February 9, 2014

Not everything at the Dollar Store is cheaper!

Everyone is trying to stretch a buck these days and resorting to Dollar Stores for some savings on certain items.

I realized that three items I purchased were actually cheaper at my local grocery store.

One way to avoid this is to keep a running list of stores in your area that have the best prices for products you use regularly. That way, if you see a product you use for sale, you can quickly and easily know whether or not what you see is actually a good deal.

I was told to pay attention to sizes and the price per ounce -- not the price overall.

I never buy food in the Dollar Stores either.  Another issue bothered me was that some brand name items for toothpaste for example are not made from the same manufacturer as the ones you find in your regular stores………hmmmmmmmmm!  Yet, the packaging look almost identical.

I think people like the idea of seeing the word “Dollar”!  So, I decided that these type stores are not for me.  Do you like them?

A new Walmart Neighborhood Market opened near me that only sells food.  I tried it and since the store is new, I loved the fact that it was so clean.  My total savings there was $15.00 because I used my discount card from my medicare insurance company.  I don't think I would buy my meat there though. I eat less meat these days so that is not an issue.

I hate cutting coupons these days and feel the stores should just give you the discount automatically.  It would save them tons of money not having to print the coupons and advertising on flyers.

Let me know your savings tips!  Happy Shopping.


  1. You sound like me looking for a bargain.

  2. I never buy cleaning products from the dollar store. I did once and ended up throwing it all away. Seemed like it was all water downed. Name brand cleaning products for me from now on.

  3. First: I always like that SIDE BAR.
    We use the Dollar Stores mostly for greetings cards when we have a load to buy, and especially if they are going to boys/men (LOL)

    Good advise about the ounces instead of total price. Makes a big difference. I like it that many stores have a small note showing the price per ounce and sometimes surprises me that the larger ones are actually higher. The promoters KNOW that many folks assume larger is cheaper, but not always anymore.

    Love from Peace River...

  4. A good bargain is hard to find any more...any place. I watch for sales and try to stock up when I find one...less and less of those anymore too.

  5. Dear Rose, You do have to look at the size and the ounces. Not everything is a bargain.
    I use my local food store and watch the flier closely.
    I really watch every penny! lol
    I don't like the coupons either simply because most often they tell you to buy 3 of the item!! This is not a bargain any longer.
    I find coupons usually cause people to buy what they really do not need.
    I simply watch the prices and ounces.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. Forwarding for Deby:

    Hi Rose,


    I've heard that the foods (and lotions!) at the Dollar stores are sub -quality (probably from China) and downright dangerous to ingest! I would never buy toothpaste, food or lotion there or anything that goes into the body or the skin!


  7. i agree with you about dollar stores, but they do have some really awesome stuff for a buck. i love their one dollar platters at christmas time, they are great for giving aways cookis. at christmas time i got all my gift bags there and they were really beautiful!!

    CVS now emails me my savings coupon and i have the option to send it electroniclly to my savings card. it such a great feature and it works perfectly!!

  8. Debbie, I agree.....the dollar stores are great for items that you described.

    I also receive emails from CVS and have the coupons electronically to my savings card...it is a great feature.

  9. Dear Rose, Hope all is well and you are feeling better.
    Enjoy the sunshine. One more snow storm on its way tonight. I think that will be the end of it for the year. Spring is definitely on its way.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  10. I agree as well. There are lots of great deals you can get at the Dollar Store, but you have to be careful not to just assume things are cheaper there. I keep a list of regular prices for items I regularly buy and at what store I buy them.

  11. I enjoy shopping but unfortunately, price per ounce is one thing I can't stand doing. I usually leave my reading glasses at home and even if I have them, I always feel like I'm taking a math test.