September 18, 2008

Fall and Apple Pie!

Oh, how I miss the fall season in New England! The beautiful foliage, falling leaves, breathing in crisp, cool air.

Wish I were in New England in front of a bon fire in Vermont or Maine.

We Floridians don't experience change of seasons...just hot and hotter. The Newscaster announced a cold front coming in our area....I cracked up...Yeah, right it will drop to 88 degrees from 94....that's what they call a cold front down here.

Well, I'm sure my daughter will have her camera with her at all times to capture the beautiful foliage in Vermont.

Wow, I remember hand picking the apples and my mother baking pies and cooling them in the opened window sills. Can’t do that here in Florida!

While you guys up north are starting to put your heavy sweaters on to keep warm because your temperatures will start dropping in the evening soon. We are down here in Florida trying to keep cool. The air conditioner is on 24/7.

I guess you can tell I'm missing my roots! LOL

Do you have a change of seasons where you live?



  1. Thankfully we do over here because I could never cope with the continual heat you get there.  The seasons here are no so clear at they used to be.  Winters have got warmer and are more like extended Autumn. I loved all the charming little graphics

  2. Oh yes, here in northern Ohio we have the 4 seasons for sure.  The only time I wish I lived down south is in the winter.  Winters are getting harder and harder on me.  If I could hibernate I suppose it would be ok, but I have to be out in it everyday.  'On Ya' - ma

  3. I know what you mean about two seasons - hot and hotter.  Here in Texas I say Steamy and Steamier.  My sister has been in Naples for over 30 years but I only want to VISIT.  I lived in Charlotte, NC for three years and they have four perfect seasons and each one was gorgeous.  I still miss it but I missed my kids more and came back to Texas.  

    We actually have four seasons here in the DFW area but you have to be quick to catch them.  There are two weeks of spring, then hot through the rest of the year with Fall starting in November and lasting through February.  Somewhere in there will be a couple of weeks of ice storms we call Winter.  My coat has gotten so little use it has lasted almost 10 years. LOL


  4. We have the changing of seasons in the part of Al we live in. Been a little chilly here the last few nights with a low of 62º, the days have been in the 70's. Just right for having no air or heat. Saves a lot on those utilities. Helen

  5. Having lived most of my life in New England (Boston, Ma) I would agree.

  6. One of my favorite songs that I sing is titled "Autumn Leaves" and it always comes to mind around this time of year. Although we don't have a drastic seasonal in Miami, after living through many mango seasons here, I alway feel the subtle change.


  7. This time of year, I go to work with a windbreaker on, and then ride with the top down and short sleeves in the afternoon.  :o)

  8. Hi Rose,

    I wish you could be with your love ones in Boston.  Thing will change some day and off you will go.....Palma

  9. I'm with you Rose.  I've been a northeasterner all my life, a New Englander half my life and 7 years a New Hamphirite.  Folks just don't know.  Autumn in New England, the apples, the berries, the pumpkins, the maple trees, the county fairs, the grange hall suppers, the air is clean, the bugs are gone, the leaves are brilliant.

    Now I live in Pennsylvanis, whcih is very nice.  But, 'taint home.       DB

  10. One of our other Journal friends was just saying that the seasons are all kin dof mixed up nowadays...Over here in teh UK certainly there seems to be little difference...just a few degrees warmer or colder...nothing like it was when I was growing up when we had a dfinate winter and Summer...last few years they seem to have merged in between a mild spring and autumn !!!  This year in particularI think summer has passed us by altogether.... I did decide that I would put on sandals, and short sleeve tops around June time but to be honest it was mostly defiance on my part !!! a cardi has had to be on hand at all times !!   Still the Autumn colours are starting to appear on our trees and the apples are ripe for the picking.    Love  Sybil xxx

  11. Of course we have the change of seasons living in PA, but I hate winter!  I love Spring and Fall, they are my favorite seasons.  Every winter I swear we're moving to FL! LOL

  12. I'll bet it is beautiful.  On the coast here our leaves turn about 3-4 weeks later than others.  That's ok...I love green.  Lately though, I've been embracing the fall.


  13. I live in North western pa. We have very short summers . Fall is just a blink and it is over. I love the fall. The leaves havent even started changing here. I love when the mountains look like it is lit with fire from the leaves. Then the winter starts. I hate winter. Why am I up here in the mountains of Pa when i dont like winter? That is a question I cant even answer. lol. Stay cool.....hugs, Christine

  14. Thanks for visiting my journal, haven't written in it for a while.   I will try to get to it.  Lots of good memories in yours .  Love your little coffee cup with the litle man popping up and down.   Lots of good graphics.   I'm from  Ma and sometimes miss N.E. also.  Sure is hot here in Florida, looking for cooler weather soon.  

  15.     The trees are beginning to change here in Chicago. Still, it hasn't dropped below 75 in months. I'm a ways away from digging my sweaters out of the bottom drawer.
    P.S.: Love your graphics!

  16. ty for visiting & commenting. :)
    we have seasons here, i love the spring & fall...but summer is too hot, & winter with it's ice & snow is too much forme. brrrr