September 25, 2010


Being raised by strict Italian parents and a Catholic upbringing and coming from a very large family of 12, I pretty much had clear standards and values set out for me.

My foundation was set in stone and I never had to doubt or second guess myself until I became an adult and questioned a lot of things in my life.........all the whys?????? due to all the restrictions from my religion and my Italian heritage.

I lived with a lot of hand-me-downs and clothes and shoes that did not fit me properly all through childhood and high school, so of course, I went overboard starting with my first job to make a promise to myself that I would have the finest shoes and outfits!  I loved "payday" !

Ah, the days of Filene's Basement in Boston that allowed me the Designer clothes for a fraction of the retail cost!

When I became a parent, I then learned to realize and practice my own beliefs with high levels of self-confidence and esteem and doing what was best for me and my family. I didn't allow my religion to dictate my life and I didn't allow some old fashioned Italian beliefs to put a strain on me. I'm still Catholic but not so in fear of my religion as I was when a child. I love my Italian heritage but some strictness was overbearing and unnecessary.

I believe that family comes first above all. My values are still in embedded in my mind from my upbringing but with my own personality thrown in the mix.

I taught my children to be caring, respectful and trustworthy; they have turned out to be responsible adults.

I'm one proud Mama!


  1. Sounds like you struck the right mix with your children. Bravo :o)

  2. You did a great job! I was raised by my mom the oldest of 9, Sicilian/Irish and she was strict but I am grateful for that now! I wish some of the parents now a days would follow your lead. I remember Filene's basement at downtown crossing used to get some great bargains there! We are neighbors now we just moved to Coconut Creek 2 weeks ago. Have a great day :)

  3. My sister and her husband would talk about Filenes' basement in Boston & NY. She loved shopping there. By that time she had raised her family, but still had that 'thing' about hand me downs and not having the right clothes. She tried to make up for that in later years.

    Some never adjust, others like yourself learn that family, honesty, and goodness is what is truly important. Many rules and stringent requirements of early religious training no longer FIT. WE were raised on different ends of the religious spectrum, you and I (us), but we run into the same questions as we grew up.

    This like all your entries is a true to life entry. And I would BET that you were (are) a good mom and the kids call you BLESSED!

    Love from New Mexico

  4. HI Rose,
    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs. I wish I had just a little bit of your writing talent. It is just that I am not a good writer.
    We can talk later.


    Donna Ying

  5. Tabby,

    Perhaps we could get together after you get settled in.


  6. Enjoyed your blog about values.
    We all grew up in more strict times than today!
    Your blog and graphics are so pretty!

  7. one of my greatest childhood wishes was to grow up in a family like yours. i agree with tabby, parents today need to spend less time being a 'friend' to their kid and more time being 'parents'. i know i would of respected my parents more had they done that.


  8. Like you, I had a strict up bringing, but I'm not Italian. I think I did the best I could to teach my children good values and am very proud of them too. Times have changed so very much since I was young, but I still think that what we teach children at home gives them gives the foundation needed to be better adults. I sure did and still do love being a mom.

  9. Great for you!!! I think too many kids nowadays don't have the boundaries they so much need. great job!

  10. I had an terrible childhood, marked by physical, mental and sexual abuse, abandonment, pain, sadness and way way way too much religion. It was truly confusing to be told that if I was "good" I'd have a nice life. My life SUCKED bad, it was horrible, it seemed God must not have liked me since he allowed those I trusted to abuse me. Why didnt God swoop in and save me? Adults need to realize if they are not willing to practice what they preach, they will mess up their kids and I'm not only talking about religion. It really pushed me way far away from God. I wanted nothing to do with the confusing "God" my father prayed to, that God was apparently a horrible entity. Now as an adult and many years of therapy I know that God and religion are two separate things and that is what I teach my kids. And they are awesome. They are having a great childhood, if not the richest.

  11. i love reading these!!!!! cant wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. I was raised rather strictly but I was always allowed to express myself. I'd say your parents did a pretty good job raising you.

    Great post!


  13. Good for you, Rose!

    Although my Dad and I didn't see eye-to-eye on several things, I know that he was proud of raising kids who had their own minds and thought for themselves. I'm sure it frustrated him at times to see me so horribly liberal (haha), but he knew he'd raised me to think for myself!

    Hugs, Beth

  14. You certainly are a VERY talented writer.