September 26, 2008

The Bailout

The risk-takers are the people who have made America what it is today. We are all in this together from CEOs to shareholders, from factory workers to farmers; we all have a stake in each other's success and we all suffer for the other's greed and mismanagement of large corporations

The GREED from some of these CEOs should be controlled. We the taxpayers should not have to bailout the huge corporations while the CEOs of those companies received bonuses in the millions........I say take the money from them and also put the bastards in jail!

What did I hear on the News last night? ....the mess our country is in….. is being called the "Economic Pearl Harbor"! Scary. We kept getting the warnings, this is worse than the Great Depression.

The bailout proposal is the most dramatic government intervention in the financial system since the Great Depression. Whether you are young or old...........we are all affected and we will all struggle through this horrible ordeal. We need a powerful antibiotic to remedy this pain!

This mess didn't happen overnight. It has been going on for years and no one has done a damn thing about it. It is called GREED! GREED denotes desire to accumulate wealth beyond the needs of the individual, especially when this huge accumulation of wealth denies others legitimate needs.

GREED is the selfish desire to acquire money, wealth, power, especially when this denies the same goods to others. In plain English.........we all got screwed! I want to know, how did we allow this to all happen? Why didn't someone stop these individuals? Why? Why? Why? Makes me sick!

This mess caused huge debt for so many people! Washington Mutual Bank bottomed out…… funds tanked Blue Chip Stocks are tumbling. Frightening.

Hey, let's just print out those new green hundred dollar bills by the billions and billions....put the greedy CEOs in jail and call it a day!

I would love to see how these greedy people like their new four wall surroundings in jail!

I'm boiling mad..............are you????

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  1. It is a shame that we are in this situation.  I am mixed on the bailout, taxpayers should not have to shoulder the burden of bad decisions, but there is a real risk of recession if we just let the companies fail.  It is a mixed bag.  Certainly, the provision to limit CEO pay is a good addition.  What I want to know, those of us that are not in mortgage default, have investments we will not need for 10-20 years, and are living within our means - what do we get out of this bailout?

  2. I've been on a rant for three says. Let Wall Street bail out those greedy bastards and make the politicians help also with their lobbyist lined pockets! This has been going on for years and democrats and republicans as well either lined their pockets, got a friend a job or looked the other way.


  3. I'm not crazy about our govt bailing out these big guys   i don't think they would bail us little guys out, why should we taxpayers pay for their screw ups?   and how do we know they won't do it again?   i'm a little perturbed...kbear

  4. I agree with you Rose, put the CEOs in jail.  Palma

  5. I don't think we should bailout these businesses.  Also, if you really do your homework on this economy mess, it's bad sure, but it's not as bad as what the government and media is making it out to be.  We are also not the only country having this problem.
    Have a good weekend.

  6.     Yes, I am. I've been bitching about all that is wrong with our economy ever since I got my own blog. Mortgages is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to know when we are going to challenge the credit card companies for charging up to 30% interest. That isn't interest, it's usery.

  7. I AM VERY MAD!!! My husband had a wonderful job that he had gottne laid off at because of our decating ecomomy. So how do they help us??Raise the gas prices!! We are struggling. We are hard workers. We dont want a handout. We want a job. ..hugs, Christine

  8. I can't believe AOL Journals is shutting down. What a sad turn of events. Please stop by and say goodbye when the time comes :(


  9. Stopped by for a visit, Loved your site, enjoyed the visit,


  10. Greed is definitely one of the main factors, but not just Wall Street's greed. Greed was also exhibited by borrowers who tried to reach well beyond their real financial means. They're the ones who accepted the loans that they now can't repay. I also think a government bail-out, if it ever turns a profit, should be issue dividends to people like us, who made better decisions and didn't get into trouble with our mortgages. Read more about my take on the crisis at

  11. I am mad too so I am watching my senators , congress and governor and I will be watching the president I can't do anything about other states but if you and everyone out there will watch and write your states elected officals and make them be responsible for their spending the common folks will get out country back and on the right track if you need help find links for government bills and senate links email me and I will send them to you , you have a voice we and should all use it ..
    sending you hugs Sherry

  12. I haven't been able to leave a comment due to computer problems.
    Since Rose added this blog the bail out has come and gone. Only making things much worse. I had mixed feelings about the bailout but I thought wwe had to do something. As a former AIG emplopyee I am shocked to see how
    this company went down hill. When I worked for them they were an excellent company. Now all I can do is cry over my almost bankrupt stocks. I stress over how this will all end.

  13. I lost a bundle since dec. Put them all behind bars!

  14. I love your new blog page. I tried to click on follow this blog but it wont let me. Keep in touch...hugs, Christine

  15. Hi there! I love you as Red Head! And no matter what you're a super sexy Hot Mamma, double digits or not! I want a meez of me on your blog! hahahahahaha.

    Luv U. Keep the sunshine for me for my April annual trip! Miss you! xoxo