March 2, 2013

Oh the Possibilities!

Are you aware of the abundant possibilities your life holds for you?  Most likely you are and you truly want to take advantage of the possibilities, but something is holding you back. I know the feeling.

When opportunities arise, it’s common to decide not to rock the boat and hold on to stability and security.

Decide right now that you will take the risks that push you beyond your comfort zone into a area where you have refused to go until now. Open your arms to new experiences and find out what is truly possible for you.

You have to believe in yourself and set your standards high.  Next time you’re tempted to settle for something less than ideal – a job, a friend’s behavior… perhaps even a pair of shoes – stop!   You have many talents and inner strengths. You deserve and are worthy of far more than second best. So, why accept less?

Life throws us all curves that challenge us but God will always be there to help you thru the tough times.

Keep yourself healthy by eating right (mostly organic) and exercise and stay close to family and life will always be good!


  1. Enjoyed the read as always. Like the life advice that I knew would appear here. You common sense approach is always welcome.
    Yes we do need to eat healthy, to stay that way, we are only gonna make this trip one time, may as well enjoy it as healthy and solid as we can.
    Love & HUGS from Mickey's second home, Orlando.

  2. Thank you! lol I'm beautiful - you're beautiful!

  3. Good advice Rose. I think we are all wonderful and unique indeed. Winter does tend to bog me down a bit and I hibernate as much as possible. I'm trying to think Spring! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  4. Hello Rose....I like all the messages in today's post.

    Thank you, too, for stopping by my blog and commenting. It was a delight to have you! Come any time! Susan