September 2, 2010

Music is the soundtrack of my life!

From a young age, I recall that music can move the soul. It can be a very strong influence. Some music can calm me down; some music can make me feel lively and wild! Music definitely affects all of us in some way!

Music is used in a variety of ways. It is used in the medical field as a source of research and as a sort of therapy as well. Music has been used as therapy for seizures, to lower blood pressure, aid in healing, and treat stress and insomnia. I remember a dentist once put earphones on me to listen to music for a lengthly procedure. Ever notice how parents always sing lullabies to their infant children.

The tune of "Happy Birthday", for example, conjures images of birthday occasions and memories and we all understand how music becomes embedded in courtship and romance. A piece of music heard even just once might be forever glued to a personal sense of place with detailed memories. What was your choice of wedding song as you walked the aisle? How was the theme of your high school prom played, by a live band or on a CD? What songs do you find most exciting or sad?

How come most country tunes are sad?

What song did you select from the Jukebox?

Music can unlock and evoke powerful religious emotion. The church has a centuries-old history of music in worship. The churches now incorporate more modern tunes in their chapels.

We all listen to music when in our cars that’s for sure.

I, personally love to put on a CD when cooking my Sunday gravy listening to Jimmy Rosselli and all the Italian songs. I listen to other tunes when cleaning the house that makes me move faster! LOL Then I like it when the house is quiet with no music at all.

And, I can’t wait to start my new Zumba class with loud, wild Latin music and fast steps. Even Richard Simmons helped many lose weight with “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”. Dancing with the Stars put out a Cardio Dance DVD doing the Cha-Cha, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive………Maksim is nice eye candy too and for you guys out there, Ashly and Kym are pretty amazing too! LOL

I always wanted to learn how to play the piano but never did. Yeah, I think music is a big influence on ALL!

Can you play a musical instrument?

I remember one of my brother's took lessons for the Clarinet.  I remember I liked the taste of the reed which was this wooden thing near the mouthpiece and had an unusual scent.  LOL

And, we all can't forget the impact Elvis left on all of us!  I have a girlfriend that is so crazy about him until this day.


  1. I could still listen to Elvis sing over and over. Music does bring back a lot of memories. Every now and then I hear an oldie and I remember when... I never played an instrument until I was introduced to the dulcimer and now I play it regularly. Old folk songs and hymns mostly. Young and old all do love their music.

  2. Since losing my hearing, of course, music is seldom played around here. However we still sing to each other, the songs we listened to while smooching. LOL. The car radio driving back and forth to appointments of bases. Dean Martin, Elvis, the Everly Brothers and Ray Charles.

    Sherry plays the piano a little and I played the trumpet. Shirl (my sister is into music, plays several isntruments inc. Piano. She is learning to play the guitar now and plays the drums in a band. I won't tell her age but she is older than I and I am three score twelve. hahahahaha

    Good entry as always, brings back a lot of memories, including Blood, Sweat and Tears also.

    Love from the home of GGdaughter Elsie Mae, hope to see her soon!!!

  3. I love music. I don't love Elvis though. I have hundreds of songs uploaded to my iphone and I'm always either listening to that or a radio. LOL

  4. I love music so much that I have chosen to share it with family and friends by making them CDs of my favorite songs. It is a passion that I have always had since I was a little girl and played with my xylophone, then an old upright player piano, and finally a Thomas Lawrence Welk organ that I still have. Music is indeed "the soundtrack of my life'.

  5. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about music---
    and all your pretty graphics!

  6. I have always loved all types of music. Right now I am really into Zumba so I love the latin beat. Salsa, Merangue, mumba, & cha cha.

  7. As you know, I love music and it's really been an integral part of my life. I play the guitar and keyboards and I enjoy singing.

    The good thing about music is that it always creates a mood and it's uplifting.