November 23, 2009

How did I allow this to happen?

How did I allow this to happen? My computer dominates my life!

Like everyone else, my life is being dominated by my computer. I wake up and brew my coffee, turn on the puter to check my email then read my local Newspaper online, check the weather, check Facebook, ignore Twitter and then read some blogs or create a new entry for my own blogs, one for my old classmate friends and one for my personal life. Before you know it 4 hours have passed!

While I’m defragging my puter, I’ll go do a load of laundry or make the bed and then back on the computer into my graphic sites. I started out with one site and now I’m a member to several. I’m partial to my first site I started with to learn how to make animations and graphics to enhance my blogs and make them more interesting to the reader and myself.

I was in my closet looking for something and down below was my old Singer Sewing Machine that I had converted into a portable years ago when I scaled down to a condo which has no room and storage space for anything. Well, this old gal of a Singer is made of cast iron and quite heavy to lift. It brought back many memories of when that machine was never on the floor of a closet but in a room and opened everyday and housed in a beautiful piece of mahogany furniture. I've had this machine since I was 16 years old.

Wow, it dawned on me that the pleasure of sewing and creating a beautiful garment reminded me that not everything is made up of click of a mouse and pixels! My life years ago was boxes filled with fabric, zippers and patterns that I used to love to change the sleeves to one pattern and add a different collar to another. I was quite good at it. My clothes did not look homemade. The savings was amazing, then the cost of fabric went up just like everything else and all your hard work and time was not worth the effort. A lot easier to pick a cute outfit off of a rack in an adorable boutique and unique department store like Filene's Basement in Boston!  But being only 5'2", alterations were always necessary whenever I purchased from the stores.

I’m thinking of browsing threw a fabric store for an interesting pattern and perhaps try and create something nice for myself. Wow, do I even remember how to thread the thing? LOL While I was in high school, I made a new outfit every week. Yes, I did get an “A” in Sewing. My Italian mother was proud. When you come from a very large family……..hand me downs are awful……….being a good seamstress made me look like I came from a rich family! LOL  All my girlfriends and I made our own clothes so it was also fun to sew together too and mingle ideas for a new creation.

I have such a bad back that I fear trying to lift this heavy cast iron sewing machine from the closet floor. I don’t want to pull my back out. I wish I had the space I used to have, I would just walk over to the machine whenever any mending needed to be done or alterations to a newly purchased outfit. Then when that Singer was converted to a portable, I became one of those women that paid a tailor to hem a pair of slacks! I don’t like the idea of having the machine sitting on top of my dining room table………..heaven forbid my house should look untidy and things out of place! LOL


  1. Wow do I ever remember those days of sewing. Every so often a friend of mine goes to the fabric store and she calls to see if I want to join her. I love to go and just browse and imagine the things that can be done. Even after all these years I am still in awe when I enter a fabric store.
    My machine is up on the shelf in the closet, I don't even know if it will run or not. I use to be able to thread the needle in the dark, now I would need a flood of light , a magnifying glass and a steady hand.....LOL

  2. My Singer is still in it's cabinet and sits in the craft room/office space that I have in my old house. I still use it for repairs and hemming, but that's about all now. I'm hoping to find some time to sew after the New Year. There are some really neat things out there to make and I'm looking forward to it. When my children were little I even made them matching outfits. I still have all the old patterns I used to have, but my size has really changed since those days.

  3. Hi Rose,
    My mom has one of those cast iron singers, it has the big foot pedal and is a beautiful antique. I would be lost without my computer it is the age we live in now. I used to love to go to Filene's Basement at Downtown crossing! If you start sewing again you should take some pictures and post them so we can see. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, are you coming home to MA? Take care.

  4. Hope you get back into something you obviously loved doing :o)

  5. I would love to learn to sew. It's easy to get lose time online. I have to watch myself or I wouldn't get any writing done. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. My sister loved Filene's. She lived in Framingham, MAss. and moved to Long Island.
    It is hard to get used to a small space when you are used to having an area for every thing. i love to have things handy when possible.

    I loved to watch mama sew. She had the tredle first and dad had a little motor put on it. She could fly on that thing.
    I tried to sew once. I made one dress for Sherry, but I learned a seamstress earns her pay. Ain't fun to put a zipper in or sew arms on. LOL.
    A most gracious seamstress lives in Lake Park. Irma lee Pinder. She is now 90. Lovely lady. One of her customers was Perry Como's wife. Wonderful stories she tells.

    Your entries are always good. Yeah this computer does sorta dominate.
    From North Carolina (for now)
    Sherry & Jack

  7. The computer does seem to take a lot of time. Then again, I've got plenty of time. I try to turn it off each day and do something else, especially going for walks which I enjoy.


  8. Life without a PC seems unthinkable. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving: the PC can't put the turkey in the oven!

  9. Rose I hope you find a place for the Singer, buy fabric and do more sewing. You write like you loved doing it. We should always do what we love.


  10. I'm on somewhat of the same schedule. Get up, turn on the computer, go make coffee, return to the computer.

    Kind of robotic, huh?