January 7, 2009

Still sick and miserable....Ugh!

Yeah, cabin fever gave me time to give my blog a new facelift again. The Christmas theme is over and it doesn't snow here in Florida, so I thought I'd remove the snowflakes as well. And, Garnett ( a blogger friend) wanted to shoot my cute bouncing snowman! LOL
I was going to add some butterflies flying around.....maybe later. LOL

Celebrating my birthday was put on hold, as I’ve been sick as a dog since December 28th. This sinus/cold thing is lingering on and frustrating me. So, days later of not getting well an antibiotic is required.

What did help a great deal was a Neti Pot and I suggest that all of you purchase one and have it on hand in your medicine cabinet. There are close to 24 different style Neti Pots. This one my son told me was the best. I first heard of a Neti Pot via Dr. Oz when he was on the Oprah show. I love that doctor...he explains everything and discusses everything you are embarrassed to ask your doctor.

I went to the Pharmacy to get my antibiotics; the store was filled with Valentine Displays and all those red hearts to remind us. I don’t need it to remind me, as Valentine’s Day was also my Wedding Anniversary.

Why do we eat those nasty insipid heart candies with messages on them? We certainly do not like the taste....maybe we eat them for inspiration! We send Valentine cards to family and friends that all say "Be Mine Valentine" with hugs and kisses.

Oh, and we can't forget the heart shaped boxes of chocolates...which we all can do without these days!

The florists will all be busy delivering those long stem roses and the restaurants will be packed with all the lovers celebrating the holiday.

Verizon Wireless continues to call me to remind me that my contract is up and I can upgrade my cell phone now. Their “Blackberry Storm” Cell phone certainly has many desired features. But I love my old phone and I’m not ready to turn it in yet. I already have nifty features on it....I really liked the one called EZ Tip calculator....and my GPS system…..Cool Beans! I downloaded the song "And, all that Jazz" (the theme from Chicago) as my ringtone. Everyone cracks up when my cell phone goes off...it's unique and different. I think Verizon’s new phone is amazing but I don’t need a computer on my phone. Heck, I spend hours on my computer as it is, I don’t need it to follow me around while I’m driving or shopping too! I’m into modern technology but sometimes, they just go way overboard with this stuff! Some things should remain simple and useful.

I'm very concerned about the kids today using these features while driving. I personally think they should ban using a cell phone while driving. It has proven to be a safety hazard. I'm guilty of answering my phone while driving but I immediately state I will call the person back so I can pay attention to the road. I don't need to learn how to text....my long nails would get in the way. I do understand how that feature is beneficial in certain circumstances when you do not want someone to hear your conversation on your cell phone.

P.S. I really wish the amazing talented graphic people would not use a white background as they don't look so good with a colored wallpaper. I prefer the transparent backgrounds and I tried like heck to remove the white. But, I was exhausted trying. Look how nice the graphics look without the white backdrops.

In an email, they look fine because the background is white therefore making it invisable.


  1. I like your new haircut. How can people be thinking of Valentine's Day? I'm still pulling pine needles out of my asp.


  2. Hey what happened to that snowman?

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Yes, at the stores they move right ahead with the next holiday. They are always at least a month ahead. It's nice to see something beside snow flakes...we have too many of them for real here in Northern Ohio. Take care!
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. So sorry you have not been feeling well. My son was home for New Years, and got sick with that same 'stuff' the day after he arrived from New Orleans.
    I have noticed your new haircut, too, and think it really looks good.
    Feel better,

  5. Love the hairdo. Am getting mine restyled tomorrow. Love the webpage with all the pics..too much time on your hands,Girlfriend (lol, lol). Hope you feel better real soon.

  6. in UK driving while using a cell phone is illegal.fine and points on license.dont stop the idiots tho.hope you soon better rose,tc love mort xx

  7. Been a long time since I had to say this, but being sick is no fun, and if misery loves company, here I am. HA!
    Hope you are well soon. Thye journal looks good.

  8. Nice looking entry, sorry yer still not feeling good, forcast if for 10 below zero tomorrow night, BBBRRRR! stay warm and get well!!!!!!

  9. I hope your feeling better soon. Love the new background. I can't believe Valentine's Day is around the corner.

    I don't understand the laws allowing text messaging while your driving, but no cell phone usage. It seems to me text messaging is far more dangerous.

    Hope this weekend finds you feeling better and on the mend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that you're still feeling crummy! I hope the antibiotics will zap whatever nasty bug is giving you grief.

    I'm with you on the cell phone thing. I suspect that a lot of states will soon start passing such laws.

    Feel better, hon!

    Hugs, Beth

  11. Rose I love your hair cut. I am
    Jack's sister. Just wanted to say
    hi. I am the plain blog because
    I don't know how to do anything
    but turn the computer on and turn
    it off. My brother stays in Fl.
    and I an not to savvy on this box.


  12. Love your new haircut. I need one desparately. I think I might consider something like yours. So sorry you don't feel well. Hope you're better soon.