January 25, 2014

Today's youth is one of the rudest!

Gosh, watching the News lately..............so much sadness going on.  So much violence night after night.  It makes you wonder what kind of upbringing these people had.  It makes me change the channel, as it is too depressing to watch.

Today’s youth is one of the rudest and most sadistic generations. Teens are developing cruel attitudes towards violence and crimes. Teens are unaware of life values and morals. Teens use inappropriate language and etiquette. And teens display large amounts of disrespect towards authority and being the big "Bully" in school among their own classmates.

Even worse, these teens turn into mean, disrespectful adults and always taking the wrong road through life's journey.  It is sad because in my heart, I know most parents taught their children to respect others.

I remember when my children were young and in school.....whenever it was report card time, I always naturally carefully viewed their grades but the other side of the report card displayed their behavior in class and how they treated others.  That part, a parent teaches a child good manners. We all hope and pray that they practice good manners when they grow up and on their own.

When you encounter a person displaying disrespect to you, I’m sure you are feeling unworthy.  But, it also can leave you with a thickened up skin and it will open your eyes to see when certain people bring nothing but drama to the table, you know it's time to let them eat by themselves.

This goes for celebs too…………Oh my……….Bieber and Miley….such train wrecks.

People need to be kind to one another.  Life is too short.


  1. You are right. People need to be kind to each other.

  2. Alas, all are not that way. The news always puts the perspective on the negative. Maybe it is good for young kids to see that their idols are not so perfect after all. I'm thankful for the positive and generous to a fault teenagers amongst my grandchildren. Their parents are doing a great job and I know there are many good attributes to today's teens...Sure wish someone would come up with a program for them to watch that accents the positive.

  3. As folks at home used to say "You said a mouthfull this time."

    I keep saying I no longer fit. I do not care if a kid goes in a door before me, but when they sorta push you out of the way to get in first, I always remember mama saying 'hold the door for the older folk.'

    So many examples to prove what you have just said, we have a rude generation coming up, and it is a shame because common courtesy seems to be passed.

    anyway, hope you are staying warm, sending love from this end of the Turnpike.

  4. I sure do agree with you. My children are part of the problem too and but they weren't brought up that way.

  5. is it all the parents fault?? i don't know. sometimes you can do everything right and things go terribly wrong. children don't absorb the values of their own families.

    my boys are 30 and 31, the kids they hung around with were polite, intelligent and extremely thoughtful. all well rounded and tough competition when it came to getting in to college.

    i remember all their friends as great assets to this wonderful world, they still are. my boys both graduated from college with high honors, have great jobs, homes and wonderful lives. i have a pharmacist and a computer genuis who develops software, i could not be more proud!!

  6. Dear Rose, Unfortunately, values, kindness and most importantly respect, including self-respect seems to be outdated these days.
    It is very sad. Blessings dear and I hope you are feeling better. Catherine xo

  7. Dear Rose, I hope all is well and you are feeling better. Quite cold, wet and snowy here. Enjoy the sun. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  8. It's becoming more and more prevalent and makes me think of the scripture in 2 Timothy 3 which says that in the last days "men will be lovers of themselves...disobedient to parents...." and etc.