August 19, 2010

Wow! We women hoard our makeup products!

Wow, I was cleaning out my makeup drawer and dollar signs appeared before my eyes realizing I spend a major fortune every year for a new eye shadow or a new shade of lipstick and some I hate and should have returned to the store but remains in my huge makeup drawer only to be thrown out a year later or so! Sound familiar?

We all know that mascara's shelf life is only three months or so as bacteria sets in every time we open it up and expose it to the air.

We women are all suckers for wanting to believe that a certain trade secret in some makeup product will make us look younger and remove the wrinkles and frown lines, etc. We are all afraid our eyes will betray our age and those dark circles under our eyes will go away if we buy their miracle product advertised all over the TV and Magazine Ads. If they worked, wouldn't we all look about 22 years old by now? LOL

Well, I'm a firm believer of keeping your face clean and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And, stay out of the sun! Why would you want your skin to look like your leather handbag? If you must bake in the sun, apply your sunscreen every hour.  I’m very fortunate that I have found a product that works well with my sensitive skin. And, that a dear practically family member keeps me supplied with this product as gifts. You know who you are darling!  I can't thank you enough and I always look forward to my next supply.  Fortunately, my daughter has inherited my genes and this same product works well for her too, yet is is costly.

We all have that half bottle of nail polish that turned into thick glue. The old trick of adding a little nail polish remover no longer works!

Wealth can by you a face lift, not sure I would want to go under the knife and have that pulled, plastic look. Stop smoking and stay out of the sun...............It is on the News almost daily but no one is listening! 

Wealth can by you Botox but who wants poison injected in your skin and freeze your face???? I also hate those big wide lips that look like the "Carol Chaning lips"..........Ugh!

Who doesn't want to look the best you possibly can look? No woman or man likes to lose their youth but it is out of our control. We can exercise, eat healthy and off the land and you will notice a difference in your complexion and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  And, moisturize some more!

We are all aware that makeup surely does its wonders and makes us look vibrant and sexy......I'm all for that even at my age! LOL  Time for a relaxing bubble bath.


  1. Great advice. I've been getting more sun these days since I'm not stuck in an office for 40+ hours a week but I'm diligent about using sunscreen and moisturizer. Now if I could only get more of those pretty blue bottles I can't afford to buy on an unemployment check ;)

  2. That same product works for your darling friend as well! hahahahahaha


  3. I am also all about my makeup and am also guilty of having tons of it wasting away in my cabinets lol.

    Take care.


  4. Since I stopped working and it's summer time I hardly use any of my makeup at all. I do like my toner and moisturizer that I get from Clinique and use it faithfully. My skin never looked so good until I discovered that. I also like my lipstick but there are days that doesn't even get applied. Mascara and eye liner would never work during the heat and humidity here when I spend so much time outdoors in the Summer. I've read that if you don't drink enough water you do get more wrinkles too. I really consider my skin to be in good shape considering my age, so yes I do agree...moisturizing must work!
    Hope all is well at your house.
    'On Ya'-ma

  5. YOU LADIES AMAZE ME. YOu are always trying to improve on nature. Most of you are beautiful the way you are. Of course some make up helps, and I am sure the skin moisturizers keep the skin more smooth. Most men prefer the cared for look more than the face lift (I thnk). Anyway, the TV sure sales a lot of stuff to make everyone look 22, SO THEY SAY!

    I liked reading from a man's point of view, in the motor home Sherry's collection is small.
    Love from the home of Jane Wyman!

  6. I'd like to know what product your "darling friend" and you use!!!!
    I mostly use Suki face products. All organic, even vegan, expensive but worth it.

    As for make-up, I could open a store with what I have, yet I always buy more. I cannot walk past a Sephora without going in.

  7. Ruthie, I use Guerlain in those pretty blue bottles and jars! Works wonders for my skin.

    I'm starting to run out of mine and I panic!

    It's expensive.

  8. Hey Jack69,

    I like hearing a man's point of view. I also feel men should apply moisterizer on their face due to the constant shaving and with weather elements.

    You guys have to look nice too!


  9. Boy reading this reminded me to go and check out what I have in skin care products ! LOL
    Ruth, does Suki have a perfume?
    I remember a beautiful , beautiful perfume that a customer told me about. It was the only thing she could use that did not bother her.
    I forgot the name but now that you say Suki that sounds seems to ring a bell.
    Rose , where can some one buy your product? I don't recall seeing it around. It does seem to work beautifully for you. That is one of the things that struck me when I saw you a few years back.

  10. If there is one thing I can say about the tenacity of women, it's that they go through a lot of trouble to look nice!

    If men had to wear make-up, the population epidemic would be well under control. It's a major accompishment to shave and comb your hair.


  11. A sun lover myself (indian skin tans easily). I've actually been staying out of the sun, due to my age. The wrinkles will happen, but I don't need to encourage them.

    As for make-up. I don't wear as much or wear it as often as I used to. *shrugs* I think part of it is I've become more comfortable in my skin lately. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. It sounds like my grandmother's trunk. She was an actress in the early 20th Century and had a collection of bottles, flasks, flagons and vials containing mysterious things. She proudly told of making her own rouge from rose petals and something in a mortar and pestle. She never threw out any of that goo, even after her career was over.

  13. I've been wearing less and less makeup lately.

    I have a new blog. Check me out.

  14. I started wearing Estee Lauder producs since I started working in Boston many moons ago. I'm still using their products.

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