May 30, 2010

Sex and the City 2

This is a Movie for entertaining and if you think you aren't going to be, then don't go see it. The movie critics get paid to recommend a selection of films for the Movies section of your Newspaper. The recommendations are based solely on that critic's personal opinion of the film.

Trust me, your opinion is the only opinion that counts!  I never went to see a movie based on the opinion of a critic.  And, they were sooooooooooooo wrong on this one!  This movie was fabulous!

With that said, I absolutely loved, loved this movie……….the actors,  the clothes, the shoes, the laughter……….Oh and MR. BIG!  He had me drooling as always!  LOL

The movie started off with the Gay Wedding which was out of this world and the end of the movie was my favorite part!  I also, loved everything in between!

It is a must see!  And, don’t forget your Cosmopolitan!


  1. Thanks Rose, I hope to see it next weekend.

  2. Well I for two, and glad you are feling better. Evidently, that is. hahaha! Either you are handling it or you are skipping the vegan diet. hahahahaha!

    Will take your advice ont he movie if we get a chance. We seldom see own, Can't fit thm into our busy schedule. hahahaha! You must have been a sales lady. You are so convincing!
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!
    Love from NC

  3. And looking back at my typing I need a proof reader!!!!
    Sorry about that.
    ont he = on the
    thm = them

  4. Oh this is good to hear. I wanna go see it!

  5. Yes, I saw the movie on Friday---with 5 other gals--we ALL enjoyed it!
    I agree with you totally!

  6. Hi Rose, I am definitely going to see SEX AND THE CITY 2. I was just talking about that today with Karen & Michelle. Have A good day. I'm going to Karen's with my son and family. Lots of love, Cathy

  7. I can't wait to see it myself. Have a good rest of your week.

  8. I kinda figured you'd like the movie. I never was a big fan but I'll watch it when it comes to cable.