January 17, 2014

Curling up with a good book!

Unfortunately, our inner quiet is unusual for most of us. Even when alone, we all talk to ourselves right? We hear the sounds of our own thoughts, remember musical melodies, and so on. We become easily distracted by random memories, noises and other intrusions.  During these times, I turn to reading a good book especially when TV has nothing of interest to offer.

Reading a good book is like taking a mini-vacation.  For me, it naturally gives me a moment to relax and forget. It takes me away to another land where my imagination has no limits.

Think of a book that you have been meaning to read and pick it up today. It may be a beloved classic, an old favorite, a biography or something from the bestseller list. Next, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea, (or coffee) head to your comfortable couch, curl up and let it take you away.

Downloading books to my Kindle from the Library is great!  Saving tons of money from buying books and/or taking books out from the library loaded with bacteria from previous readers!

Sometimes, I do miss cracking open a new book and turning the pages but the light in the Kindle and arranging the font for my comfort is very accommodating.  I love it!


  1. Describes how I feel opening another book. I am about to meet new people.

    Love the December 2013 and you in the snow. Thanks for posting them.
    Love from this end of the Turnpike.
    Sherry & jack.
    Thanks for the BD wishes.

  2. I love reading a good book too. I like my Kindle but still like an old fashioned book in my hands from time to time.

  3. I love my kindle too. It fits my budget as there are many free books to read and I like adjusting the fonts too. I read more than I watch most days.

  4. Dear Rose, You are so right. Sometimes our thoughts begin to race and you start thinking of so many things and so many, "what ifs". I haven't been able to concentrate or rather really focus on a book. My mind seems too busy. Perhaps I should try it again.
    I am glad you are finding peace in reading a good book. Blessings dear and stay well. Catherine xo

  5. ooohhhh rose i am not a reader. i use to read but i have a memory issue and i can't remember, from one page to the next, what i have read. i keep busy with so many other crafts and projects, i don't miss it too often!!

  6. Hi Rose, Dropping by to say, "hello" and hope all is well.
    Enjoy the warm weather for me! It is so cold here!!
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  7. Hi Rose, Hope you are doing well.
    Take care and be well.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  8. I used to be an avid reader but that has passed. I get too antsy sitting around and have to move thus breaking my concentration.

    as a kid, I read everything. One thing in particular was to read cereral boxes while having breakfast.