March 22, 2013

Substance and Abundance!

I was watching TV last night and channel surfing when I came across a young man speaking on the topic of "Living with Less" to be happy. He was expressing that you don't have to have the biggest house, the best car and the abundance of it all to enjoy your life.

I found this very young man a delight to listen to. His audience was young adults who are in debt with college loans and no financial future in site.  

He said he lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment and his appliances were small and he has a good job with a decent paycheck. And, he never went to college.

His theory is that he is enjoying his life with his paycheck by traveling and enjoying the things he wants to do without having the mansion home with the big mortgage, the expensive membership to the Country Club, and having the most expensive car to drive.

I think he was trying to say to his audience is that some of the world’s most miserable people have the most impressive bank balances. Despite their monetary net worth, they lack the riches of love and the gifts of joy that others gain from simple pleasures.

Never under estimate the value of all that you have. Recognize the priceless worth of the love and respect you receive from family and friends – and treasure it.

Make a mental note of the wealth of self-esteem you acquire from the work you do or the talents you are blessed with and preserve it. 

You are the substance and abundance!  


  1. How beautiful is this thought. How much stress can be avoided by living and being happy with what we have. YOu have expressed it well, I wish everyone could get this message.

    Last week a friend of a friend who is a Doctor and son of two of my class mates, walked out in his back yard and took his life, leaving two beautiful 11 year old twin girls and a wife who is also a doctor. Too much pressure to 'KEEP UP'.

    As always, a great message from a sweet Bostonian. Love and ((hugs)) from Yemassee, SC.

  2. Very wise words for sure. I know that many are living with loans that go on and on. With several teachers in my family I know some of them have those college loans to pay off and their education goes on and on as long as they are teachers, they are expected to get more. Money is not everything, I'm pretty sure most of my children know that, I've tried my best to reenforce that thought.

  3. What a beautiful way to put it, "You are substance and abundance."