every age spot we have.  We work hard to raise our children and have a good life.  We deserve the wrinkles, age spots and gray hair. LOL

  4. I used to wish that I looked young and beautiful until my little great Nephew who was about 5 at the time said I was do you think that I said. ?..well he said, I can cuddle into you and you are nice and soft !! and your hair looks like a halo !!!!  well who am I too want a flatter bust ! and nice dark hair !! No I shall rejoyce and be glad........the wrinkles...well I am not so sure about them......The same young nephew told his great grannie that she had a face like a crocodile !!!(my Mum just before she died...she thought it was hillarious,)...That same young man is now a strapping 17 year old....I havn't dare dask him if he still thinks I am beautiful !!   Love Sybil xx

  5. If IKE comes to NC with the power he's bringing I'm outta here...he's looking nasty.  Pass me the Capt'n.
    You're on the money with the beauty Nanny used Ponds Cold Cream for YEARS, she's 86 and don't look a day over 60!!


  6. I wouldn't mind having my 5o year old face and body back again but alas I will just have to settle with what I am and have. When I was 50 I was slender with dark long hair, now I am chubby with short part gray hair LOL. Just mostly wish I felt as good as I did then. Helen

  7. Hi Rose,

    Enjoyed readidng your latest entry.  Palma

  8. I'm praying that those hurricanes will calm down before reaching land.  I used to color my hair to cover the gray but stopped doing that shortly after I turned 50.  It was just to hard to keep the roots covered.  I got lazy and decided to let it grow...It was an instant aging of about 10 years.  It took a long time to get used to seeing myself in the mirror.  Now of course I've adjusted and if I really think about it, I know I deserve every gray hair that crowns my head.  A crown of silver isn't so bad after all.  'On Ya' - ma

  9. yeah i wish society would quit the programming for youth all the time  quit the programming for a lot of things actually   i dyed my hair for a few years last year but got tired quickly of the up keep   i'm just turning the big 50 this year but have lots of gray   i like the gray   i love goin natural   never been into makeup, etc   it's still the beauty within us that makes us great  our outside beauty just compliments us that much more.....hugz~kbear

  10. Hope you are spared from the hurricanes :o)
    I get more distinguished every day <LOL>

  11. At 51, the only thing that bugs me is I have more silver in my hair than my 74 year old mum. So, I di "colour ehanment." :)
    Otherwise, I do workout and eat well; so I can loive a long,healthy life.
    And being married to a younger man doesn't hurt, either ;)

  12. I used to hate seeing pictures of myself -- now, in my 40s, I look at pictures of me in my 20s and 30s and think, "Hey!  I didn't look half bad!"  I hope all the hurricanes pass you by, H, I, AND J!

  13. Well Rose, old fogy here saying I would settle for just feeling younger, never mind the wrinkles.  Besides with baby boomers stumbling unexpectedly into agedness, we may have the young set outnumbered one of these days.  Then we can start wearing buttons that say "Old is beautiful"

  14. I agree with DB..I would just like to feel younger. I will settle for that. I am 38 and feel like I am 50... hugs, Christine

  15.     I was so proud of Cloris Leachman on Dancing with the Stars the other night. She sure isn't pretty anymore. Even so, to get up the courage to dance with those younger ones, I thought was really wonderful. I just hope when I'm her age I have the ability to stand let alone dance.