October 5, 2010

Meditate! (I am)

You only live once. And, it doesn’t hurt to think of this, from time to time. The worst thing would be to look back on your life, wishing you could have been happier or done more. Unfortunately, I allow too much junk to rent space in my head. I try hard to let go of unpleasant things but sometimes it is not easy. There are many things I would love to change right now but with today’s economy, it has put a halt to my plans.

Recently, I learned how to meditate. For years, I found it difficult to do and a dear friend gave me Meditation CD and it did not work for me but watching Dr. Oz one day and Deepak-Chopra was a guest on the show. Deepak-Copra also provided a video on how to meditate.

Just click on the blue lettering to view

Whoooooooooohooooooooooo, it worked! I have to turn on the video each day for it to work for me. I can’t do it alone like most people.

Now is the time to take a good look at your life and make changes so that you have no regrets.

We all know time flies by too quickly.  The days, weeks, months, and years slip away. I’m getting older and I feel like time is passing me by. I need to make some changes to allow and create more joyful memories back into my life, so I can look back with no regrets.

I found that Meditation allows me to go deep into my thoughts about events, people, etc. Deep down inside there is a longing to explore and to express more of myself. It requires a lot of solitude time and deep concentration to let go of certain things and allow other things into my life. Sort of like the “Law of Attraction”.

There is plenty of joy to be lived in this moment. I have now learned how to turn the uniqueness of the moment to help me discover new ways of enjoying life's real pleasures.

Hope the Meditation site helps you as well.


  1. I ready daily meditations and reflect on them, but the real reflective time I have is in the peace and quiet found in the woods where I camp. It's really quiet there when I go during the week. Most campers are there on the weekends. Anyway, just sitting there and looking at all the beauty in nature around me is the best time I've ever spent. Several hours can pass by and I never even notice the time. I don't think about regrets of the past, I think about the wonder and awe of the beauty God gives and I'm ever so thankful that I was given this time to do it in. Meditation is great. I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  2. Whew maybe I should try that. I sure need something to take the stress away.


  3. Well, I listened to that and I will try it. I think meditation is good - in any form as what it really does is give ourselves time to listen to ourselves and "think". There is so much stimuli in the world that we can become lost. So he has some good points to wake yourself up and realize "Hey I exist so let me listen to myself". I wrote a mantra for myself that I repeat often. And it ended up being both a mantra and a prayer. It's very healing but it includes God and his will in my life. When I pray that prayer or say that mantra - it makes a difference in my day and in my entire week. Good luck with you and thanks for sharing. I really needed this tonight. It's not been a very good evening.

  4. We only come here for an interesting post, to get that flirty wink, to see the cute smile on the lady in the yellow jacket and see if that double bubble ever breaks on the ladies face!

    I have meditated, but don't do it enough. WE, in this present economy, need to take more time to relax. Metitation is one of the best relaxations.

    Glad you are finding some solace in the meditation.

    Love you dear lady, I know you yearn for the North East!!!!

  5. Pleased to hear that you are enjoying the meditation.

  6. Hi Rose,
    I just closed my eyes and went through the "I Am" , "I Am " segment and I find myself falling asleep!

    Hugs, Deby

  7. I admire your ability to meditate. I can't do it but I do "cogitate" occasionally.


  8. Sounds good Rose. I think one of the best antidotes to a past we'd like to forget, the passage of time and growing older is to have a clear future, one we can be enthusiastic about. The Chilean miners had an uncertain future or none at all two months ago and now they have refound one. We could all use some kind of reaffirmation of our lives now and then.

    I recommend Bucko's recent post.

  9. I like your line about allowing too much junk to rent space in your mind. That is so easy to do.