August 15, 2010

A Picture Can Paint a Thousand Words!

Girl PaintingA picture can paint a thousand words, Girl writingbut a thousand words can't paint that picture quite the same! But do pictures reveal the truth? With our high technology where picture editing software are available, photos can be deceiving.

Everyone that joins the online dating sites and Facebook or other social networking sites post their pictures online, yet most often things are never what they seem. Have you noticed?

About 5 years ago when I ventured on a site to see what all the rage was all about, I recall a man posted a picture of his nephew instead of that was deceiving! Of course, he also lied about his age big time. Dah! Women do it too………why? Eventually, if both intend to meet, that photo will not match up to the real you!

Getting back to this guy, with a little investigating, his entire story was true about all his wealth, homes, cars, hobbies with the exception of his age and photo. The stupid dumb ass was obviously not computer savvy enough to realize that others can do some minor background checking with a click of a mouse! And, Viola, the real age pops up!

Girl with cameraSpruce up your pictures with PhotoShop, as it does some pretty amazing things and quite delightful for other purposes other than to deceive. You can animate photos, take out the red eye, brighten a photo, create a cartoon, etc. It is truly quite an amazing program but requires a lot of reading and practice I might add. And, did I mention patience?

Photo editing has never been so much fun!  My photographer, daughter does not need PhotoShop to edit, as all her photos are so perfect!  She is so talented!


  1. the adventures of technology! to know the real self, go beyond the photo..i know as I move into online dating, I'm really knot going to know someone until I meet them in person..

  2. With all the technology available anymore it's a wonder that anyone seems real. I even know people that would rather enjoy computer time more than than their own families. That is unreal to me. I admit to using the internet to keep in touch, but then the real thing isn't around very often. I'm sure that if it was, I'd be using my computer less and less.

  3. Patience!! you got it, for the novice it takes patience to do a lot of that stuff. I get lost many times.

    But to the post, I imagine some folks are not too savy or maybe want to be gullible. There are a lot of warnings about meeting folks from the net. Today we met and had dinner with three folks I have met on the net on a forum. They were all exactly as advertised, except the young lady was even more attractive. Great folks. We all had dinner and it was a blast.

    But, photos can be so deceiving when altered. I am not a fan of our present president, but I hate it when photos are circulated for real that are basic lies.

    Truth works so much better.

    Great entry and your graphics are always impressive.

    From St. Joseph, home of the Pony Express.

  4. It is a shame that someone with those resources felt the need to lie about age and looks.

  5. Rose, I would never lie about my age. I'm the ripe old age of 31 and I admit it.

  6. I'm pretty hopeless with photoshopping pics. The best thing I can do is remove red eye, thats pretty much it, so what you see with me is what you get! However I do pick the BEST pics of me to post online! Ha ha

  7. I often wonder how close anyone looks to their profile pictures. I don't photograph well so I hate to be in a picture. I also like some mystery. I think that's why I make myself a cartoon. It's me, but it isn't at the same time. I'm not looking for a man, though. I don't lie about my age either. I just don't discuss it. LOL Have a good week, Rose! xox

  8. The biggest miss-use of photos I think has to go to realty brokers.
    I worked with a girl who was also a broker and her picture on her business card had to be at the very least 10yrs old. I did not know it was her. After I saw her picture I was checking out a few others and they were so so mis-leading. LOL I my self do not like the way I look in pictures. best resolve for this is to just stay out of them....which I do.

  9. Hi Rose. I'm just coming back to Blogger after over a year and looking for some more blogs to read.

    Hey I am totally guilty of doctoring photos.. but not enough to be deceiving lol. I do like to lighten up my eyes and cover my pimples though :P

    Take care!


  10. Awww...that's so sweet. Thanks for the compliment but even the best photographers can use a little photoshopping once in a while.

  11. I'm not lying when I tell people I'm celebrating the anniversary of my 39th birthday for the 4th time. ;)

  12. I use photoshop and paint shop pro all the time. Have a good rest of your week.